North Korea, Kim Jong-Un and Otto Warmbier, Part Two

Today is a big day! We’re doing two interviews. At 4:00 PM, Veronica and I will interview Stephen Paddock, and at 7:00 PM Celestine Grace and I will interview L. Ron Hubbard. I’m also going to interview Hugh Hefner and John Denver over the next 4 weeks, both of which have been requested multiple times. I hope to publish the Paddock interview on Saturday. As for me, I’m feeling better but my heart is still acting really funky. I’m going to stop having my beloved cup of coffee every morning, and if the ectopy persists, I guess I’ll have to drag my ass to the cardiologist. Ugh. Another freaking errand!

Enjoy the last post of this series, and thanks again to Carol B. for transcribing it and to Emanuelle McIntosh for channeling Erik and Otto.

Erik: The only solution to this is he needs to be removed from his position. That’s the only solution, unfortunately. But you have the male energy that’s always like, “Let’s bomb them and kill everyone,”. and the female energy is like “No, let’s really go for the one who is to blame for this. Let’s help these other people who have been forcefully retained against their will.

Elisa: Yeah, but that’s just worse for the North Koreans who are already suffering so much. Well. I think that’s going to happen. I really do. Hey, can we bring in Otto? But first, do you want to say anything about North Korea’s leader before we end? After that, I want to talk to Otto Warmbier a little bit.

Erik:    Well, I know people are gonna be like, “Fuck that shit!,” but we can all send love and light to Kim Jong-Un and give him the insight that destroying the planet isn’t the way to go, that he could be seen as a leader without the threats and hat there are different ways to approach this. We need to send him that energy and give him the insight that, in order to be a good leader, you also need to be a humanitarian

Emma: I don’t even know if that’s the word

Erik:    If we can give him that energy then, maybe, just maybe, he might get some insight and he might get some clarity that military action isn’t the way to go.

Elisa: Let’s all work on that everyday. Send him a little love!

Erik:    Unfortunately, not all people t think like us. People don’t see it from the perspective of love and light. We know that there’s a reason for everything. We’re stirring up a lot of energy in how we’re dealing with these threats.

Elisa: Is there a spiritual contract this guy?

Erik:    Oh, yeah! This is definitely a spiritual contract, and it’s all about teaching the world how we deal with those threats, how we can resolve it with the least amount of casualties, and how we can do this in a diplomatic way instead of just killing everyone. There are lots of lessons that are going to be learned from this and it also brings some clarity in a lot of things.

Elisa: Hi, Easton! Easton’s at the door.

Emma: Oooh! He’s so cute!

Elisa: Hi, Easton.

Erik:    I play with him all the time.

Elisa: Oh, I bet!

Erik:    I talk with him but we talk in energy. Energy is the international language. We’ll just call it that. It’s the universal language, and he really picks up on the sounds of the energy.

Elisa: That’s really weird that you say that because one of the questions I’m gonna ask next time I’m on the e-board with Robert is that Easton sounds like he’s saying sets of different words, at different times, over and over again, like it’s a real language instead of baby babbling.

Erik:    Oh, he’s talking, for sure. It’s just what we would call the universal language

Elisa: So he’s speaking the language of energy?

Erik:    Yeah! The thing is when we speak it, there’s not really a sound that comes out because we’re doing it mentally. However, he is practicing how to use his vocal cords. So what he is doing is, he is actually expressing the vibrations of the energy through using sounds and he’s matching up the two vibrations. That’s probably why you hear a lot of similar words coming back.

Elisa: That’s so cool! All right! Otto Warmbier. Let’s have him enter Stage Left!

Emma: Okay.

Elisa: Warmbier? I don’t know how to pronounce it. Warm beer? Doesn’t sound right.

Emma: He’s here. His energy still feels kind of low, so I think he’s still processing a lot of things.

Elisa: Hello, Otto. How are you doing?

Otto: Hello, Ma’am. I’m doing okay.

