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I’m going to keep this introduction kind of short because I’m packing up to go camping in the Hill Country. Sweet! I’ll still post every day, God willing and the crick don’t rise (as we say in Texas), and I’m having a session with Emma to interview Margaret Thatcher (Erik’s choice) tomorrow. Don’t forget to call into the radio show tonight. I’ll be using my cell phone, so it won’t be as clear, but it should be fine. 

Check this awesome pyramid blog member and friend, Deb Brown, made for me!

Beautiful Pyramid

She sold out for Christmas, but as soon as it warms up in Michigan, she’ll start pouring more. April looks good. To check her artwork out, click HERE.

Here’s the session we did on Sacred Geometry. Fascinating stuff. Be sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Enjoy today’s post on Mind Body Spirit. I keep thinking it’s Friday, today, and was supposed to post a Best of Erik today, but I’ll do that tomorrow instead. Oops. 

Kim: Hello!

Me: Good morning, Kim. How are you?

Kim: I’m good. How are you?

Me: Good, how’s my boy?

Kim: He’s honest today. He’s been making fun of me today.

She laughs.

Me: Uh oh. What has he been making fun of you about?

Kim: My son wasn’t feeling good, so I had to pick him up from school. That’s why I’m running late this morning. And I didn’t brush my teeth before I ran out the door to get him, and Erik’s like, “God, aren’t you going to brush your teeth?” And I’m like, ‘Uh huh. When I get home!’

We both laugh.

Kim: I’m clean, and I have him ready.

Me: Awesome. Erik, we’re going to talk about something that I think you brought up before: Mind Body Spirit. When and why they’re not in balance or if one of them is not well, what does that look like and what can we do in each case? What if the mind is off or the spirit is off but the mind and body are okay? Talk about the balance between those three roommates: the mind, the body and the spirit.

Erik: Just like you said, Mom, there has to be a balance. They have to be friends and work synergistically. You can’t spend time working on one, making sure it’s all good and shit but then ignore the rest. If your mental health is great, that’s great, but don’t neglect your physical and spiritual self. They all affect each other so spend equal amounts on each of the three. When you neglect one—

Kim (smiling): Actually he didn’t say, “neglect one.” He said, “when you fuck it up.”

Me: Yeah, that’s more like him!

Erik: This is what it looks like.

Kim: He’s showing me this image of mind, body, spirit and what it looks like when you neglect the body, energetically, and it literally looks like darkness. I still see all of these little molecules buzzing around, but it’s like they’re confused and don’t know where to go. Basically, he’s saying that the body doesn’t know how to talk to itself when they’re not working together and in line with each other.

Erik: I don’t understand, Mom. So many people work on their spiritual self and they’re tripping out, “Oh, I’m awakening and I’m spiritual now. This is great!” They spend all of this time on their spiritual self but they forget about their physical self and even their mental health.

Kim: He sounds kind of disheartened.

Erik (shaking his head): It’s weird because people even neglect their physical body because they think it makes them more spiritual, more connected to their spiritual body.

Me: Really?

Erik: Yeah, and that’s just about as fucked up as it gets.

Kim laughs and puts her hands over her face.

Me: You just love [translating] that, don’t you?

Erik: You have to stay connected to all three and keep your full sense of awareness in line and in a place where you can contribute to your own expansion. (Pointing) Understand that in that contribution, you’re contributing to the whole, the collective consciousness of all mankind. So what you do to yourself, you’re not just doing to yourself.

Kim: Now he’s shifting and talking about mental health.

Erik: You can’t just sweep it under the rug. You can’t just run away from yourself. If you’re going through mental or emotional imbalances, if you continue to sweep it under the rug and you think you’re hiding from yourself, you just become it that much more. Be careful because you’re contributing to All That Is, something even bigger than yourself. So it starts on the personal level, expands to the Whole, and when we self-destruct on a personal level, it creates a ripple effect.

Me: Sure. We’re part of the collective.

Erik: Everything starts on a spiritual level in energy and manifests physically. We all know this. We’ve heard it a million times. What you give energy to, you manifest. But the trip, Mom, is that people also think that if they sweep it under the rug and hide it, then they’re no longer “it.” They think that they’re moving away from “it.” But they are essentially stuffing it down inside yourself and then you’re actually “it.” It’s a matter of surrendering. If you want to bring all three, mind, body and spirit, in balance, then surrender what doesn’t serve you on each level.

