Mythological Creatures, Part One

I can’t wait until the CE locals get together tomorrow. It should be so much fun. I wish you all could be there. Maybe one day? I’ll try to remember to take pictures. I’m so bad about that, though!

If you missed last night’s show, check it out here. Erik talked a lot about what life is like as a spirit. I think I would like that to be a series. The next show will star our guest motivational speaker, Jamin Olivencia, but after that, we’ll get Erik to talk more about life in Heaven. 

Listen to “Hour Of Enlightenment 4/27/17” on Spreaker.

This post series is going to be fun. I hope you enjoy it!

Me: Hello again, Robert.

Robert: Howdy.

Me: It looks like that first session wore you out! Did Erik wear you out?

Robert (laughing): Sometimes he wears me out.

Me: I know! I raised him. He used to wear me out.

Robert: Oh, lord. I mean, he was like that when he was a kid? Everywhere?

Me: Oh, yeah. Everywhere. You know, until he started suffering from depression and even then he’d sometimes get into everything.

Robert: Well, because he’d like be talking about something, and then he’ll switch gears all of a sudden. He still talks about the same thing, but he just all of a sudden switches the way he’s saying it, and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute!’

He laughs again.

Me: Oh my god! What a challenge for a medium!

Robert: Yeah, but anyway, he’s funny!

Me: Okay, well a lot of people ask about this, and we’ve covered this on the blog a long time ago, but I just want to list some mythical creatures, and Erik, you can say if they ever existed or do exist or not, and then the ones that do or have existed, we can talk about them.

Robert (laughing): He made me laugh.

Me: What’s he doing now?

Robert: He said, “So we’re going to talk about fantastic beings and where to find them!”

Me: Yeah! So, let’s just start by saying yes or no. Have dragons ever existed—

Erik: No.

Me: Okay, elves?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Fairies?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Unicorns?

Erik: Yes.

Robert: Really?

Me: Sprites?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Nymphs? Nymphomaniacs.

Erik No.

Me: Trolls like the ones in Norway who sit under a bridge.

Erik: Yes.

Me: Oh wow. Gnomes? I don’t know if there’s any difference between a troll and a gnome.

Erik: Not really.

Me: Okay. Cyclops?

Erik: No.

Me: Giants?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: I knew that was going to be a yes. All right, let’s talk about these. Let’s talk about giants first. Tell us about those? Did they really exist and how dang big were they?

Erik: Okay, let’s talk about giants. They existed but not in the way human beings think like these 20 something foot tall human looking things. That’s not what they were. They were human beings that existed a long time ago that were just so much taller than the average human, 7, 8, 9 feet tall. They all died off.

Me: Did they have a pituitary disorder or something, or were they just a variant?

Erik: It was a genetic thing.

(Long pause)

Robert: Okay. He’s showing me that there was a tribe like a group of people when we were very tribal—well we still are—but you know, like thousands of years ago. He shows them wearing animal skins.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So there was a tribe and there were three of them—

Robert: How many? Three? Okay.

Erik: Two males and a female. They were much taller than everyone else. They had a lot of kids, and a lot of those kids grew very tall also. And then those kids had more kids, but the reason they died off was that it just wasn’t sustainable when they mixed in with people of different sizes. Then they started to get smaller.

Me: Oh yeah, and mankind back then was probably pretty shrimpy anyway, like five foot or four foot nine or something. Weren’t they, in general, kind of small?

Erik: Yeah, that was another thing I was getting ready to say. Given the times, it wasn’t always practical to be so tall. You needed to be small to hide and things like that. Taller people needed more fuel, and fuel was hard to come by.

Me: Yeah, nourishing a bigger body is a lot harder.

Erik: And they were more prone to bone problems in the spine and things like that. They were also more docile as a group because they didn’t need to be any other way.

Me: Probably not! Interesting. Any other interesting tidbits about giants?

Erik: That particular group was planting the seeds for diplomacy.

Me: Really?

Erik: Yeah. They were more about communication and things like that.

Me: And peacekeeping.

Erik: Yeah. In just that small little group, they’d go around to other groups and this is how they’d trade and barter to keep from creating conflict among themselves. They those skills got taught to those tribes who would then teach other tribes.

Me: They didn’t have to fight! People would agree with them and listen to them because they probably felt like they had to! That’s pretty cool. What about elves? You know most people in Iceland believe in elves. That’s an interesting tidbit.

Robert: I didn’t hear because my screen froze.

Me: Or maybe it’s leprechauns. Icelanders believe in either elves or leprechauns. I mean the majority of the population does. But anyway, elves. Oh yeah! Leprechauns. Do they exist or are they the same as elves?

Erik: They’re the same, but they have bad attitudes.

Me: Oh, leprechauns are elves with bad attitudes?

Robert: He said they have bad attitudes.

Me: Oh, elves in general or leprechauns?

Erik: Elves and leprechauns are the same really, but they have bad attitudes.

Me: Okay. Uh oh. Tell me more.

Erik: So elves and leprechauns are the same, but they come from different areas. That’s why they have different names. Leprechauns you think traditionally are from Ireland, and they tend to have a bad attitude.

Me: Why?

Erik: Because it’s always so fucking cold and raining all the time!

