What’s a Dimension?

Me: Can you define a dimension? How many are there? How are they created? Also, can we change them with our collective thought? I figured there are infinite number of dimensions, right?

Erik: There are.

Me: So, how are they created?

Erik: They’re defined by perception. They’re not created. They exist. That’s like energy. It’s not created. It exists. But they can be manipulated and their shapes can be changed to create what it needs to.

Me: What it needs to? What do you mean?

Erik: Well, let’s say a tree dies and the soul of the tree needs a place to go, but it’s going to go to a dog or a worm or a person. So it changes and morphs. Or let’s say a person injures himself. The energy is manipulated to hold that injury.

Me: To hold that injury? What do you mean?

Hmm. That sentence seems to be a definite repeat for me, foreshadowing an eventual mental collapse.

Erik: Well, like you break a bone or something, you know?

Me: Why would you want to hold onto that?

Erik: Cuz that’s how people believe it works, Mom.

Me: Oh, I see! Okay. What does this have to do with dimensions, though?

Erik: Oh, because it’s the same way. Dimensions exist just like energy. You don’t create them really, but it’s all about how you perceive them. That’s the only way that we can define shit.

Me: So basically it’s the whole “thought creates reality” thing, right?

Erik: Yes.


Me: Okay. (I make cricket sounds.)

Jamie: He’s talking about an intangible. He’s talking about a perception.

Erik: A dimension is a perception. It’s defined by how we view it and measure it, so already it’s fucked because we’re trying to define it and measure it by human experience. How are you going to describe something that you yourself can’t see, touch or understand? You’d be able to comprehend the definition. It makes no sense to you. You’re going down a wormhole. All you can say really is that you can’t create a dimension. It already exists. Your perception of it is what defines it for yourself.

Haven’t we made this point a few times?

Me: Does dimension have consciousness?

Erik: No. No, it’s a way that it holds energy.

Me: Oh.

Ha. I say that like a really understand. Sigh.

Erik: Think about a matrix or a grid or you can think of something simple like a highway.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: It’s not confined to gravity. You can drive under the highway; you can drive on top of the highway; you can drive inside of the highway, in the highway. You can drive over it. You can circulate it (??)

Me: Wow!

Erik: So, if your belief system is that you can only drive on the highway because you’re still signing up to this weird idea of gravity, then your dimensions are going to be really limited. It also depends on how big your eye is. How big is your body?  How small is your body? When you’re small and on the highway. Your fucking dimensional plane is extremely different.

Me: Yeah! Okay, to sum it up, our perceptions creates our dimensions, and the dimensions hold the energy that you give it?

Erik: It doesn’t create it; it defines it.

Me: Defines it, yeah. And your dimension depends on what energy you give it?

I’m kind of slow today.

Jamie mumbles my last sentence to herself.

Me: I guess perception is thought and thought is a form of energy. I don’t know. I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m already confusing myself.

(Long pause. No help from anyone here.)

Me: So basically energy is defined by how we perceive it. I mean dimensions, dimensions. And a dimension is energy and our thoughts, they are our perceptions.

Erik: Yes.

I know he must be laughing at my pathetic puzzlement.

Me: All right.

Phew. We got through that one!

As I type up this post I realize I don’t understand it one f%#$ing bit. Repeat sigh.



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