Elisa: Okay. What happened? Tell us your story.

Otto: I made a stupid decision.

Elisa: Yes. You took a poster or something like that?

Otto: Uh Uh! My stupid decision was going to North Korea in the first place.

Elisa: Oh, yeah. Why did you want to go there?

Otto: You know, they made it sound like this was a one in a lifetime things.

Elisa: Yeah. It was for you, for sure!

Otto: Yeah, unfortunately! I guess I had an okay time when I was there. It just didn’t turn out the way I expected it to. The reason I went is because I thought, “How many chances am I going to have to really see a country that is suppressed by a dictator and be able to visit it?” It just seemed very interesting to see what was really going on in there like how it is for these people. I just thought that it was an interesting excursion. They guaranteed us that everything was going to be fine. There were other people there, so, I thought, “Okay, I’m in a group. It’s going to be fine but, let’s just say, that was the worst decision I ever made.

Elisa: So what did they do to you after they captured you? I mean, you had your trial and all that. You were sentenced. But what happened when you were in captivity?

Otto: Two men came and got me from the airport. They immediately took me to a facility where I was interviewed, but not on what they accused me of. They wanted to know if I had more information on the plans of the United States, things like that. So they wanted intel on the United States. They didn’t beat me up, but what they did was almost like psychological warfare. They would scream at me. They would force me down on my knees at one point, and this was even before I got to say my thing.

Elisa: Before you had to make your announcements? Apology?

Otto: Yeah, I had to memorise it and I told them, ‘No. I refuse to say things that aren’t true’ and I would resist them, so they would tie my hands and feet.

Emma: (upset) Sorry he’s really….

Otto: They would hang me upside down by my ankles and would leave me hanging there for hours until I would pass out. Then, they would bring me down and force me to look at the text.

Emma: He keeps showing me how he would look away like he didn’t want to have anything to do with that.

Otto: They would force me and force me until I learned it. They would tie my hands on my back and they would—

Emma: It looks like he was tied to a bar that was on the wall, and he was kind of—I don’t know how to say it—He was through his knees while standing on the tips of his toes.

Elisa: So his hands were tied together and they were tied to the bar but through his knees?

Emma: No. So, let’s just say he was sitting with bended knees, you know how you sit down, your knees are bent and your on your tippy toes?

Elisa: Oh, I got you!

Otto: My hands were tied, and there’s a bar behind my hands and I’m just tied there and made to sit in that position.

Elisa: Oh God!

Otto: I would sit like that for hours until my legs would start shaking. It was extremely painful and eventually I stopped feeling anything.

Emma: It’s like his body would become completely paralysed.

Elisa: Did they feed you adequately?

Otto: No, not a lot. And the food that they did give me wasn’t very good. Sometimes there were some in it!

Elisa: Oh Gross! How did you die? What was the cause of your death?

Otto: I think it was a little bit of everything. It was the torture, which would never leave marks. They would electrocute me. They would do the hanging thing a lot where I was hanging upside down. Eventually they would start injecting me with a kind of a truth serum.

Elisa: Okay.

Otto: They would do it on a regular basis, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. I had a hard time breathing while I was on it.

Elisa: It’s probably chloral hydrate or sodium pentothal. I don’t know. It could have been all sorts of things. Did the truth serum suppress your respirations and make you have a respiratory arrest? I mean, what was the final thing?

Otto: The last one was an injection and, basically, I stopped breathing. The two guards didn’t know what to do. My heart had stopped. It took them a while to think, “What do we do next?” So they had to ask for permission and by the time someone came in to resuscitate me, I wasn’t there anymore.

Elisa: So did they try to resuscitate you?

Otto: They did resuscitate me.

Elisa: Oh yeah! You were in a coma.

Otto: However, my brain had suffered too long from a lack of oxygen. It was deprived of oxygen so my body was still alive but I was no longer in my body.