Robert laughs.

Me: Oh, my god. I bet! So do they still exist in some places in the world?

Erik: They’re interdimensional.

Me: Oh! Like Bigfoot.

Erik: Yeah, they pop in and can be a part of your environment but you don’t know that they’re there. You don’t see them.

Me: Because they’re in a parallel dimension? Is that what you mean?

Erik: It’s like they’re right outside your field of vision, like your vision can pick up certain frequencies of light and all that stuff, but they’re just behind or in front of that. It just depends on what they want. Then they can shift into your field of vision so you can see them, but they don’t usually do that. They’re everywhere.

Robert looks around his room.

Erik: Or rather they can be everywhere.

Me: Are there any around me?

Robert: Yeah, I was just going to ask because I felt like there were some.

Erik: No, they’re not right now.

Me: Well, they can just take their nasty attitudes and let the door hit them in the butt when they leave!

Robert: That’s right!

Me: No, tell me more about them like their purpose and, you know, everything.

Erik: They like to clean.

Me: Then there hasn’t been any in my house! That’s clear.

Robert laughs.

Erik: Sprites and fairies and faes and leprechauns all fall under the category of where they’re all about the environment and keeping it clean, cleaning the energy. That’s why they get so grumpy because when they’re in an area where there’s a lot of negativity going on—

Me: Negative energy. Yeah.

Erik: They pull it in, and then they get grumpy, but it’s because they’re trying to process it.

Me: So they’re sanitary engineers of the environment.

Erik: Sure.

Me: Okay. What other interesting facts do you have about elves and leprechauns?

Erik: Well, they don’t really like human beings a lot.

Me: I don’t know if I like them either. They’re not getting any of my Lucky Charms.

Robert chuckles.

Erik: Well, Mom, that’s why they don’t like us! Our immediate response is, “Well, I don’t like you either!”

Me: Oh, sorry! I’m an imperfect and flawed human being.

Erik laughs.

Erik: The reason they project that energy is because that’s what human beings project on each other and to themselves.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: They don’t like each other or themselves, so they just project that back.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And they know it. The reason that they do it is—

Robert: He shows me this old-fashioned phonograph with the bit horn thing.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Humans are the record, and they’re like the big horn that’s projects everything out. It’s meant to put that out into the environment to release it but also to make you—whether you realize it or not, and it’s usually unconscious—realize what you’re doing. Most humans aren’t conscious of that, but eventually they become aware of how unhappy they are and they start seeking why that is. Then they can correct it or make peace with it, really. It’s actually not about correcting it. It’s about making peace with it and accepting it. Once you do that—everything just wants to be accepted including the things you don’t enjoy—and once you do that, you make peace with it, and you can integrate that within yourself and learn how to take care of yourself when you’re in that state. And you learn how to take care of others when they’re in that state. When we do that nurturing of each other, we’re putting that kind of energy out there and less and less will people feel about themselves like that.

Robert: Oo, I like that, Erik. That’s very good.

Me: That’s pretty cool.

Erik bows.

Me: Well then we need to send love to our little elves and leprechauns. Have you hugged an elf or leprechaun today?

Erik: That’s right. Print up some t-shirts. “Have you hugged a leprechaun today?”

Me: There we go!

Robert: He just showed a leprechaun hugging you below your knees.

Me: Aw. How tall are they?

Erik: Two to three feet.

Me: I forgot. Are they from another dimension, or are they from here and go in and out of dimensions?

Erik: They’re from other dimensions.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: They’re really from all over the Universe. Same with faes and fairies. Well, they’re the same. It’s just what you choose to call them. Sprites are slightly different, but they all exist everywhere in the Universe. They don’t necessarily look the way they do here because here they take on a more humanoid shape. That’s because that’s what the energy is like here, the dominant species, so that’s what they project.

Hug a leprechaun today!

Have a wonderful weekend, all! Can’t wait to post Part Two!

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  • Léon Vrins

    Dragons did not exist? I think they did and still do! Three years ago I was in England with a group of people and we visited the West Kennet long barrow. Inside we did a ceremony and two of us had, without knowing it from each other, the same amazing experience: a huge white dragon appeared to them. Ley lines are also called dragon lines and ley lines really do exist, as you can discover by dowsing.

    • Patrick

      Of course dragons exist, but the new name is politician.

    • I think they did. Probably vestigial dinosaurs.

  • Kathryn

    My ex-husband, was an elf! Short & grumpy as all get out! It’s possible, that he was grumpy, because he was so dang short! Oh welly! KM

  • 403LEC

    I don’t know why, but something little and short that is grumpy makes me laugh! I don’t necessarily want one in my house but I do find it hilarious, from afar 🙂

  • Haha, will do!

  • Destin’s Mom

    OMG elisa! I am just in a HUGE wonderland… with Destin and with Erik… it is like my awakening is FINALLY happening and I am SO excited. I started going to places where I could meet like-minds like Destin told me to, and I met a new friend that does crystal ball readings. She said I had several fairies around me trying to draw me out doors. So… today I am going mushroom hunting with the fairies. You know… Erik led me here. I was thinking this morning that I wanted to ask my friend more about fairies and here I am! Erik led me here! Destin is laughing at me. I love you Elisa!

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