Tech Zombies, Part Four

Yesterday, we did several things, but the highlights were off-roading in Monument Valley and going to the place where Forrest Gump stopped running and turned around to go home. Check this out:

Here are two videos, one with us being trapped on all sides by a flash flood.

Flash Flood

Monument Valley

Check out last Thursday’s radio show HERE. Erik covers both body image issues and (much to Kim’s embarrassment and dismay,) tantra. 

Here’s Part Four in our Tech Zombie series. Be sure you book a session with medium, Michelle St. Clair, before she books up too much by clicking HERE.

Elisa: Ok. Alright. That’s good. What is the future? Wait. How emotionally can we do that? To ask us to go to 30 minutes to an hour, how can we do that? That just seems like such a steep hill to climb.

Erik (M): Ok Mom, for a normal family… let me break it down like this. For example, you get home at 5 from work, you gotta cook dinner for your family right? So ow it’s 6 o’clock. You sit down to eat with your family, now it’s 7 o’clock. You gotta clean up your dinner mess, now it’s 8 o’clock. You gotta make sure the kids get their teeth brushed and all that homework’s done. So you sit down with them to review their homework. Get them ready for bed, spend the time with your child. It’s 9 o’clock, that child’s in bed. Now you have about an hour before it’s probably time for you to go to bed for work the next morning.

Elisa: Ok. Alright.

Erik (M): When you break it down, it’s not so scary.

Elisa: But the key is to like, while you’re cooking, get your kids off their phone and have them help you cook, and engage in conversation. If their too little…hey sit in the chair and while I’m cooking, let’s talk about such and such, or let me tell you about a story when I was a kid, or things like that.

Erik (M): Ya.

Elisa: We never even share each other’s past. Well, I do actually, with my grandkids, tell stories about when their Mom was little or … kids are growing up not really knowing about their parents past.

Erik (M): Kids are growing up not knowing about anything that has to do with history, period!

Elisa: That’s right! It’s really alarming when you ask a high school student, where is Europe, and they’re like, I dunno. (Makes the- I dunno face with shoulder shrug.) “Oh…is Europe a country?”

Erik (M): Exactly. It is actually dumbing people down.

Elisa: This seems like it could, do the opposite because there is a lot of information on the internet.

Erik (M): (Michelle tries to mimic Erik’s gesture as he responds.) “It’s to enslave you.”

***Sincere apology from Michelle while transcribing this for coughing, how embarrassing.***

Elisa: Yeah, I know. Well, I don’t know. I mostly use internet to find out information. More than I do social media. And I think kids today mostly use it for social media and not to educate themselves. Maybe. Maybe I’m wrong.

Erik (M): And gaming.

Elisa: And gaming yeah.

Erik (M): You get lost in the worlds of gaming and they’ll be there for hours, all the way into adulthood.

Elisa: Oh yeah. That’s right. My kids have never really been super interested in that. Thank God. So tell me about the future of technology, what’s going to happen?

Erik (M): It’s going to be a while but technology, they will realize doesn’t save people time. It costs people time. They’ll start scaling back and re-working (?) technology to be more plant friendly and people friendly.

Elisa: ok. And can you give me some specifics?

Elisa: Uh, poor you! Do you have a cold?

Michelle: I have a summer cold from allergies.

Elisa: Yeah, that’ll do it. Yeah.

Michelle: I took some Allegra but it’s just not happened yet. My eyes are still watering.

Erik (M): Examples would be to move to a more green way of powering, electricity. Unfortunately he does not see the whole ‘free energy’ coming.

Elisa: For a long time. No I’m talking about for the Tech Zombie type avenue. Where is that going? What’s the future of that? TV, social media….I’m sorry what?

Erik (M): That’s actually pretty scary because now they can monitor anybody and everybody from almost any access point in their home.

Elisa: You mean the government?

Erik (M): The government, companies that wanna pay the biggest amount of money or people that wanna pay. There’s really not a limit.

Elisa: Other countries.

Erik (M): There’s really not a limit. Because once you have that information out there on the wire and access to the wire, you’ve created a doorway for people.

Elisa: Will we ever invent a way to protect that, us from people taking information?

