Suicide and Judgment

Since the first post is so short and the second one seems to be a good segue, I’m giving you another two-fer.

Me: How do know that you’re one of the rare people whose suicide is their predetermined exit point or one of those who are not?

Erik: There are a lot of people on Earth that kill themselves to say, “Fuck you” to a lover or “Fuck you” to a job or the government. It happens.

Me: Well, what percent of the cases is it their destiny like part of their contract as it was in your situation?

Erik: Most of them it’s in their contract, so 75% maybe. There are so many, in this nation and across the world that do it for the wrong reason.

Me: Wait, I thought you said before that 70% or so were not supposed to do it, like it wasn’t their destiny.

Erik: Yeah, you’re right. I meant the opposite. Reverse that.

He must not have had his coffee today!

I laugh.

Me: Now, this one guy says, “I feel like I’ve achieved my life’s purpose. I’m tired and I just want to go Home.” Does this sound like it’s his destiny?

Erik: Yeah. They’re done. They’re not doing it to jab someone, to rob someone of something, to say, “Fuck off.” They’ve done everything that they’ve willingly wanted to do and go check out. You know it’s sad that he doesn’t want to stick around and play. There’s so much to play with.

Me: Why do some people choose that? Why couldn’t they put in their contract to get run over by a bus? Certainly that’d be easier for their family and friends.

Erik (with just a touch of sarcasm): Yeah, that bus death is certainly better.

Jaime bursts out laughing.

Me: Yeah, I know. But what about having the contract to just have a heart attack or die in their sleep of a stroke.

Erik: No, but Mom that robs the person of having the conversation and the challenge of life and death.

Me: Ah! True.

Erik: If it’s going to be their decision, they need to sit down with it.

Me: Okay. Anything else on that?

Erik: Nah.


Me: This blog member writes, ”We can’t imagine how special and meaningful all of our lives on Earth are, even the mundane or “bad” ones. Frequently it’s all good, and yet spirits you channel seem regretful about what they learned or didn’t learn and are sometimes resentful of the people that let them down. As someone who’s made many, many mistakes in this life and let people down myself, I guess I want to know if there’s forgiveness for those of us who support others poorly, who weren’t very loving or compassionate or conscious on the individual soul level. When does that forgiveness mainly come into play at the higher level from beings closer to Source? Erik has mentioned his disappointment in classmates and friends who weren’t very honest and loving, so I imaging other spirits are the same, even when they return Home. At the same time, I think many of us did poorly out of ignorance of how to be better.” I don’t remember you complaining about those people when you passed away. Do you know what he’s saying?

Erik: Yeah. Overall, that forgiveness that you’re looking for is going to come from yourself. I mean, God Source is loving you no matter what you’re doing whether you think it’s good or whether you think it’s bad—your own judgment in your own fucked up way. You don’t get there and go, “Oh, he’s so happy I was an asshole!”

Jamie (to Erik): You should do that more often. That’s funny! It’s like old Jewish, nasally—it’s kind of bad to describe it that way, but it was really, really nasal. (Giggling) I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. Funny. “Oh, he was so happy I was an asshole.”

I chuckle.

Erik: It doesn’t work that way and it’s a spirit talking about their own regret and sorrow for how they behaved on Earth, that’s their own journey. No one here is going to go, “Eh, they didn’t do it right. They’re going to get punished.” There’s no punishment system, and then people think, “Ah, I can do whatever I fucking want. I can leave when I want; I can come when I want; I can destroy.” Nah you can’t, cuz watch, you will feel like a piece of shit for a really fucking long time.

Me: Wait. When you get over there?

Erik: Yes. The clarity you get when you arrive over here, it will fuck with your soul, man. So go ahead. Misbehave. Go against what you feel is right for you or best for you and then see how it feels when you get here.

Me: But I thought there was no space for negative emotions.

Erik: You can have them for yourself, Mom. They’re not passed around like some disease like they are on Earth, you know, “I’m going to guilt you into doing this. I’m gonna punish you for saying that.” That shit doesn’t exist here. But if you wanna feel guilty for something that you’ve done, go ahead. We’re not going to tell you that you have to feel a certain way or behave a certain way.

Me: Well it’s still a negative emotion.

Erik: Yeah, and it’s really hard to maintain that emotion here.

Me: Ah. So you’re in a lower vibrational frequency when you have those emotions over there, and when you unattach yourself, disconnect yourself from those emotions, you’re in a higher vibrational frequency?

Erik: Yeah. Yeah. Think of it as a weight lifter. You know, those big, beefy, hunky men.

Jamie and I burst out in laughter.

Me: Gross. I hate that.