Elisa: Why did they send you back to the United States in a coma? What was the purpose of that?

Otto: Well, first of all, the reason they took me was to send a clear signal to the U.S. that they shouldn’t mess with North Korea!

Elisa: Yeah, yeah!

Otto: The government had known this for a very long time, before this was even mentioned to the public.

Elisa: The U.S. government?

Otto: Oh, yes! They knew about, it but they didn’t want to upset Korea. They didn’t want to add fire to the fire. So, my capture was being hidden.

Elisa: Was it being hidden from the North Korean people, too?

Otto: Oh yeah! They don’t know anything about any of this.

Elisa: Oh yeah! I got you!

Otto: Especially the Americans, and it was eventually my Dad who said, “Enough is enough!” He’s the one who publicly brought this to the light. So for that I am very grateful. Otherwise, they might never have gotten my body home. I think a lot of people don’t realize that my comatose state happened really quickly after the trial.

Elisa: Oh, really?

Otto: Yeah!

Elisa: How long after? How long after the trial?

Otto: Like a month later.

Elisa: Oh my Gosh!

Otto: They were trying to hide it. The North Koreans didn’t expect that this was going to happen to me. They didn’t expect that I was going to go completely into a coma and never wake up. That’s why they waited so long. They waited for over a year before they released me because they were hoping I would still wake up, but I didn’t. My brain was too damaged, so they tried to hide it for a while and then eventually the Trump Administration decided that enough was enough and, basically, the North Koreans handed me over, coming up with some bogus excuse. I don’t know if people noticed, but during my “confession,” I really tried to give people some signals with my body language. I’d say that I did this while shaking my head, no!

Elisa: Really?

Otto: Okay. So, I was hoping that people who can interpret body language would notice that this was forced upon me, that this was a fake confession. I didn’t want my family to suffer from my mistakes, I didn’t want my girlfriend to suffer and think that I would have done something like that and risk my own life and risk….

Elisa: So you didn’t take a propaganda poster or anything? You didn’t do anything wrong?

Otto: No.

Elisa: Oh my God! Well. first of all I’m gonna ask if this was a spiritual contract of yours. Were you here to teach something?

Otto: No. This was not part of my contract. I was not supposed to leave that early. Before I made the decision to go, my whole body told me, “No! Don’t do this.” But I thought it was just fear and that it was gonna be fine. I had some clear signals not to go, but I did it anyway.

Elisa: Not to go into North Korea?

Otto: I ignored my intuition. I ignored my gut feeling.

Elisa: Yeah. I got it. Do you have a message for your parents?

Otto: This was, unfortunately, me making a bad choice, me not listening to what everybody was telling me, what my surroundings were telling me, what my family was telling me, what the universe was telling me. I totally decided, ‘No, this is free will. I’m gonna do this. It’s gonna be fine.’ And I decided to, kind of move all these anxieties that I would feel aside because I didn’t want to live my life with fear. So I thought, ‘It’s the coolest thing I’m ever gonna do.’

Elisa: Yeah, I know! Why did they pick you?

Otto: It was random. There was something about the way that I looked, I guess, that it seemed that I loved God and I loved the Bible and I was religious. I guess that it was just the way that I looked.

Elisa: Very waspy, very waspy!

Otto: I was a good person, and I looked like a God-abiding person. Yeah, it was very random and, for some reason, they like to go for the Americans.

Elisa: Let me close by asking if you want to give any messages to anyone: Other messages for your parents, a message for your girlfriend?

Otto: I would like to let my family know that I love them very much, and I am so sorry for the hurt that I’ve caused them. I want them to know that they will have learned a lot of things from this. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but they will have learned a lot from this, and we’ll be reunited at one point. I want to tell my girlfriend, Alex, that I will always love her, and I will always watch out for her, and that it’s okay to move on. Just know that she has a little guardian angel watching over her for the rest of her life.

Elisa: Aw! That’s sweet! Erik, do you have any questions to ask Otto?

