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Blog member, Ron Lederer, thinks we ought to start classes (maybe online) teaching all things Erik. It sounds like a daunting task, and I’m sure it would take a great deal of money to set up the site, etc. Still, I’ve always loved the idea of spreading spirituality to the masses. including children. Raising spiritual children is the answer to a peaceful future of love. What do you think?

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Enjoy today’s Best of Erik!

Me: In terms of distance, what are the nearest extraterrestrial beings to Earth? I don’t’ think there’s distance there, is there?

Jamie (giggling): He goes, um, he points his finger randomly in my room and goes, “Right over there.”

Me: Oh yeah. So there’s really no distance, right?

Erik: Right.

Me: Okay. So, we’ll go on to the next one, then. How does one plan one’s contract?

Erik: How does one make a blueprint?

Me: Okay, so a drafting board and a little compass and—

Erik: Yep. Create it yourself; design what you like; follow through.

Me: Obviously your soul family helps and probably your guides, etc., right?

Erik: Yeah. Oh, absolutely! I mean, it’s a big decision, so you don’t really do it by yourself.

Me: Mm hm!

(Long pause)

Me: Is that all?

Erik: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah. I mean he’s just smiling at me. I know there’s more to it, but he said it’s just—

Erik: In simpleton words, that’s it!

Me: M’kay. That’s going to be a very short entry. I guess I’ll just have to eliminate it, so—

Erik: Don’t eliminate it! People enjoy the beauty of a short, direct answer.

Me (sounding resigned): No, it’s okay. I’ll just combine it with something else.

Erik: Mom! You don’t have to meet a quota of 200 words or more!

Me: No, it’s like—no, I mean I have to—NO. That’s lame! God, Erik! C’mon! Do they go into some special room, um—

Erik: No. Why does it have to be all fireworks? No. You create what you wanna learn. You can draw from all the lives that are happening at once.

Me: Mm hm.

(Finally some elaboration. I hold my breath)

Erik: You look at where you’re going, and you format it. Then you talk to someone who might say, “Oh, that’s bullshit. That’s too much,” or “That’s too little,” or “Look at that.” You know, like a counselor.

Me: Right.

Erik: And you think about it yourself. But ultimately it’s your game, your decision. YOU hit the Go Button.

Me: Okay. And then do you—then what do you do? Then you take that contract and you, you know, decide to reincarnate and how do you reincarnate? How long after making your contract do you reincarnate?

Erik: Oh, you can go right away; you can go later; you can pick another timeframe. It doesn’t matter. It’s not linear. You gotta remember.

Me: Oh, that’s right. Doggone it. I keep forgetting that. Ah, it sucks to be human sometimes! All right, so how do you reincarnate? Squeeze yourself into a little body?

Erik (in a girlie voice with a slight lisp): You stand up on a cloud—

Me: Set aside your harp. Get your deposit back for it.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: — and you fall from the sky—

Me: Weeeeee!

Erik: No, there are different ways.

Me: Really. Do you do a triple twist, tuck and pike, then win a gold medal? C’mon, Erik! Toss me a bone here.

Jamie: You can get him laughing so hard! It’s funny.

Erik: It kind of depends on how you’re coming into your reincarnation—

Jamie (to Erik): Depends on. Thank you.

Erik: How you come into your reincarnation depends on how your life is going to be in the womb and what, you know, part of your lessons are, but always, when you’ve decided that this is what you’re doing, you often become a guide to the mother or the father and you kind of follow them for some time. You get to know them and what they’re doing. And when the whole life system starts and the mom becomes impregnated, you know, choice one, option one begins. You can, uh, you know, shrink your energetic body and enter into the womb and become part of the cell cluster and the divisions and the whole making of the body. I have to tell you that shit’s intense! It’s only for the extreme. You can become kind of like an attached spirit into the mom’s body, the energetic body and not enter into the body, the energetic body, the fetus until it CAN sustain life. So, we’re looking at, what, 24 to 28 weeks? So, the little spirit is kind of next to the belly. Then there are those who don’t enter in until birth.

Me: Okay. What’s easiest?

Erik: Most common? I don’t think there’s anything that we can say is easiest or hardest—

Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, you said the first one was harder.

Erik: Okay, the cell cluster one is hardest. The most common is being attached til around the third month and then going into the body, but then you immediately build am energetic cord. It’s just that you’re not completely integrated into that little body.

Me: Okay. Interesting. Does it hurt?

Erik: No, it’s just very, very, very small.

Jamie giggles.

Me: It must be hard to be so dense, you know? Do you have to lower your vibration?

Erik: What’s crazy, yeah, you do lower your vibration, but it’s the—

Jamie (to Erik): What do you mean?


Erik: You focus on trying to grow the energy— the amount of force it takes to grow.

Me: Grow physically?

