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Oh.Em.Gee, people. I just played with Erik and Jamie’s eBoard last night with blog member, Robert, who comes over to eat with our family every Saturday. First, of course, we recite the intent that conveys gratitude and protects us from negative entities.

We asked so many questions and that planchette (the little wooden ring you rest your fingers on) was flying all over the board. For instance, I asked if he had a message for my husband, Rune. It went right to “Ego Attack: When will you get over yourself.” This is so funny because Rune is a very strong person who is always right. We tease him by saying in a booming “voice of God” voice, “I HAVE SPOKEN.” (But seriously, he usually is right.)

Than I asked him if he had a message for his little five year-old niece, Arleen, and he spelled out C-U-T-E. One important note: Robert and I never look at the board. We focus on a wall or each other, or we close our eyes. Rune makes a mental note of where the planchette stops. I asked it he had a message for one of my daughters and he spelled out, T-R-U-S-T U-SE..At this point I stopped him and Rune asked if he was trying to spell out “Trust yourself” and the planchette flew to “Hell, yes!” I asked him, “Do you have any messages for Aunt Laura?” and he answered, “Hell, yes.” then I waited. (Insert cricket sounds here.) Finally, I said, ‘Okay smart ass, what’s the message?” He answered, “W-A-Y-2-G-O-W-I-T-H-P-” We stopped him and asked if he was giving her props for helping his grandfather, Popi, and he when to “Hell, yes.” (She’s been taking great care of him while he’s feeling under the weather.)

Robert asked Erik, “Do you have a message for your mom?” and he spelled out H-E-A-l (I figured he meant “Health” but it stopped there. That’s when I realized, his wish is for me to heal. Major lump in my throat. I asked him, ‘How do I do that?’ and he replied with: L-E-T-M-E-G-O. Major sobs.

I felt he was moving our hands from place to place. The planchette felt like it was really floating above the board being pulled by a big magnet. Robert’s hands got icy cold and mine got really hot. Maybe it’s a negative pole/positive pole thing.

I know feel like I have a way to talk to my son any time I want. When I use the board with Rune, it moves too slowly. I think it’s because he doesn’t have faith that he’s a good enough conduit like Robert. So, next time I’ll just tell him that I need his hands and ask him to put his headphones on and listen to music. After all, all I need are a finger or two on each hand!

I really encourage you to get one of these eBoards from Jamie’s site. It’s given me so much peace and joy. You can speak to relatives, friends and even your guides. It’s make a great Christmas present. Here’s where to go:

Erik’s eBoard

Sorry I’m not editing this. I’m swamped today, plus I have that interview on the Bob Charles Show. (Info on last post). Call in and talk to me!!

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