Reincarnation, 101

Just a heads up, guys. The first small group channeling conference calls are as follows:

Open to any and all blog members: 1/10/12

Open to grieving parents or close relatives who wish to talk to a deceased loved one: 1/24/12

Remember Jamie and Erik can only handle a very small number of people for both of these groups, particularly the second one, so register as soon as you can. It’s also not too early to register for the Channeling Erik Weekend of F*#@king Enlightenment in Atlanta this March. I’ll be there. Hope you will too!


Me: In terms of distance, what are the nearest extraterrestrial beings to Earth? I don’t’ think there’s distance there, is there?

Jamie (giggling): He goes, um, he points his finger randomly in my room and goes, “Right over there.”

Me: Oh yeah. So there’s really no distance, right?

Erik: Right.

Me: Okay. So, we’ll go on to the next one, then. How does one plan one’s contract?

Erik: How does one make a blueprint?

Me: Okay, so a drafting board and a little compass and—

Erik: Yep. Create it yourself; design what you like; follow through.

Me: Obviously your soul family helps and probably your guides, etc., right?

Erik: Yeah. Oh, absolutely! I mean, it’s a big decision, so you don’t really do it by yourself.

Me: Mm hm!

(Long pause)

Me: Is that all?

Erik: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah. I mean he’s just smiling at me. I know there’s more to it, but he said it’s just—

Erik: In simpleton words, that’s it!

Me: M’kay. That’s going to be a very short entry. I guess I’ll just have to eliminate it, so—

Erik: Don’t eliminate it! People enjoy the beauty of a short, direct answer.

Me (sounding resigned): No, it’s okay. I’ll just combine it with something else.

Erik: Mom! You don’t have to meet a quota of 200 words or more!

Me: No, it’s like—no, I mean I have to—NO. That’s lame! God, Erik! C’mon! Do they go into some special room, um—

Erik: No. Why does it have to be all fireworks? No. You create what you wanna learn. You can draw from all the lives that are happening at once.

Me: Mm hm.

(Finally some elaboration. I hold my breath)

Erik: You look at where you’re going, and you format it. Then you talk to someone who might say, “Oh, that’s bullshit. That’s too much,” or “That’s too little,” or “Look at that.” You know, like a counselor.

Me: Right.

Erik: And you think about it yourself. But ultimately it’s your game, your decision. YOU hit the Go Button.

Me: Okay. And then do you—then what do you do? Then you take that contract and you, you know, decide to reincarnate and how do you reincarnate? How long after making your contract do you reincarnate?

Erik: Oh, you can go right away; you can go later; you can pick another timeframe. It doesn’t matter. It’s not linear. You gotta remember.

Me: Oh, that’s right. Doggone it. I keep forgetting that. Ah, it sucks to be human sometimes! All right, so how do you reincarnate? Squeeze yourself into a little body?

Erik (in a girlie voice with a slight lisp): You stand up on a cloud—

Me: Set aside your harp. Get your deposit back for it.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: — and you fall from the sky—

Me: Weeeeee!

Erik: No, there are different ways.

Me: Really. Do you do a triple twist, tuck and pike, then win a gold medal? C’mon, Erik! Toss me a bone here.

Jamie: You can get him laughing so hard! It’s funny.

Erik: It kind of depends on how you’re coming into your reincarnation—

Jamie (to Erik): Depends on. Thank you.

Erik: How you come into your reincarnation depends on how your life is going to be in the womb and what, you know, part of your lessons are, but always, when you’ve decided that this is what you’re doing, you often become a guide to the mother or the father and you kind of follow them for some time. You get to know them and what they’re doing. And when the whole life system starts and the mom becomes impregnated, you know, choice one, option one begins. You can, uh, you know, shrink your energetic body and enter into the womb and become part of the cell cluster and the divisions and the whole making of the body. I have to tell you that shit’s intense! It’s only for the extreme. You can become kind of like an attached spirit into the mom’s body, the energetic body and not enter into the body, the energetic body, the fetus until it CAN sustain life. So, we’re looking at, what, 24 to 28 weeks? So, the little spirit is kind of next to the belly. Then there are those who don’t enter in until birth.

