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Oh.Em.Gee, people. I just played with Erik and Jamie’s eBoard last night with blog member, Robert, who comes over to eat with our family every Saturday. First, of course, we recite the intent that conveys gratitude and protects us from negative entities.

We asked so many questions and that planchette (the little wooden ring you rest your fingers on) was flying all over the board. For instance, I asked if he had a message for my husband, Rune. It went right to “Ego Attack: When will you get over yourself.” This is so funny because Rune is a very strong person who is always right. We tease him by saying in a booming “voice of God” voice, “I HAVE SPOKEN.” (But seriously, he usually is right.)

Than I asked him if he had a message for his little five year-old niece, Arleen, and he spelled out C-U-T-E. One important note: Robert and I never look at the board. We focus on a wall or each other, or we close our eyes. Rune makes a mental note of where the planchette stops. I asked it he had a message for one of my daughters and he spelled out, T-R-U-S-T U-SE..At this point I stopped him and Rune asked if he was trying to spell out “Trust yourself” and the planchette flew to “Hell, yes!” I asked him, “Do you have any messages for Aunt Laura?” and he answered, “Hell, yes.” then I waited. (Insert cricket sounds here.) Finally, I said, ‘Okay smart ass, what’s the message?” He answered, “W-A-Y-2-G-O-W-I-T-H-P-” We stopped him and asked if he was giving her props for helping his grandfather, Popi, and he when to “Hell, yes.” (She’s been taking great care of him while he’s feeling under the weather.)

Robert asked Erik, “Do you have a message for your mom?” and he spelled out H-E-A-l (I figured he meant “Health” but it stopped there. That’s when I realized, his wish is for me to heal. Major lump in my throat. I asked him, ‘How do I do that?’ and he replied with: L-E-T-M-E-G-O. Major sobs.

I felt he was moving our hands from place to place. The planchette felt like it was really floating above the board being pulled by a big magnet. Robert’s hands got icy cold and mine got really hot. Maybe it’s a negative pole/positive pole thing.

I know feel like I have a way to talk to my son any time I want. When I use the board with Rune, it moves too slowly. I think it’s because he doesn’t have faith that he’s a good enough conduit like Robert. So, next time I’ll just tell him that I need his hands and ask him to put his headphones on and listen to music. After all, all I need are a finger or two on each hand!

I really encourage you to get one of these eBoards from Jamie’s site. It’s given me so much peace and joy. You can speak to relatives, friends and even your guides. It’s make a great Christmas present. Here’s where to go:

Erik’s eBoard

Sorry I’m not editing this. I’m swamped today, plus I have that interview on the Bob Charles Show. (Info on last post). Call in and talk to me!!

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Elisa Medhus

  • Kris Abrams

    LETMEGO….that had to be hard to see. I sat back in my chair when I saw that. I can’t begin to imagine what you felt then.
    Planning on listening today and plan on buying your book and eboard when I get money coming in. Positive energy, positive thoughts. Kris

    • Yeah it was indescribable. Cathartic, sad yet the start of a new and more upbeat path. I hope you talk to me during the interview!

      • Kris Abrams

        Hi Elisa, I did try calling three times, but the recording said they were unavailable. I even tried to chat my question and he said to call in Monday and Jamie could probably answer my question then. Im sorry, I really wanted to talk with you. Maybe when I do a reading with your Jamie.

      • cristina

        My heart melted when I saw the letmego but I think he meant it differently as in: heal your heart because I’m still here watching over you and is not need for me to be in the body in order to love you and be loved 🙂 I think is about letting go of suffering, not of Erik as spirit 🙂

        oh it just hit me: are you sure he didn’t mean: heal? H-E-A-l as in heal your heart?

  • keyoix

    Very good advise from Erik.

    I wish you and your family a very Good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Are you talking about the Bob Charles Show? I can’t remember. 🙁

    • Kris Abrams

      Yes, the Bob Charles show.

      • Ok. I’ll tell him. So the call in number didn’t work. Hmm. Can you email me with the details so I can send it to him?

  • That’s exactly what my husband said! How is the question.

    • cristina

      I’m thinking i’m thinking….. Maybe by letting go of the idea that we need to be in the body in order to give love and receive love. Maybe is letting go the old Erik (with body) and completely embrace the new one (only spirit)… In the end kids grow up and move out from parents house and you hear from them once or twice a year (by phone, post or email)… kind of similar here: he moved out and you hear from him thru Jamie, eBoard and so on….

