Erik’s Perspective on Sex, Part One

Before we get into this juicy topic, and it is a juicy one, I promise, here are some announcements:

1) I plan on writing a series of children’s books about a character that was the protagonist in the bedtime stories I used to tell my children and now tell my grandchildren. Her name is Itty Bitty Betty, and her adventures, usually including animals, are wild! She’s kind of like a pint-sized Pippi Longstocking. I do need an illustrator, so I’m starting a contest to help me select the one who can draw this character the best. I have a list of her physical characteristics, her personality traits and her special abilities which might help guide the illustrators creative genius. If you want to enter, email me at, and I will give you that list. 

2) Second, Sandra Pearson gifted me with the most beautiful pendulum board I’ve ever seen. She also made a lovely pendulum out of hematite. I’m having so much fun with it! Here’s mine:

Here are some other samples of her work:

Aren’t they AMAZING?! She didn’t ask me to promote her, but I feel like you guys would love to use these to communicate with your deceased loved ones, your spirit guides, your Higher Self or even Erik, of course! You can contact her via her Facebook page:

A bit more about her: 
Hello Dr. Medhus, my name is Sandra Pearson (AKA Jill Ehrenfred) of Spiral Myst LLC. My friend Linda Evans asked me to contact you regarding my pendulum spirit boards.  I’ve recently taken down our website because we had not done much with it, and it seemed quite a waste of money.  I do have a page on FB (Spiral Myst LLC) and i have uploaded a few photos of some of my boards. My husband Jym is a woodworker and cuts them for me. We use hardwoods and if there is a particular type of wood people are attracted too, we will make their boards from that wood. I can stain or paint the boards as desired, and can also create “matching” pendulums. I will also sell plain unfinished boards for people who want to design their own. We can make custom storage boxes to hold the boards and accessories, and put locking latches if so desired. Personally, I don’t like people touching my magical stuff.
Sandra J. Pearson
3) I realize that there are so many gifted artists in our lovely CE community, so I’d love to make a dedicated artist page for you who want to share your talent with the rest of us. If you do, please email me samples of your portfolio, your contact information and a brief introduction of you and your art to 
4) Just for fun, I’m starting a new YouTube channel called “Two and a Half Dogs” which will primarily be for my dogs, Sailor, Scout and Bella. The first video is terrible, but I have some good ideas in store so PLEASE consider hitting the SUBSCRIBE button. Also, I will make a new Intro. Here you go!

5) The show last night was amazing. You MUST put it on your playlist queue! Check out Michael Ginsberg’s site:

6) Last but not least, I’m collecting Awakening stories from you guys and would love to have 2 or 3 share on one of the future radio shows. If you have a story to share, email it to me at 

FINALLY!! Enjoy the courageous channeling by Michelle Gray at!

Featured image courtesy of Psychology Today.

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