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News update: I ended up on the nightly news on two stations and boy did I look dorky. Look up Channel 2 and Channel 13, both in Houston. I can’t remember whether it was the 4, 5, 6, 9 or 10 o’clock news. The Department of Justice made the charges public: espionage (the dude’s a freaking Chinese spy,) stealing and selling corporate secrets to a Chinese manufacturing company and the Chinese Liberation Army, money laundering and embezzlement. Since apparently the house was purchased with embezzled or laundered money, it will be seized by the government. And do you think they’re going to mow the lawn? No! So all the neighbors have to pitch in the money to have it done. Not to mention it’ll be vacant for years, possibly. That’s really bad for our sweet little street. Collateral damage. More parking spots for our CE get togethers, though. 

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Enjoy today’s best of Erik!

Me: Someone asks this question, “What is Erik saying about food in Heaven and food in the physical plane? Is food in Heaven bland? I thought if colors in Heaven are more vibrant there that the food would be tastier.”

Erik: Now, c’mon. The taste is way more incredible in Heaven, but it’s not as if we’re fixing a plate of food, and we’re cutting it up, and we’re putting it in our mouths. It’s just not the way it goes. We don’t really need meals.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, if you want a reminiscence—

Jamie stumbles horribly over the word, so Erik teases her.

Jamie (to Erik): Just shut up.

Me: I don’t know how to say these things half the time either.

Jamie (in a sulky tone): He’s teasing me!

Erik: If you want a reminiscence of the food you had on Earth, you can create that if you’d like: macaroni and cheese, pizza, and it taste like you recall it, but we do have tastes here that are not associated with the tastes on Earth. There’s more of an electric taste.

Me: Hm!

Erik: Like, um, not really a metallic, but an electric taste, and—

Me: What do you mean?


Me (giggling): Like sticking your tongue in an electric socket or what? That doesn’t sound very tasty at all!

Erik (laughing): Yeah, the human body won’t handle that very well. No, when the flavor comes into the body, because most of what spirits do is they digest the energy that’s around them. It’s not about sitting down and eating and nurturing the body, because we don’t have a physical body. We have a spiritual one—and energetic body. We use and consume energy, and it can be done in different ways. It can be emotional energy, environmental energy, or, you know, you can pretend you’re living on Earth again and pretend to eat food to have energy.

Me: Okay. How interesting.

Erik: But the way the energy moves through the body is much like how electricity does. It has a conduit. Let’s pretend like if it touches your tongue you can feel it in your toes. The energy moves through your body, and you can feel it almost like an electrical current. It has different sensation to it.

Me: Okay. Now, this blog member goes on to ask another question. This may be early on when you didn’t know how to create tastes and sensations and textures in your mouth right after your transition, Erik. Are you saying you miss having a full gut or stomach, because the sensation of, well, almost pain from a full gut can’t be experienced there? He or she says, “I’m confused. I only ask, because I love food, especially a double-double animal style burger from In and Out!”

Jamie belly laughs.

Me: But Erik, you can create that sensation of a full stomach, right? You can create any sensation you want, even belly pain.

Erik: Hell, yeah.

Me: So, there are tastes there in Heaven just like there’s colors in Heaven that do not exist here on Earth.

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. I’d hate to think that the food in Heaven is not as tasty as it is here! That’s what I told the blog member. I said you can create any taste you want. And with that you can add the texture, the smell, the visual, the associated emotions and memories, and you can feel it throughout your entire energetic body.

Erik: Yay, Mom. You remember me telling you that before!

Me: Oh, really? We’ve already talked about what I just said?

Erik: That taste here has many layers. Yep. And the spirit in your energy field can experience it, too. Any spirit right next to you, I mean.

Me: Without those pesky calories.

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  • kathy

    My good friend and neighbor just passed away on May 13th age 80. She was a excellent cook and loved food. She was so restricted before she died that she hoped that she could eat her favorite foods and have a Bud Beer where she was going next. I wondered if she was enjoying her food now where she is and cooking again. Thank you Erik for the information.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    That means we can enjoy a meal with our loved ones when we get there!

  • Elisa

    Hi Elisa and Erik,

    I was wondering if I could put across some requests…

    But first I wanted to say that I visit your blog or watch your youtube videos pretty regularly and have so since Prince died last year (which is how I was introduced to Channeling Erik). I get a lot of comfort and encouragement from the work that all of you at Channeling Erik do! …I recently read what Erik said about “Rejection and Humiliation” and it rang true for me, whilst also being what I needed to hear!! …It can be so hard to find good guidance here – on earth!! And your blog is so valuable for this reason, and also for the sense that I am not alone here. I also told my psychologist (I have had problems with social anxiety in the past and still have some difficulty fitting in easily with the average person -brain doesn’t seem to work quite the same way!) about your blog and how helpful I find it. How I would feel much more alone otherwise (not so much support from family, unfortunately). …So, again, I just wanted to say a REALLY big thank you, on a sincere, heartfelt level!! …That, and the fact that I don’t believe I need proof that Erik and Channeling Erik is for real, and this is purely because it FEELS real – realer than “reality”, if you like. …Maybe that is what is meant by “super- natural”…

    Now to some questions I thought could be cool to get Erik to answer, if you have the time (sure you are inundated)…

    – was wondering if a police sketch artist could sit with some of your mediums, to sketch channeled personalities who existed during ancient times; people like Jesus and Mary

    – could Erik bring in animals, like house cats, pet dogs, elephants, tigers, whales and also zoo animals…? -To hear what their experiences on earth and of humans are like. Zoo animals, and even factory farmed animals -though this could be really hard to hear (I hate factory farming).

    – also, could Erik talk about Spiritual Emergencies, or when usually young people have a crisis where they get some spiritual insight but it also tends to come with a psychological crisis (and some actually supposedly are “flooded by their unconscious” and experience a cracking up of their mind that they can’t or struggle to undo)

    And again, just Thanks for doing what you do!

    • Okay, I’ll put these great topics on the list. Might take a while since the list is long. I probably won’t get a police sketch artist because that’s probably expensive.

      • Elisa

        Thanks so much!

    • Lorri Lewis

      The factory farm animal situation is heart breaking. You have to wonder what kind of people could own such a thing.

  • Wow! It looks like your clairvoyant. I’m glad Erik is helping you and making you smile! I’d love it if you’d copy and paste this as an Erik Encounter. Just click on the “Share Your Story” on the righthand sidebar of the homepage. You have to scroll down to see it.

  • Lorri Lewis

    I watched the news video and you did not look dorky!

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