Erik (M): Yes we will and then there will be somebody that will figure that out.

Elisa: Ok, so will we ever have a permanent fix for that?

Erik (M): The permanent fix is to not have any of it in your home.

Elisa: Oh gawd, that’s not gonna happen. What else about the future of our being Tech Zombies?

Erik (M): It can go one way or the other. That whole free will thing, unfortunately has a lot to do with it.

Elisa: Oh yeah, yeah.

Erik (M): Part of what he wanted to talk about this for is too hopefully … at least with the blog members and things like that… is to wake them up and get them thinking about how it really effects their life.

Elisa: Yeah, I don’t like that rifts in the dimension thing, it’s kind of like, freaky.

Erik (M): That’s not going to hurt ya.

Elisa: OK

Erik (M): He sees it more of a, not like you’re gonna fall off a cliff kind of danger, not that kind of danger. The danger is losing the connection with your family, your friends…

Elisa: And yourself!

Erik (M): Yourself! Exactly!

Elisa: You don’t have time, spend any time for self-reflection.

Erik (M): No.

Elisa: To sort of, I spend a lot of time in my own mind. Just sort of taking inventory of my inner environment. What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right? What do I need to address? Things like that and people don’t really, kids I don’t think, people who are addicted to technology, don’t really do that anymore.

Erik (M): He just hopes that everybody… The only thing an individual can do is in their own space, is in their own actions. He really wants people to actually take a look at … ask yourself, if you were to lose complete power right now, could you survive?

Elisa: Yeah

Erik (M): And if the answer to that is no, what’s your back up plan? You might want to start thinking about that because in the process of doing that, I don’t care if it’s writing… getting an old fashion phone book and writing your familys, friends phone numbers in there.

Elisa: Yeah, oh yeah.

Erik (M): If their cell phone dies, they don’t have to be like, oh my gosh, I don’t know their number!

Elisa: Yeah. Of course, their phones probably won’t work.

Erik (M): True. They don’t even have regular landlines anymore. Everything’s run through cable system.

Elisa: That’s true, that’s true.

Michelle: If the cable goes out, your phone goes out.

Elisa: So we go back to a very simple life. Which sometimes sounds kind of nice. To me.

Erik (M): There’s nothing wrong with simple.

Elisa: So really, we should every day, spend time connecting to our loved ones, connecting to nature, and connecting to self.

Erik (M): Exactly.

Elisa: Put that on ya’lls To-Do list. But that one hour, 30 minutes to an hour, you have for technology, you can use for reading the Channeling Erik Blog and our YouTube, our YouTube videos. And that’s it. I’m kidding.

Michelle: He says he touches on it a lot with all of the people that translate for him.

Erik (M): Kim talks about it a lot too. Be present. In your moment. You don’t realize how important that is.

Elisa: Uh, Yeah. Because when we are doing social media or browsing, looking up things on the internet, I guess we’re not present are we. Where are we? Are we in the future?

Erik (M): You’re sending your energy all … Mom, when people do that they’re sending their energy all over the place.

Elisa: Oh yeah, Oh ok.

Erik (M): You need time to bring that energy back to you so that you can be a whole person and you can give to other people.

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  • Patrick

    “Free energy” is coming. I will make certain it continues to happen. It’s not “free” (zero cost) but yes five important things:

    1. Fuel free
    2. Significantly lower cost to the consumer (about half of current prices, I calculate)
    3. Zero operationing emissions
    4. No moving parts for generation
    5. No reliability challenges with & from rotating parts and the maintenance required for them.

    How fast it’s adopted will depend entirely on preference & demand.

  • Jennifer Shin

    Hi Elisa! I’ve watched so many of your videos I feel like we, Eric and your mediums are all already friends. 🙂 I wanted to see if you guys could have a session about the proper view of work. I love/hate my work, because it is mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion. I feel like I never get enough done in the day. I finally realized that I believe I am intellectually inferior to my peers and have to work doubly hard than they do just to keep up. How can I enjoy my work without this haunting feeling of my inferiority creeping up on me?

    Thank you for all the amazing work you do. You guys lift me up and always bring a smile to my face.

    <3, Jennifer.

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