Me: For example?

Erik: It takes a lot of deep emotional honesty and personal research. For example, let’s say you are battling with mental illness like paranoia. First, you have to emotionally research yourself and ask yourself those questions at the mental level why you’re paranoid and what those fears bring about. You have to look at every perspective, dynamic and angle, and when you can first see it, you can assert it. That’s when you can find the strength in yourself to surrender to it. It’s different from accepting it, though, Mom. It’s not like saying, “I accept this. This is who I am” because then you bring it in and host it, honor it, manifest it even more.

Me: Oh!

Erik: Surrender is different. Surrender is—

Me: Hard! It’s hard! Surrendering is the hardest thing for me anyway.

Kim: It is, but it can be powerful, too, if you can finally get there in that sacred spot.

Erik: When you’re surrendering something, you’re not accepting or rejecting it. You simply acknowledge it, the energy moving past like the essence, acknowledge the paranoia. “I can see it there, but I just move past it.” You don’t align with it, and you don’t reject it. Either one will fuck you up.

Kim chuckles.

Erik: If you align with it, you’re like, “Yep, that’s me!” If you reject it, you’re like, “No, no, no. That not me. I don’t want that.” Then you essentially become [the paranoia.] If you can acknowledge it, you can separate from it.

Me: Okay.


Kim: Oh, this is getting deep. He started talking about how people treat their bodies like shit, but they think, “Well, just this one time. This won’t hurt if I eat this or do that.”

Erik: Well how many “this once’s” have you had?

Me: I’ve had a lot of those dipping into the Halloween candy already.

Kim: I know. I’m dreading that!

Erik: Consistency keeps you at a higher vibrational frequency with your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Me: That’s so hard.

Erik: If we keep going like this, Mom, (He alternates his hands going up and down.) then that is what we’ll keep experiencing. It’s miserable, and like you know, they all affect each other. Just remember that all three are just as important as the others.

Kim: Can’t you manifest help by starting spiritually?

Me: Yeah!

Erik: Yes, but it takes deep trust, deep awareness and trust. It takes a really deep level of consciousness to realize—

Kim: He has this kind of shit eating grin like this.

She mimics Erik.

Erik: You’re not what you think you are. You start with the vibrational self and bringing your awareness to your energy body first. Pay attention to [unintelligible] with your energy body because that frequency, that vibrational makeup ultimately will manifest and contribute to your physical health, but because you’re human, it takes physicality, doing just as much as being. You can’t get away with that. The trick is getting people to realize that they aren’t what they think and they don’t have to believe their own thoughts about mankind, society or even themselves. People think something, they believe it, they experience it and then they become it.

Me: Yeah. When you get to a stopping place, I want to talk about the spiritual component. We’ve talked a lot about the mind and the body. What happens if the spiritual component is not doing too well and what we can do about it, but go ahead and finish what you were saying.

Kim: He’s just kind of rambling, showing how it comes full circle and how one affects the others.

Erik: With the spiritual body, Mom, people tend to neglect it. I want to make this clear. This has nothing to do with atheism, people. Just so you know. If you neglect your spiritual self—

Me: I don’t even know what that looks like? What do you mean by neglecting your spiritual self?

Erik: It’s not just about neglecting your spiritual self; it’s also about not even being in touch with your spiritual self. These are people that need things. These are people that are egocentric and need things to be happy. They need money and material objects. This is what it’s like to be less in touch with your spiritual self, and when there’s a lack of awareness here—because it’s not like there’s a lack of spirit body—it’s just a lack of a conscious connection. These are the people who continually have illness, physical illness.

Kim: Basically, he’s showing people where others would go, “Oh, he’s such a lost soul.”

Erik: Like me. Trying this and that and all kinds of different jobs and fulfillment was very fleeting [for me.] When you see these people (pointing to his eyes) you can see it in their eyes. But it’s hard because ego and the understanding of what it is—it’s probably one of the most misunderstood things that, by understanding it, you can change your life. When these people reside more in ego, that’s when you see these lost souls who continually have illness. They haven’t found that sacred inner space that has nothing to do with ego. Mom, when you get to that sacred inner spot—

Kim: He’s showing me this golden nugget inside the heart.