Erik: They lift up those gigantic weights, you know, and they can’t hold onto them forever. So, that’s the imagery you can have for the difficulty in handling the denser vibrations in Heaven, in this higher dimensional plane. And again, higher doesn’t mean better.

Me: Exactly.

Erik: So stop, people. Stop your judgments.

Me: I love your analogies. They’re so awesome, Erik. That’s what makes you such a good teacher.

Jamie (whispering): I know! I know!

Me: Is she saying that or are you saying that?

Jamie: I said that.

Me: I thought he was breaking his arm, patting himself on the back


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  • Tiggg

    Talking about someone who feels they are ready to go home, but doesn’t want to use suicide as a free card. Can you ask the universe to conspire to help you leave?

  • Chris Scardino

    I can relate to this topic because I’ve felt that my life’s work on earth for this particular incarnation was complete by the end of the third grade. Ever since then, I’ve experienced vicious cycles of similar situations over and over. I feel like I’m forcing myself to get through each day. Even good days end up feeling mundane because I know it’s all temporary and I cannot help but take almost every situation with a grain of salt.

  • cristina

    Great one Erik 🙂 But the judgement thing… It may be not as black and white … More like gray …. Well …. Waiting for me to learn more things … Maybe in the end I completely understand 🙂 and agree 🙂

  • Janet

    I’ve felt I’m not long for this planet and have thought about suicide. I would like to stay and finish up what I need to finish up but I need guidance. Thank you for your help Erik and mom.

    • You really need to talk to Erik through Jamie in one of those small group calls. Go to personal growth in her site Also be sure you have suicide hotline numbers, local and national, available in case you feel you’re in danger of taking your own life.

  • justme333

    My husbands really good friend recently committed suicide out of the blue. I have been trying to explain to him how some people just can’t bear the pain of whatever they’re going through; that they can’t see that “tomorrow is another day” and maybe it can be better. The darkness they feel is all around them and they cant see past it . Unless youve been there its hard to understand and that’s where my husband stops listening…he’s angry, actually. He wants to know why didn’t he tell him…he could have stopped him. I think he probably did but my husband didn’t “hear” him…so any ways, how can I explain this in a way where my husband has atleast understanding of it; and stops being angry. I know we are all capable of it, since I’ve been in that darkness myself (thankfully my contract said I have to fullfill it to the very end) but it is not for anyone to judge the “whys” of it…but instead to find the understanding and the lessons involved in such a happening. How do I explain it rather than stumble around for an answer. Thanks for any help you can give. Peace…
    Ps I’ve been asking for a dream visit from eric but I guess he’s busy a lot these days.

    • He’s not big on dream visits. Look for pranks and signs, even subtle ones.

  • Nancy Antia

    I’m perplexed, Elisa and I beg you to please explain to me something that really hurts my feelings. I won’t refer to suicide or judgement at all. What puzzles me is nobody is held accountable of their deeds in heaven. I’ll put an example taken from real life to make myself understood: A Catholic priest rapes a 14 year old innocent boy and never goes to jail. He’s sent away to some other city. (he’s raped other young boys at school and the priests know it so well!). Later in life that same boy is murdered by a guy who’s a total stranger. Again the offender is not punished because the police doesn’t even care about the case. The murderer may be living a happy, joyful life on earth right now. The same applies to the priest. Needless to say, both of them continue with their criminal life styles in the shadows. Finally, when these two get to the heavens, it’s up to them to get rid of their guilt or whatever negative feelings they might have about themselves. Once they’ve lifted the burden from their souls, they live forever happy in the higher realms. End of story. This is what I understood from this post and other similar ones. I hope I’m mistaken or missed some very important part of the information because this is just unbelievable. The nagging question I ask myself day and night non stop is what’s the use of spiritual evolution, planetary ascension, being loving to all mankind and all creatures, working hard, etc if in the end it’s all a matter of learning how to get rid of your uncomfortable negative feelings in the afterlife and you’re ready to come back again and you can go on raping and murdering. I keep remembering what Jack the Stripper said to us. He said he did it all in the name of science! He still believes it, hasn’t changed at all!

    I do hope you understand I’m not angry or against what Erik says in any way. I’m forever grateful to have him, you and Jamie in my life and be part of this wonderful community. Thanks for reading me!

  • Callies’ Pet Human

    I also feel like I am tired and want to go home. This world holds little interest for me. However, I feel I am also here to do something (what it is, I don’t know.) I have had psychic readings and have been told that I came here for others, not myself, this time around. So while I could leave by my own hand if I wanted, that would be strictly a service to self and I would lose the opportunity to serve others. So I stay. I have the feeling that if I somehow complete whatever it is, I will advance my soul in a big way. By serving others, I also serve myself – sounds like the ice cream freezer at a convenience store. 🙂 Make mine a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich! Might as well be comfortable while I’m waiting….

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