Liz’s Christmas Card

Enjoy this beautiful (and adorable [cuz it has Erik’s little face in it]) card that blog member, Liz, created. I just wanted to share it and, again, wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Liz's Erik Xmas CardAlso, we tried to eBoard again yesterday and it just keeps getting better and better. We have the two people who move the planchette look at each other or a wall or something. Then a third person takes note of the message. This time my daughter, MIchelle, worked the board with Robert. Here are some of the messages:

To Michelle’s husband, Shane (who has difficulty believing in all of this): I’m real.

To Michelle who asked, “What message do you have for me?”: It will all work out.

To my daughter, Kristina who also asked for a message: Make better boundaries. If any of you get this answer, know that this can be interpreted in many ways: Boundaries with others in general (to protect yourself from others or to protect others from yourself!), boundaries within yourself, boundaries with an individual, again, two-way, and more.)

To my husband: Money isn’t important. (Which is interesting because he’s a stockbroker.)

Sometimes Erik teased us by making the planchette go in circles. He also responded to questions like, “Do you have advice for…” with Hell, yeah. Then nothing. We had to (roll our eyes and) rephrase with, “What advice do you have for…” This happened time and time again. We’re slow learners. We should have expected Erik to be the mischievous smart ass he is.

God that eBoard is fun as hell. We’re getting better and better at it, too. It just takes practice and trust. If you have one of these, I suggest you begin by channeling Erik first since he’s so good at it.

Also, I’d like you all to check out this great new read from Mark Ireland, author of Soul Shift. I devoured it in two days! Read the reviews HERE.


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