Erik: When you get to that spot, you bring your awareness there and consciously connect. It’s more like everything else just naturally falls away.

Kim: He’s showing me all of these layers falling off.

Erik: Then you naturally become your authentic self. You naturally become a higher vibrational frequency, and the higher your vibration, the less likely you are to have physical illness.

Kim: Ah, there’s so much to this, and then the mind comes in, too.

Erik: If you can control the mind and not become a slave to your own thoughts, you can live a life of peace, but there are all these people out there that are like, “Oh, I can’t make my mind shut up!” Well, as long as you believe that you can’t make it shut up, that’s what you’ll experience.

Me: Of course. So what can you do to make the spiritual self healthy and whole. A lot of people might not even know what the spiritual self is!

Kim: That’s right.

Erik: Go ahead, Kim. Give her the example of what you just experienced this morning.

Kim chuckles.

Kim: So there are definitely times when I feel really impulsive and I’m like, ‘Oh, I need to buy that!’ This morning was one of those. I came across something I’ve never seen before. It’s called a UFO drum. It sounds amazing. It’s for sound therapy, sound healing.

Me: Oh, okay!

Kim: So I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. I need that right now.’ But it’s really expensive. I almost bought it, but then I had to ground myself and say, ‘Okay, I’m in ego because I think I need this to be happy or for healing or whatever.’

Erik: It’s really a matter of being aware of your thought and where it’s coming from.

Kim: I was very impulsive in that moment, but then I said, ‘Okay, this is ego saying, “I need this.”’ So I had to separate from that and think, ‘I thoroughly want that, but I don’t need it.’

She chuckles.

Erik: The difference is that when you find yourself looking outside for happiness, health and joy, peace, that’s when you know there’s a lack of connection to the spiritual body.

Me: So, making the spiritual body healthy is being your true authentic self? What do we do to get our spiritual body healthy?

Erik: Mom, to get all three on the same page and in good shape, honor your true self every moment you can. Be mindful in that. “I’m doing this because I love myself,” or whatever. The more you can allow yourself to be yourself, the more you’re going to nurture all three, but when you begin to believe others’ thoughts of you, other ideas, other concepts, even your own negative thoughts about yourself, you do damage to all three.

Me: Sure.

Erik: It’s very simple, Mom, but it’s also very complex because we’re not used to simplicity. We’re used to having to break things apart and analyze and overthink things. It’s just as simple as saying, “I’m just going to be.”

Me: Okay. Well, that’s a good place to end off, I think.

Erik: Yeah, a lot of people have a hard time just “being.” They think they have to do, do, do.

Me: Or have, have, have. There’s being; there’s doing, and there’s having.

Erik: You just said, “do do!”

Kim (laughing): He’s making fun of me!

Me: Oh, my god. Erik, how old are you?

We close as per usual.

In the past, Erik talked about four roommates: Mental, spiritual, physical and emotional. Because I asked him specifically about the mind-body-spirit connection, I think he combined mental and emotional under the category of “mind.” Just an FYI for you.

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  • Rede

    Elisa, could you perhaps explain, more in detail, how a psychic like Kim, perceive a spirit like Eric?
    Can she see him in a room, just like a normal person or does she has to close her eyes and meditate before or how does it works?

    • She can see and hear him. Not sure if she has to meditate first but most mediums do. She sees him in the room and he send images to her mind.

  • Norma Frederick

    I have a serious question. Could you ask Eric (he already knows) what is the deal with O-blood? I can’t be cloned or mutated. Where the heck did I come from?

    • That might be a bit narrow a subject for a YouTube. Maybe you can submit the question to Raylene, call in and ask during the radio show or submit the question when I ask for them for the magazine article.

  • Kathryn

    How is Raylene doing? She’s still in my prayers! Lv KM

  • Divya

    Hi Elisa ,
    Could you ask Erik to elaborate on Maladaptive Disorder , it is mental illness which is not widely known.
    I suffer from it and would like to know Erik’s opinion about the purpose of having this mental disorder.

    • Divya

      The disorder is known as Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder.

    • How common is it and what is it?

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