Erik:    No, not really. The only thing I can say is that free will, people. Free will can be a bitch. Sometimes we make good decisions, sometimes we make bad decisions. Either way they were all decisions based on learning and growth, and so he learned from this as well. Nothing is in vain, people. Nothing is in vain.

Elisa: Otto, will you come back into the family, reincarnate into the family?

Otto: I will.

Emma: He’s showing me his sister.

Elisa: Okay. Well, that’s awesome! Thank you so much, and we’ll get your story out there. Erik, take good care of him. Erik, buddy up with him.

Erik:    I will!

Elisa: OK, Sweetie. All right. We are going to come right back and do a very quick session on a very short subject. Guys, check out Emma’s website and check out Erik’s website, spelled with a k dot com for the blog, and, of course, watch all these YouTube videos.

Emma, do you have anything to close with?

Emma: Just check out my new “Rolling with Erik” videos we’re trying, and I hope you guys enjoy them.

Elisa: Awesome! And we’re trying to post one every Monday as a regular thing, our star Emma

Emma: Bye, guys. We love you!

The Shameful Coercion of Otto Warmbier

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  • Rex Edmondston

    Hi Elisa I watched you on utube last week and was going to comment that you did not look well. hope you get well soon you and Erik and all the gang do such a great job love to all Rex

  • 403LEC

    Thank you for these interviews Elisa!

  • JaniceT

    Hi Elisa,
    Hope you’re okay with your coffee. If doc says cut down/ no caffeine, just be careful of caffeine headache: it’s nasty stuff, and nothing can stop the headache except caffeine. Just cut down caffeine gradually if you have to. If you’re interested in switching to matcha tea, Lmk and I will email you instructions for which (most matches on market are awful) and how-to-make.

    Story about Otto is heartbreaking…. 🙁

    • I usually only have one cup, very weak, so I probably won’t have a headache. I hope not because it’s a headache that doesn’t respond to much. Some take the antihypertensive, clonidine.

  • M&M

    For what it’s worth, Elisa, along the lines of your recent issues with irregular heart beat- I have been experiencing the same for the last couple of weeks, along with intense anxiety at times. While I have always been very sensitive, this is unusual for me. Just wondering if it’s a common thing among some of us during this intense time of unrest.

    And thank you so much for this post. I have been working hard not to judge and to be able to take what I hear in the news with a skeptic’s mind, but I admit that I did buy into the story that Otto Warmbier did take the propaganda poster while in North Korea. It brought me to tears to read what he said really did happen. That really had a profound impact on me and changed the way I think I will look at things going forward. This is just part of what I love about this blog. We never would have known this otherwise.

    • Joanne Jerome

      Irregular heartbeats and anxiety can be also be a hyper thyroid problem many doctors do not do a complete thyroid panel. T4 couid be off. Been there.

  • Wow! I always felt he was a very special soul.

  • selina cecil

    Hi Elisa, I hope you will start too feel better soon. Many hugs and warm wishes for you on this day of Erik’s anniversary passing. Many are blessed by your generous work with Erik.

  • Newryt

    Hello, can you please channel William Tompkins sometime soon? He was a famous whistleblower on aliens and the secret space program. He passed away on the day of the full solar eclipse.

  • John O’Brien

    I’m not a skeptic, yet I am thrown-off by Erik’s use of profanity. Ruth Montgomery, who was the leading authority on channeling messages from the dead, taught that the spirits do (not) use curse words. Sylvia Browne also affirmed this. Eric appears angry. That would have been addressed in the process of past-life review and self-examination with the help of other seasoned guides. There’s seem to be much more here then meets the eye. Just saying.

    • He says he curses because he wants to be more relatable instead of those gurus who begin with “Welcome my dear one.” So it makes people feel like he’s one of us. Plus he says that words are just a string of letters. They get their power from the intent behind them. And his intent is benevolent.

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