Bigfoot and Other “Mythical” Creatures

Happy Tuesday everyone. Here’s the last little bit of my channeling session with Jeannie on April 5th.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, let’s do some fun stuff here toward the end of the session! Is there such thing as Bigfoot, for example?

Jeannie laughs hard!

Erik: Yes! We talked about that!

Me: Yeah, through Jamie, that’s right. And you said something about how they were interdimensional beings. I bet that’s why we can never find them. They probably slip in and out of our dimension.

Erik: Yep, that’s right.

Me: Okay, interesting. So what else can you tell me about Bigfoot?

Erik: It’s an interdimensional being that takes on physical, um, a warped physical appearance. People have seen these beings, and there’s more than just Bigfoot. There are others too.

Me: Oh yeah, yeah. (pause) Wait, what do you mean, more Bigfoots? I know there isn’t just one.

What’s the plural of BigfootBigfeet? Hmm.

Erik (laughing): No, Mom! Interdimensional beings. There are more types like the Loch Ness Monster—

Me: Oh, yeah, Nessie!

Erik: Yeah, and all of them actually ARE very real!

Me: What about dragons? Are they real?

Erik: Well, dragons actually come from another dimension. They’re not necessarily interdimensional. They don’t slip from one dimension to the next and back or straddle them like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

Me: Cool, yeah, my daughter, Michelle, was always very fascinated by dragons since she was just a little toddler. I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere.

Erik: Yeah, they’re very real, and they come from another dimension. And they can, actually, um, there are people who have seen them, but they’re not really here. I don’t know how to explain it.

(Long pause as I hope he comes up with more.)

Me: Okay, I understand. Wow, so fascinating! Maybe those people who see dragons can see across dimensions.

Erik: Yep. Yep.

Me: Okay, what about unicorns?

Erik: Yeah, they’re real, and they’re also in another dimension.

Me: Mermaids?

Erik: They’re actually over there on the earthly plane.

Me: Really? Cool! So they’re not just manatees?

Erik: No! They look exactly like the stories say. 

Me: Well, why are they so hard to find?

Erik: Uh, they’re kinda like Bigfoot. They slip in and out of dimensions, but it’s a little different. So much of this has to do with the whole time issue, Mom. Linear earth meets nonlinear “other dimension.” That’s why I’m having a hard time explaining this shit. It’s not just all about location. You’ll see when you get here. It’ll be an aha moment for you. 

Me: Okay, I can be patient. So, what about fairies, nymphs, sprites, things of that nature?

Erik: There ARE these things, and they can be seen on earth. 

Me: Like tree sprites and all that?

Erik: Yeah. God, again it’s hard to explain. They’re other-dimensional, but they’re VERY connected to the earth. So this element of connection along with linear vs. nonlinear makes it hard for me to describe in language that you would understand.

Me: How come you said before that some of these things like unicorns and dragons didn’t exist?

Erik (chuckling): Hey, a guy can learn and change his mind, can’t he?

Me (laughing): Yeah, I guess! Well, I guess that’s all we have time for. Thanks so much you guys! Oh, and you too, Veronica! Any messages before we close?

Veronica: I have, as always, to tell you thank you and that we are all grateful from this angelic realm. You have really no idea what you will be doing and how many millions of people you and Erik will be helping. This radio show will turn into something much, much larger for you. Eventually, you’ll become so busy, that you’ll devote more and more of your time to the spiritual and will have to give up your medical practice. However, it’s in you—being a doctor—so you’ll always have that.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Veronica: Life changes very, very quickly for you, and so many blessings come out of you losing Erik. You haven’t lost him. You’ve joined him in a wonderful new experience.

Me (a bit somberly): Yeah. Still, I sure would like to have those hugs. Mmm, but I’ll get ‘em eventually.

Erik: Erik hugs? Oh, Mom. I can do it!

Jeannie laughs.

Me: And the tickling is okay, too.

Both Erik and Jeannie laugh.

Me: Okay, well, I just love you so much.

Erik (sweetly): Yeah, ditto, Mom. Ditto.

Of course now that I finish typing this post, I realize I completely left out elves and leprechauns. Sorry little guys. I guess there’ll be no more Keebler Double Fudge cookies for me (and my thighs,) and sadly, I’m sure the pot at the end of my rainbow will either be empty or full of dog poop. A note of trivia: Around 80% of Icelanders believe elves do exist. On my trip there this summer, they were no where to be found.


All the proof I need! (tee hee)

Gross "Mermaid" (or me in a few years)

Killer Unicorn (Bastard!)

Kinder, Gentler Unicorn


A few questions before I close:

Who’s thinking about going to the Channeling Erik event in Austin?

Who’s thinking about going to the Afterlife Awareness event in Virginia Beach in March?

Who hasn’t friended Erik and me on Facebook?  (You don’t have to answer. Just do it! (please) I promise I won’t Farmville harass you.)

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