Oxygen and Breathing, Part Two

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Here’s Part Two of the Oxygen series!

Me: So like oxygen bars, things like that, like bottles with oxygen masks to give yourself some oxygen—

Erik: Let’s go into that a little bit later. We’ll go through some different options that you have. There’s a lot of stuff out there right now. They know this is necessary and beneficial to people, so they’re bringing out a lot of different stuff on the market. So let’s recap: Breathing calms your mind and keeps you peaceful, so it creates spiritual health and development. Another benefit is if we breathe correctly, we better absorb the oxygen and remove the impurities from our blood, and it stimulates our organs in our body, which eventually leads to physical health and vitality and that means we’ll have more energy and feel better. Just breathing correctly is something that everyone can do, and it’s totally free.

Me: That’s true.

Erik: It can cause you to have better physical and mental health, can give you more energy and can improve your spiritual development.

Me: I’m sure the government will figure out a way to tax the air.

Erik: Okay, so I would like to expand a little bit on the Chi or Prahna. This is a little hard to explain, but I’ll try my best to explain it in a way that you can understand. So what is the life force? What is Chi, that universal energy that keeps everything going? The ultimate source of energy is consciousness. Consciousness is being compressed to become the essence of all energy, a fundamental energy that exists throughout the universe. In the atmosphere of our earth, that fundamental energy, that life force sort of transforms into a form that is easily absorbed by all living creatures. For examples it can be absorbed with food and water as well, but most of it is absorbed by our breathing mechanism. Without breathing, there is no life. So what happens in the body when this life force has been absorbed? It’s start to work with the nervous system.

Emanuelle: He is like showing me the spine with the nervous system intertwined.

Erik: And this cooperation is like electricity. It creates these sparks of creation. Our nervous system is responsible for almost everything in the body: our feelings, our emotions, our consciousness, our unconscious thinking, our spiritual ability. Everything in our body is controlled by nerve impulses, including our senses, etc. A lot of things are really dependent on that nervous system, so it’s the combination of the life energy and the nervous system that creates life on Earth. And by absorbing that life force and getting into that better state, we also help the people around us who need it because we are able to transmit it to each other just by interacting with each other even over long distances.

Me: Oh, so that’s like remote Reiki?

Erik Yes and that is why prayer and things like that work. Thought creates reality. The universal life force creates the existence of those thoughts.

Me: Let me ask you this. Chi, this Prahna, this life force, is associated with the oxygen molecule only or with air in general?

Erik: With everything.

Me: So the air in general: the oxygen, the nitrogen, the carbon dioxide, all of the air?

Erik: All the different elements. Just to give you a visual, every element that exists has it’s own universe. It’s surrounded by this force and oxygen is just one of them, but because we breathe constantly, it’s the easiest way to absorb this life force. It’s the easiest way to refill or re-boost it to help you heal and make you feel better. The breathing mechanism is really the most important way to absorb this subtle light energy. We can also absorb it from others, but in order to get enough in to get a healthy body and mind and to feel good in what you are, where you are and how you are connected to the universe and to everybody around you, breathing is the easiest way to get that it in. You can also get it through food and drinking. It can be passed on. There are so many ways to receive it. That’s why I thought it was important, Mom. I really wanted to explain that something so simple can do so many great things. We don’t always stand still with our breath. It has become such an automatic thing that just by changing your focus just a little bit every now and then, it can make a world of difference in how people feel and how they absorb the world and connect with one another. That’s why I thought it was very important to explain it a little bit.

Me: Okay what else can you tell us?

Emanuelle: He’s turned all serious right now. First he was hopping around like a little Easter bunny and now he is all serious.

Me: What’s going on Erik? Why so serious?

Erik: This is serious, Mom. I want people to really get this; this is going to help all of us.

Me: It sounds pretty important so far!

Erik: Okay so here are a few pretty cool qualities of the universal life force. Number 1: the mind can control the life force. It can be controlled by thought, by our consciousness so we can direct it to places in our body. For example, let’s say we have back pain. Just by thinking and visualizing that energy being sent to your back can already help you. Like I said, we can pass on that healing as well. So we can–and I don’t really want to use the word control– but we can guide the energy for specific needs to specific parts of the body and to other people to help them, which is really cool. That energy is what creates the aura around our bodies. It can also be stored in different areas like special areas in the nervous system and in the brain. So there are parts of the body where there are higher levels of this energy being stored and collected so it can be used when it’s really necessary. Let’s say the body is in a critical state. Then those storage points will be accessed to prevent a possible death for the body. It can get it through a very long period of time without food and water.

Me: So the Prahna, how does it relate? I know it’s not the soul. How does this life force relate to the actual soul? How do they work together?

Erik: In a way, it’s the same. The life force is the mind, however, in order for our body, in order for the physical to be able to exist, the mind changes shape in order to be able to be absorbed by the physical. It’s kinda hard to explain, but by this shape changing, we create life, a baby. In essence it’s the same, however energy can change form, shape and structure, so it’s all mind, all consciousness only in a different shape.

I think he means “consciousness” when he refers to the mind, here.

Me: So this life force is related to everything that is life. It’s not the energy that we shape into our reality with consciousness. Is that something different like if you want to manifest a new job or if you want to manifest something physical? That’s not the Prahna that we are manipulating with our consciousness, right? That would only be for life.

Erik: It is the same thing but in a different form.

Me: Oh okay. Got it.

Erik: That’s the mind or consciousness that we’re talking about, and then the Prahna or Chi is the mind in a different form in order to create anything physical. The mind is what we use to manifest things. That’s the mind in its purest form, the way that God or Source or whatever you want to call it is. But in order to get energy changed into a physical form and make life in a physical body possible, it needs to shift so it can be absorbed by the cells. It’s kinda like this: Let’s say you have a cell but there’s no energy in it. Then it’s just a cell that can’t do anything. It needs energy; it needs that electric spark to make the cell alive, and that is the Chi or Prahna that does that. Does that make sense?

Erik makes a funny face waving his arms around.

Me: Yes you are doing a good job, baby.

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  • Dustin Ebaugh

    This is some of Erik’s BEST work and info, IMHO.

  • JaniceT

    Thank you Erik and Elisa! Great great topic! Perhaps being conscious of your breathing brings forth the life energy? hmmmm…
    Also, when Erik mentioned source of energy is consciousness, it brought forward a memory I have about Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut and the 6th man to walk on the moon. He was asked what he felt when he was in outer space, and he replied he felt “consciousness”. After retiring, he started the non profit Institute of Noetic Sciences where they researched parapsychology and consciousness.

  • Kristi

    This explains so much! Now we can really believe in the healing aspects of our own mind and breath for that matter. This was exactly the answers I’ve been looking for. Thank you, Elisa and Erik

  • M&M

    It’s nice to hear about the positive power of the mind. So much these days talks about listening to the heart and getting out of the mind, and while there is value in that, we are such a cerebral society that it’s great to hear that there is value in the higher power of the mind.

  • Nancy Antia

    Erik is taking us further and further all the time. He’s teaching us very advanced concepts. Thank you, Elisa!

  • Congrats and see you soon!

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