Erik: Yeah. The rapidness. You already come in with your little personality. You already have emotional value. It’s not like you learn that in the womb. You already got it, and so it’s trying to manage those things and focus on growing the body.

Jamie: I feel like I have an old science reel playing in my head where cells divide and, you know, bump, bump, bump, and it’s on fast-forward. It’s interesting.

Me: Okay. All of this is so interesting. Thanks Erik!

Before closing, I’d like to introduce you to a fantastic book by Mercy Montes entitled, Grief with Ease. Here’s an introduction, and excerpt and the links.

Grief With Ease explains how and why those left in the physical must allow themselves forgiveness and release attachments to expectations and beliefs out of their control which ultimately hold them back in life and the healing process. This book focuses on many of the experiences Anthony has witnessed, as well as carried out, in the afterlife. He explains why and how to be open to receiving messages from your loved one(s) in the afterlife and how this might look in dreams or an awoken state. He provides explicit examples of how he has communicated with his family members since his passing, and He relays the importance of relying on your higher self, relinquishing attachments, and the immense importance of the universal language of love and its ability to raise the vibrations of all life on earth and beyond. Throughout the book there are various exercises/activities to enhance the reading and personal growth experience. Mercy Montess, his mother, and Kim Babcock, his Spirit Translator. focus on Anthony’s journey before and after leaving his physical body. Anthony’s book includes coping strategies for those left behind, inspiration for love and growth for those who recently experienced loss and/or those who are seeking more substance in their lives, and insights into the unknown – which is life after death, our afterlife!

Grief with Ease Summary – By Anthony Vallez For Elisa Medhus Blog

My life was never an ‘Easy Peasy’ cakewalk, in fact I encountered many hard times and went through countless phases and types of grief even though I did not recognize it at the time.  Well, now I do and I want you to as well.  Grief comes in many forms and various phases in your life.  From grieving over a breakup to grieving the loss of a loved one, you’ve all been through it!

Personally I loved change, but when changes in life didn’t meet with my expectations I fell into a form of grief that I did not yet recognize, nor did I understand.  I thought I was depressed but actually I was experiencing grief.  The two are easily misunderstood and often confused with one another.  This book and the exercises in it are in tuned to help foster a deeper understanding and ability to recognize grief, in healthy ways to deal with it. From this book, my hope is that you to gain the ability to recognize various types of grief; how they impact your life, and how to cope with grief on a much gentler level.  Grief requires the acceptance of change and the resistance of change only induces pain and suffering, when grief is chosen.  If you allow change and chose to be happy, then you ultimately contribute to grief with ease.  If you instead avoid grief, you then avoid life.  You must understand your grief to understand yourselves and enjoy life. ~ Anthony I Vallez

Available online at:


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Elisa Medhus

  • HSB

    Hi Elisa. You mentioned about the idea of courses with Erik’s teachings. I’m a therapist and I’ve started a site (which is starting as a blog and I hope to develop it to include e-courses and books once I have enough readers) to teach people how to heal their emotional pain and limiting beliefs. My work is based primarily in psychotherapeutic theory (e.g. cognitive behavioural and emotion focused therapy) but they go hand-in-hand with what Erik teaches as well. Erik’s teachings (and the work of other teachers) have influenced my work, as I hope to build a bridge between the psychological and spiritual. If you’re interested in the site (I don’t want to step on your toes and advertise it here), you can reply to this comment and I’ll email you a link to check out. And if you want to post about it, that would be fab (but there’s no expectation to do so, only if you want).

    • I’d love to see it! Would you consider getting involved as a teacher on our online courses?

      • HSB

        You bet! I will email you, Elisa.

  • 403LEC

    Elisa…I would enjoy an online class with Erik’s philosophy. I would be willing to pay to participate. Once again, don’t feel you have to carry the entire financial burden. Your devoted blog members would be willing to pay, I think.

  • Karen Ryan

    Elisa, I love the idea of classes online.

  • Nancy Antia

    Hello Elisa, at last I know how I did this to myself! Thank you!

  • M&M

    I am thinking of a Discussion section on the blog that would allow people to share their thoughts and stories of Erik’s teachings and we could communicate deeper and learn from each other. There are some posts that just lend themselves well to further discussion and real life perspectives and inspiration, but to have those type of discussions on this page just doesn’t seem to work out. There should be a caveat though, that the responses must be respectful, whether one agrees or disagrees there is always a way to do that respectfully. Anyway, just a thought.

  • Allison

    @emedhus:disqus I LOVE the idea of creating spiritual courses for people, and for kids. Imagine if we had “remembered” who we are, and what we are, earlier in life?!

    If you need support on creating the site for the courses, I’m happy to help. It can be a pretty quick and painless process – the part that trips people up is getting the content/courses decided upon and created. Let me know if you need/want support there. I’m a former Business Coach (now a Leadership + Life Coach for entrepreneurs, and with Erik’s constant guidance, soon to be a spiritual mentor, medium and energy healer.)

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