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It looks like the next CE Event will be in either Edinburgh, London or Dublin. Let’s narrow it down further with this poll! If you have any particular reason for voting for a particular city, please voice that in the blog’s comment section. Thanks!

Here is an offer for free help with PTSD from one of our dear blog member: 

Hello Channeling Erik Family,

My name is Lin Daae Lampe, and I am looking for 5 individuals plus a family of 3 -5 people to be coached for free in my training to be certified to help people with PTSD

PTSD is not a mental illness, and it’s not brain injury. They have now discovered it is a memory that gets stuck and, with your body, plays that memory over and over to perfection…so perfect that you often feel that you are back in that time and place where it happened. The groundbreaking technique that we use will cure PTSD in 98.2 % of cases.

We know that in many families today have children with floating PTSD. What this means is that many children often live with the responsibility they take on from trauma, crises, divorce, loss of family members and so forth.

The techniques we teach you are those you can practice at home with your family to help heal them as well. In this program we also learn how to prevent suicide. There is a difference in being willing to die and not wanting to live. Is this interesting to you? If yes here is how you can participate:

1) You do not need to see me in person, but you need to be in either a Skype or a Zoom call with me.

2) I don’t need to know anything about you. This is not therapy. This is coaching, and our aim is to get you moving forward into your life again. It is of course confidential.

3) This is completely FREE for you as an offer I provide here and now for those who sign up.

Please note that this is training for me before I get certified, and if we don’t get results right away, we will continue until we get results and you feel better. I also have coworkers who are also willing to do FREE coaching, so there is room for more than just the 8 -10 people. Just send me a message, and I will provide you with the right person.

Click HERE to contact me.

And now for some more fun with Erik!

Story #1

I have a clicker on my keychain that locks and unlocks my car and turns off or on my alarm. Every time I demonstrate to my sons, the alarm turns on or off by itself. It never does it unless I tell them to take notice of it. I was wondering if it is Erik playing with the alarm. It’s been really fun demonstrating this. I’ve ask him to play with my chimes also. It hasn’t happened yet. Maybe the alarm is easier to do or more fun to play with. Oh and btw the alarm never gets turned on or off unless I tell my kids to take notice of it, so it is very strange 🙂

Story #2

Hi there!

I’ve been meaning to share an Erik encounter that I had last summer. As we start the new year, and I look back on all of the big transformations I went through last year, I feel like this blog, and Elisa and Erik’s books played a big part in that. (Jamie’s book as well! Loved it!) So, thank you all for all that you do.

Last August I was visiting my family on their property in rural Oregon. I had my two small children with me who were 1 and 4 at the time. The one year old (Billy) sleeps with a stuffed bunny that we call Bun Bun. For some reason, every time I went to put Billy down to sleep, Bun Bun was missing. I spent SO MUCH TIME looking for that dang bunny on that trip. Bun Bun always turned up, but was never where I left it.

It started to become absurd. Where the heck was Bun Bun going? I chalked it up to a chaotic house with cousins and kids, until the last night there, when Erik visited me in my dream….

The dream was like no other. I don’t really know how to describe it except that I was dreaming something normal, until suddenly these rapid flashes of Bun Bun started flipping through the dream. Bun Bun in the fridge. Bun Bun taped to the door. Bun Bun on the ceiling. Bun Bun in the big grassy field outside….

The last flash was of me, opening the door to the bedroom I was sleeping in with Erik sitting on the bed, grinning widely and holding Bun Bun! The pace of the dream slowed down then and he laughed about Bun Bun, and then pointed my attention towards a gorgeous violet orb beside my head.

Erik said, “She’s around you all the time,” pointing again at the orb. I understood this to be one of my guides, and Erik’s gentle (and funny) way of reminding me that my guides are with me always. Anyhow, there was more to that dream. Erik brought forward several loved ones that have passed, and I had some really powerful moments.

It was an unforgettable experience and I’m glad to be sharing it now!

Much love and gratitude,


Story @3

Hi Elisa. It’s truly a pleasure 🙂 I’m ashamed to admit this is my 1st official visit to your blog! For whatever reason, I haven’t been on here yet?! BUT I am a long time and very thorough YouTube listener. I’ve also read Erik’s book, he did such a great job 🙂

I’m reaching out to you Elisa for several reasons…. One, because it’s long overdue! I love listening to you, Jamie and Erik… I literally feel present with you guys during your interviews. 🙂 The connection you have with Erik is so sweet, and I actually found myself thinking the other day about how fun it would be to sit and chat with you about “all things spiritual!” Lol (It also seems we have a similar fascination with the “science” side of the afterlife.)

My second reason is to simply meet the mom of one of my friends 😉 For me, “Erik” started out as a curiosity. I’ve been curious about the afterlife since I lost my dad in 2011. So naturally, when I came across one of your YouTube videos, I joined right in thinking it was prob just another cool video about someones afterlife experience. Little did I know I was about to meet a very special friend ❤️ Since then, Erik has been hanging with me regularly. He and I have very compatible personalities and I find myself laughing out loud at something he’s said or done. I can’t interact with him like Jamie or many others do. I wish I could, but I feel him around me. I sense his presence all the time and always welcome him into whatever I’m doing or thinking about. He’s a fun spirit to have around 🙂

The third reason I’m reaching out to you is because I’ve recently learned some info I thought you should personally hear. I don’t know if this is new or surprising information for you? I honestly still don’t know what to make of it either? And perhaps Jamie could even give more insight or confirmation on all of this?? I spoke to Erik today (through a medium) and we chatted about some simple stuff. The medium assumed we knew each other because of the familiar, casual and comfortable way we spoke to each other. I had to explain to her that we actually never met in life, only in spirit, which she was surprised by and naturally curious about. Erik and I told her we were kinda buddies. Lol. Then Erik began to share something so private and emotional, I was overwhelmed by it?!! He said he chose me. He said he would be back very soon. He’s decided to incarnate again. The medium said that either I (which is HIGHLY doubtful!) or someone very close to me will be having a baby… a little boy. And that little boy will be Erik’s spirit. When I joked about the idea of me having another baby, she said she heard the words Godmother. That I might be his Godmother? Naturally, I was floored by the entire conversation… “Wait…. what?!? Are you serious?!!” I think those were my immediate thoughts. I honestly thought it was a joke or I might’ve misunderstood? Why me? Why would you chose or trust me with this info?! But then, almost as fast as the first thoughts, I felt this overwhelming sense of joy!! I saw myself snuggling and kissing on this beautiful little baby boy and feeling so protective and so much love!
I’m honestly in awe of it all Elisa.  It seems too good to be true? I can’t help but wonder if this is real. Erik also said he died before he had a chance to learn some important life lessons and was ready to admit that.

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this… I’m praying it brings some kind of comfort?! I feel nervous that this could be hurtful for you and as a mom myself, I do not want to be a source of any more pain for you. Please know I am humbled by your strength, courage and openness. Your desire to help educate the world has changed my life and I am forever grateful.

Thank you ❤️
In love and respect,
Keri ❤️

Elisa here. You should definitely call in to the radio show or submit this question when I call for more questions for the next Ask Erik column around the third week of this month! I’d love to know the answer! I’m glad you told me.

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    If Erik reincarnates I hope he will still be available to prank and teach us.

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