How Food Tastes in the Afterlife

Yesterday was an exciting day at the Medhus household. My sister, Laura, was all alone in my house watching television when she heard someone jiggling a key to open the front door. She figured it was just one of my kids coming in to do their wash. Then she heard footsteps, but not the usual, “Hello, Aunt Laura.” She peered around the stairway to see the door wide open, none of my kids in sight. Of course, she ran outside and called her husband. When I arrived moments later, I called the police. They said the neighborhood had been plagued with burglaries of this nature recently, especially when no cars are seen in the garage or driveway, true in our case. They searched every room and outside, then told us it appeared only one room upstairs had been burglarized. It looked like a girl’s room. I reassured them that the bedroom belonged to my teenaged daughter and that she usually had clothes strewn all over the floor, so yes, if a room that appeared to be carpet-bombed was the same as one that had been burglarized, I was not surprised by their conclusion. It usually looks like Victoria secret vomited all over her room.

I spoke to Erik that day and he said that it was one man on foot. He fled because he wasn’t expecting a person to be inside the house and intended to go inside, take a few things, then leave. Apparently he used a $2.00 “bump key”. You can order these online, and it’ll get you into any house unless you have a high security lock. Needless to say, we changed our lock to one of those.

Okay, enough of that. Let’s see what Erik has to say about palatal delights in the ethers.

Me: Someone asks this question, “What is Erik saying about food in Heaven and food in the physical plane? Is food in Heaven bland? I thought if colors in Heaven are more vibrant there that the food would be tastier.”

Erik: Now, c’mon. The taste is way more incredible in Heaven, but it’s not as if we’re fixing a plate of food, and we’re cutting it up, and we’re putting it in our mouths. It’s just not the way it goes. We don’t really need meals.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, if you want a reminiscence—

Jamie stumbles horribly over the word, so Erik teases her.

Jamie (to Erik): Just shut up.

Me: I don’t know how to say these things half the time either.

Jamie (in a sulky tone): He’s teasing me!

Erik: If you want a reminiscence of the food you had on Earth, you can create that if you’d like: macaroni and cheese, pizza, and it taste like you recall it, but we do have tastes here that are not associated with the tastes on Earth. There’s more of an electric taste.

Me: Hm!

Erik: Like, um, not really a metallic, but an electric taste, and—

Me: What do you mean?


Me (giggling): Like sticking your tongue in an electric socket or what? That doesn’t sound very tasty at all!

Erik (laughing): Yeah, the human body won’t handle that very well. No, when the flavor comes into the body, because most of what spirits do is they digest the energy that’s around them. It’s not about sitting down and eating and nurturing the body, because we don’t have a physical body. We have a spiritual one—and energetic body. We use and consume energy, and it can be done in different ways. It can be emotional energy, environmental energy, or, you know, you can pretend you’re living on Earth again and pretend to eat food to have energy.

Me: Okay. How interesting.

Erik: But the way the energy moves through the body is much like how electricity does. It has a conduit. Let’s pretend like if it touches your tongue you can feel it in your toes. The energy moves through your body, and you can feel it almost like an electrical current. It has different sensation to it.

Me: Okay. Now, this blog member goes on to ask another question. This may be early on when you didn’t know how to create tastes and sensations and textures in your mouth right after your transition, Erik. Are you saying you miss having a full gut or stomach, because the sensation of, well, almost pain from a full gut can’t be experienced there? He or she says, “I’m confused. I only ask, because I love food, especially a double-double animal style burger from In and Out!”

Jamie belly laughs.

Me: But Erik, you can create that sensation of a full stomach, right? You can create any sensation you want, even belly pain.

Erik: Hell, yeah.  

Me: So, there are tastes there in Heaven just like there’s colors in Heaven that do not exist here on Earth.

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. I’d hate to think that the food in Heaven is not as tasty as it is here! That’s what I told the blog member. I said you can create any taste you want. And with that you can add the texture, the smell, the visual, the associated emotions and memories, and you can feel it throughout your entire energetic body.

Erik: Yay, Mom. You remember me telling you that before!

Me: Oh, really? We’ve already talked about what I just said?

Erik: That taste here has many layers. Yep. And the spirit in your energy field can experience it, too. Any spirit right next to you, I mean.

Me: Without those pesky calories.



I have a quick question: Do any of you know of a good past life regressionist somewhere in or near Houston? It can be anywhere in Texas if need be.


Before we close, I’d like to share this Abraham/Hicks YouTube entitled “From Grief to Joy.” If you still mourn the loss of a loved one, it’s worth watching. I did and ordered the DVD on Amazon afterwards.This is just an excerpt.


Thanks so much for all your support for the 2013 Bloggies, guys. It really means a lot. Muuaaaah!




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