What’s not to Love?

Here are some glowing love stories for Erik. I’m so proud of him, and I’m so grateful for your praise because it reminds me that his death was not a complete waste. I have days when I need these reminders desperately so again, thank you.

Praise #1

I just listened to the latest post: Kim interviewing the San Bernardino Shooters.

Thank you to all of you for the courage to do this interview. I am also reminded about forgiveness; forgiving those who hurt us….I am an incest survivor and my dad also abused some of my children….All my life I have struggled to keep remembering the light and love…..I know when people do “bad” things that they have lost their connection to love. However, forgiving those who hurt us is so challenging and really really important too.

Actually forgiving myself is at the root for me. Survivors usually seem to struggle with shame and self blame. Anyway, I am grateful for all of you; Erik, Jenny, Kim and of course Elisa….thank you thank you!

Praise #2


I can not tell you how much your work changed my life since last week I found this page and your videos on YouTube! I lost so many fears and got so much understanding instead. It’s amazing! So many questions that I held for so long have been answered! I always wanted to know what happens to the soul of a person that kills himself. I read horror stories of suffering and getting lost. It feels so good to see that all these stories where false and the universe is so friendly and beautiful!

I lost a great part of my fear of death and feel so much lighter! Thank you so much!
I’m somehow even looking forward to my life after death and on the other side I now appreciate this life so much more! My Body, the fact that everything here is solid and tangible! Life makes more sense since I found your work.

Thank you so much! I love you!


Praise #3

I stumbled across Channeling Erik about 8 months ago when I too lost someone very close to me. Grief stricken, I too searched the Internet for help. And channeling Erik popped up in the search engine. Until today I still didn’t know why I was drawn to the Channeling Erik blog and YouTube channel until I just finished reading Erik’s book, My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven. And I wonder wow a lot of people had visits from Erik and pranks, and I never thought that he was helping me until I read his book and understand how he helps everyone the way they need to be help.. So now I do know that Erik is playing with my music in my car or he is helping my beautiful mother play Eye In The Sky. because I always think of her when that song comes on the radio. So thank you Erik.

God bless to you all,

Praise #4

This past year, especially during the past six months, I feel like every time I was going through an issue or struggling with a question, Elisa would post a new YouTube video speaking directly to me, answering my question. WTF?

Each YouTube video on animals, aliens, Heaven, and today, white lighter, it contained information in there that simply answered the very question I had in mind. Today, Elisa, you posted the one on lightworkers. I am a lawyer struggling every day with the moral, ethical and emotional issues related to helping people resolve their problems in their own life. Erik first told me (through Jamie) that my life purpose is to help others, helping them fulfill their major life contracts. Another time, Jamie mentioned that her spirit guide referred to me as a white lighter. Piecing these things together with your most current video on light workers, all the descriptors fit. I am a light worker and that very lawyer that Erik refers to as a possible profession through which light workers may achieve their purpose.

My hands are always hot and when I sleep, I always wake up in a sweat, no matter how cold it may be around me. Having embarked on my journey into energy healing and The Reconnection (which I discovered on this website), I was the only one at the workshops with blisters that formed all over my hands when I did energy healing on others. My hands felt like they were on fire. I was mercilessly shamed at the workshop by Eric Pearl, the founder of The Reconnection, that the heat and blisters emanating from my hands were the result of my need to get attention and proof that this energy is real. I had a reading after that horrible seminar and Erik was kind enough to mention how upset he was as to how Eric Pearl handled me and explained to me that it was my body trying to adjust to the tremendous energy.

Anyway, the purpose of this was to tell you that I get it, my hands get hot and get especially hot when doing energy healing. I may never continue in The Reconnection healing. I don’t know, but I have all of the descriptors of a light worker. I am out of shape, overweight and have a hard time saying no – great qualities for a lawyer, no? I am always working feeling like I have not done enough…always feeling that I could do more.

I used the eboard successfully just recently and Erik had a lot of messages for me. While he does not send me smells anymore as that is left for my spirit guide to send me messages, he messes with my iPhone and computers. He frequently says the funniest thing at just the right moment and it makes me feel like I am not alone, going through the trials and tribulations of living from this very lonely, conservative profession with very little forgiveness for those who do not fit into the conservative square box.

All this diatribe is to tell you, Elisa, that each time you post a video, you appear to post them in the order of my “issues” or “questions” as if Erik is speaking to me through you.

You should know that since December 2014, my life, my perspective on life and the afterlife and general attitude have changed 180 degrees because of you, Erik and Jamie. I have had experiences that I cannot even verbalize to others (as at times it sounds absolutely ridiculous); Those experiences are, to say the least, jaw dropping, inspiring and exciting! Hearing Erik’s voice on my earpiece and most recently seeing a spirit sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out what it is makes all my work worthwhile as it gives me affirmation that there is a purpose to all of this. All I can say is “Thank you!”

Yours very truly,


Enjoy this past Thursday’s show if you missed it!

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