Me: Okay. What’s easiest?

Erik: Most common? I don’t think there’s anything that we can say is easiest or hardest—

Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, you said the first one was harder.

Erik: Okay, the cell cluster one is hardest. The most common is being attached til around the third month and then going into the body, but then you immediately build am energetic cord. It’s just that you’re not completely integrated into that little body.

Me: Okay. Interesting. Does it hurt?

Erik: No, it’s just very, very, very small.

Jamie giggles.

Me: It must be hard to be so dense, you know? Do you have to lower your vibration?

Erik: What’s crazy, yeah, you do lower your vibration, but it’s the—

Jamie (to Erik): What do you mean?


Erik: You focus on trying to grow the energy— the amount of force it takes to grow.

Me: Grow physically?

Erik: Yeah. The rapidness. You already come in with your little personality. You already have emotional value. It’s not like you learn that in the womb. You already got it, and so it’s trying to manage those things and focus on growing the body.

Jamie: I feel like I have an old science reel playing in my head where cells divide and, you know, bump, bump, bump, and it’s on fast-forward. It’s interesting.

Me: Okay. All of this is so interesting. Thanks Erik!


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  • Ash

    Holy synchroncity, Batman! I just finished reading “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton ten minutes ago. lol The entire book answers all these questions AND MORE in much greater detail.

    • BarbaraSparks

      I was thinking the same thing about this information being exactly in line with ‘Journey of Souls’… It should be on our little suggested reading list for the CE family. It is amazing how this book supports all of Erik’s information… Not that we doubt you Erik! 🙂 It is just nice to keep hearing the same clear information – answering our most curious questions. I just had a funny image of our Professor Erik teaching a online class called SS490 – ‘Afterlife-Answering all the Most Elusive Questions’. I love this class! I know that we all appreciate the scholarship provided by Elisa to attend this class…Love you and appreciate you Elisa

  • kami hendrix

    Oooooh Elisa! You should ask him if HE decided to hop into your body as a fetus or after he popped out of your belly! Lol. Knowing him, he’d probably be like – “NO, MAN. I’M IN THIS FOR THE WHOLE RIDE!”

  • Tiffany_E

    When I went to one of Jamie’s public channelings, I believe it was Grace that said this but it might have been another spirit but she said that she was a counselor if sorts and that when u got ready to build your contract she helps your plan the details. So there are people that can help u plan. 🙂

  • Bagga

    So cool! I love it when Erik talks about a subject and it’s almost exactly as I’ve felt, yet never discussed before. Can you address karmic marks such as moles or birth defects that represent wounds or death from a life before? My youngest grandson, at a very young age pointed to his chest, at a round mole and said, “That’ where I was shot and died.” His cousin, also very young, confirmed it with, “Yes, I was there and I was sad when he died, but now we are together again.”

  • jason

    Thanks for prodding, Elisa. You got some good info out of him at the end. Are there circumstances that exist in which reincarnation is compulsory? Do all spirits have the option not to reincarnate?

  • Tiggg

    At what point does the soul lose it’s memory? We have a shield of forgetfulness (something like that). Love this stuff folks, can’t get enough of it. Thanks 🙂

  • Nancy Antia

    I’m afraid I chose too much. I don’t want to come here again. I’m scared to death in this world.

  • VXristie

    Interesting! About what Erik said on spirit become their
    parents guide. Few years ago, when I was at work, I was having a bad day and I
    felt very stressed down. I think its because of my spouse at that time. I keep
    on thinking why? Am I ugly? While my mind was full of this negative feeling.
    Suddenly I hear some noise from the dustbin basket beside me. I look inside the
    dustbin, the papers were moving. I felt weird because the office I worked always
    have their maintenance and pest control from time to time. And the office
    building was just 1-2 years new. I was curious, I searched for any cockroach or
    mouse in the dustbin. But cant find any. So I took one of the paper, crumpled,
    which I saw moving earlier. I unfold the paper. Someone’s hand-writing on the
    paper, were these words, “You are as beautiful as always”. I though maybe the paper was thrown
    by my colleague sitting beside me. she’s attractive and I think maybe someone
    send her this flirting letter and she throws it in the dustbin. And I wonder
    that it seems like I was guided by a force to check what inside the dustbin.
    And the force knows I need this boost of confidence..I do feel lighten up after that :). Fast-forward, after some
    months, I conceived, as I go through my pregnancy, I keep on remembering that
    day. Sometimes I question myself if she’s the one who guided me that day. Today’s
    erik post, confirmed that. 😉

