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Before you read these lovely Erik encounters, I want to share an update on Arleen’s gift. Now she sees Erik, and Robert asked what he was wearing and she said, “White.” Robert confirmed that. The day before, I asked her to get another birthday message from Uncle Erik. She looks to the left and gets this weird gaze in her eyes, then says, “He says he hid a birthday present for me on the second story of the house.” So she and I search from room to room and find it in Annika’s bedroom. Three hardened cat turds. She said, “Erik’s laughing.” Then he told her he has a real present downstairs. She finds it instantly. A little stuffed Beanie Boo. No one has ever seen it before. It was never part of a Happy Meal; her mom or dad never bought it for her. It just materialized out of nowhere. Pretty cool. 

Story #1

I found this site a few days ago, and it’s now Dec 5, 2015. Yesterday, I asked Erik to do a couple of things so I could feel his presence. I asked him to make my cell phone ring with it saying “Unknown.” Within 30 min it did. A little while later when I was thinking of him, it did again.

I then asked if he could turn on this lamp in my room. When I ended up turning it on myself, it turned off by itself, twice. It must be easier going from on to off for him, I suppose. I’ve never had anything happen so quickly before from the spirit world like that. It was pretty cool and I’m grateful to him, and you, Elise, for putting this website together, the books, videos, all of it. I also give you my deepest sympathy for your loss of Erik in the physical world, but thankfully you still have so much contact with him that that must make you very happy. I know it would for me.

I posted in the forum about asking Erik for help – a picture I took of my Mom’s spirit… and that I wanted help connecting with her. I hope to make that happen soon with Erik’s help.

Thanks for your work – it’s helping many people. I consider this website a goldmine and find myself reading things from it all the time now. Love the videos, too. How cool to hear celebs and others interviewed by Erik from the other side. Love it! Jamie Butler is a joy to watch/listen to.



Story #2

Yesterday I was hanging some shirts and jeans in my closet. Just as I turned to walk out of the closet I hear a “thrum” at first I didn’t catch on. I took a couple of steps and then stop. “That was my guitar!” I turned and looked at my guitar which is sitting in the corner of my closet. Smiled. “Erik is that you?” Which I didn’t really have to ask. Here’s the cool part. My guitar was in its case. Love you guys…and you too Erik. 🙂

Story #3

I have been reading your blog for a week. I am at July 2, 2010. I have this chart in my room where I put my goals. Each day I should be checking things off (not been doing too good). For three nights in a row around 4:30 am I hear it being peeled off the wall. I smile and think that sounded like someone actually peeled it! So last night I said, ‘Erik, if that is you, leave my chart alone!’ So this morning the chart is up but I went into hall and the wall Christmas decoration my daughter put up was laying on the floor. So I thanked him for leaving my chart alone. But it was way easier to put my chart back up instead of that huge wall decoration! hahaha

Thanks for sharing your story. Today I am going to have a soul reading, and I am hoping for some direction. If Erik is around and makes an appearance I will let you know!

Story #4

So I read the post on abortion, miscarriages, and stillbirth the other day. I got to speak with an amazing woman and hear stories of others. I also shared my experience of having 2 angel babies due to miscarriage and how my husband and I are pregnant again. The symptoms I’ve been having are really unsettling because, it’s not 100% normal or like anything I’ve experienced in my last 2, and I have very little pregnancy symptoms. Anytime I ask my close family members for help, I ask them to visit or give me the answer in a dream because that’s where I am personally most aware. My ego doesn’t have a chance to take over with fear and doubt. I mentioned/joked on the comment how I wish someone would tell me if this pregnancy was going to result in a baby mainly because I love the idea of doing the whole pregnancy announcement thing with our close family. I said how no matter how many times I’ve asked my cousin and grandma to visit me in my dreams, I haven’t gotten anything. Well, that night I dreamed that I could see the baby growing inside of me. Trust me it was prettier than you think. I saw her/his face, hands, feet. . . everything! I was also told that she was alive and perfect. Then just last night my husband had a dream that I was pregnant, big belly and all. He said it was a boy till I told him that dreaming of a boy meant we were having a girl LOL! (I swear I read it somewhere) Anyways, Erik if that was you, or if you gave one of my loved ones on that side a heads up for me, I really appreciate it! You’d have a lot of fun with my cousin; he’s probably worse than you! Lol Just remember to save me a spot for when it’s my time to come home! Love you guys!

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