      Do you realize Elisa that once humans understand and accept there is life after death they will go thru similar process of healing that you should go too: understanding that the loved one is still around… embracing a new concept of love without physical presence 🙂

      • I think these are all very powerful ways for me to process what I’m going through. Processing is probably the only way I can truly heal and the exercises of thought that you mention I really going to help. How did you become so wise?

      • cristina

        aaww <3 Thank you so much Elisa, I'm so happy my advices are giving you comfort !
        I'm not sure if I'm wise or I'm just a good channel 😛 I think my guides are very wise 😉 – sometimes they hit me over the head with an idea and then people think I'm the wise one :))))))))))))))))))

      • Lynn

        Yes, cristina! Let go of the pain, guilt, any negative associations with Erik’s crossing, and embrace the new Erik!

    • Emeraldd

      I had the same reaction to the words of LET ME GO as some of you. It hit right at my heart. My own experience or feelings concerning my mom’s passing are that after a time (years actually) I’ve come to understand that she is no longer my physical, earthly mom with her physical attributes, but a being that is transcended onto another dimension and would probably like to be known as such. I’m putting her in a “box” if I insisted on remembering her as she was. She is not that any more. But she is a wise and infinitely compassionate being that loves me as much or even more that when she lived out here role as my beloved mom. She is no longer my mom but her “role” in my life is as alive and vibrant as never before. That was my pivotal point of “letting her go.”

  • Jenny

    I really want to get an e-board to talk to Erik, some crossed over loved ones and guides, but my husband is very fearful of the Ouija board and honestly, it makes me a little nervous too knowing it could potentially let in some negative energy/spirits. I know you’ve said you just need to state your intentions, but I would worry about some loophole. Any advice or words of wisdom on this would be helpful. 🙂

  • Lelabelle

    OMG my eBoard arrived yesterday, on a SUNDAY!!! I can not wait to use it! I am also giving your book, as Christmas gifts, to all my friends this year. I will let you all know what happens 🙂 Love to all.

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    actually, you don’t need someone else….I got where I could do it by myself, but then again, I know what it is going to say when others do it and I am not involved…because, well I hear them now… 🙂

  • Let me know how it works. If your partner has trouble because their energy is blocked if they doubt their abilities for don’t fully believe it, have them wear earphones and posture on music instead, because all you need are their hands. Plus, don’t forget to to say your intent. I would ask Erik questions first, because his energy is so powerful now.

    • Lelabelle

      Elisa…I am just waiting for the right time to do it at my house. I want to be sure it’s quiet here with very little distraction so we can focus. And, of course I will ask Erik questions as soon as we get going! More later and Merry Christmas Elisa 🙂

    • Cecilia

      Hi Elisa, sorry I k now you are away and busy, I have a question: Does it have to be 2 people to use the eboard, mine should be arriving anytime, and I was thinking in using it by myself only, for now…
      Anyone…. any tips??


  • How did it arrive on a Sunday?

    • Kris Abrams

      I used to work for the Postal Service. Because the carriers would get bombarded with packages, they would give overtime just to deliver packages on Sunday.

      • Lucky you!

      • Kris Abrams

        IKR….Like I said, USED to work for the Postal service. Not anymore, thank God.

    • Lelabelle

      I threw out the box already but the Postman delivered it…hang on let me dig in the trash….Priority Mail, Tracked and Insured it says.

      • Excellent idea! I’m sure my publisher will give me guidance, if they even want me to write that kind of book at all.

  • I’ll have to give that a try, because I find it hard to rope in my very busy family members to sit down and do it with me

  • Given that intent, Jamie and I have NEVER seen anyone experience problems. But you should do only what you feel comfortable doing.

    • Jenny

      That’s reassuring to hear. Thank you, Elisa, for all that you do and sharing yourself and Erik with all of the world. You guys are one of the biggest inspirations in my life and I wish everyone read this blog. It would make the world a happier place. Merry Christmas!!!

  • marcela

    I found your blog around summer time, since then I’m reading it pretty much every day, got two copies of your book and love everything about you, the blog members and of course Erik! He had me at ” God is love on steroids.”
    Thanks so much!

  • ron

    You nailed it Carla…We take Little steps but eventually discover how to sit quietly to hear and notice the messages that are always coming to us. Automatic or Soul writing, remote viewing, EVP, channeling, and all other forms of Spirit contact point us in the same direction. Thanks to all who share your techniques and skills.

  • Caroline Beyer

    To me, this was a family hanging out together. Very fun, very touching.

  • Amy N

    Dearest Elisa,
    I wish you, Rune and your entire family, including Robert, a very Merry Christmas!
    Love you,

  • chillinjoan

    when is the next video Jamie/Erick interview coming out on u-tube?

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