  • Interesting to note that there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule to reincarnation. Every one of us has the choice of when, where, how, and why, and the when isn’t necessarily at conception (although it can be). We might want to hang around with our parents’ guides for a while to get to know them first or just pop in under the hospital lights. It is amazing, this miracle of life! We live on Earth assuming we are victims, but we are infinitely more powerful than that. Thanks for posting this little nugget of wisdom!

  • Nope, you never have to reincarnate if you don’t want to. No one forces you to do anything It’s all you, Baby.

    • Yes, most birthmarks come from events that have happened in past lives. The interesting question you raise in my mind is why we sometimes carry them over to the present life. Excellent question! I’ll ask Erik. Thanks for that.

    • Kim

      What if you commit suicide? Are you forced to reincarnate with the same suffering then?

  • Yes that was Grace. Have you listened to my post “Jamie Trance Channeling Grace”? It’s so awesome. Everyone here who hasn’t listened to it really needs to. It’ll show you just how amazing Jamie is. Click here:

  • Yes, these birthmarks are almost always a carry over from a past life. If you read Carol Bowman’s “Children’s Past Lives” you’ll find lots of fascination cases. But your question evokes another fascinating one that I want to ask Erik. Why do we bring these reminders over to our current one? Great question, Bagga!

  • Ooo, love that question! I’ll put it on the list. Might take a while to appear on a post, but I promise it will. Gotta lots of tapes to transcribe and several pages of already transcribed stuff in queue.

  • When you go back Home, I bet you’ll look upon this life differently. You’ll embrace it as a gift and you’ll want to do this all over again–but not without a rest first. And Santi will be with you all the way.

    • Nancy Antia

      You’re so sweet Elisa, thanks! I’m learning that yes, that’s probably the way it will be but I’m still here and I’m really scared. Maybe Santi and I and the rest of our loved ones should wait many, many earth years to be back. That’s what I’m planning to do. Hope I remember how it all went here for us once I’m there. Lately I tend to forget what I did yesterday…

  • This is definitely a message from your guide–your child– telling you you are beautiful, perfect in every way. No wonder she show you as her mother.

  • Love you, too, Barbara!

  • Guest

    Hi Elisa, could you ask Erik why during my two pregnancies, about 5-7 months, at one point in both pregnancies, I felt the room was full of tall people in white (5-7 or more people) but couldn’t see them and yet felt that they were there. Was this the one time where people gather before a spirit enters the fetus? Who are these people or beings or spirits? I’m dying to know! Can Erik be specific who they are exactly at all?

  • I can’t ask about specifics for people anymore, because I started getting hundreds of requests a week and the channeling sessions just got to be too expensive for me. (I pay everything related to the blog out of my own pocket.) But I will tell you that Erik has said that, in general, these are the guides and guardian angels for the baby’s spirit. They’re always there during reincarnation and in fact guides and guardian angels hang out with us all of our lives. You obviously have a gift for feeling their presence, at least for that moment. Children often see them when they are young, and we grownups refer to them as “imaginary friends.”

    • rozainah

      Thank you Elisa

  • Peter

    Its Nice To Know About This Kind Of Stuff! But Is Reincarnation necessary? or is it a choice?

    • Totally a choice!

      • Kim

        I have an incurable condition that there is no treatment for that makes my quality of life nearly unbearable. I’m scared to think that I don’t even have the dignity of choosing when I cannot tolerate another second without being punished with more suffering in the afterlife or with a similar incarnation. Is reincarnation still a choice in the case of suicide? In the case of euthanasia?

  • First, I’m so sorry for your suffering. You do have free will both here and there. You can craft any of your lives just the way you want. Keep reading through the archives. I really think they’ll help you.

  • Simon

    Set aside your harp. Get your deposit back for it, oh Eric on a cloud? I like that image, I can imagine him with wings and in a white toga

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