Tech Zombies, Part Two

We just got back from the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. It was thunder storming in the area, but I asked Erik to keep us dry and he did. The views there are breathtaking, and the temperature was very pleasant. Now, we’re back at the campsite catching up on work. I will be on the road this Thursday, but Kim will host the radio show on her own. The topic: Body Image Issues and Tantra. It’s at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

Here’s the second in our Tech Zombie series. Remember to check out medium, Michelle St. Clair, HERE!

Erik (M): It’s really important that people get out and absorb the natural energies of nature, of the Earth itself. Turn off your cell phones. Turn off your televisions. Turn off your computers. I talked about this with Robert too. Get out there and play. It’s creating a bad situation.

Elisa: What are the long term spiritual effects?

Erik (M): There is no real long term spiritual effects. However, what it is doing with all (Michelle asks Erik to slow down.)

Elisa: He’s on a rant! He’s on a rant now!

Michelle: Maybe I’m just slow and it’s hard for me to…

Elisa: No. No. Everybody has trouble when he talks about something that he’s really passionate about. He goes really fast.

Erik (M): All this technology is also creating … (Michelle pauses and says: okay that’s weird Erik) rips in the dimensions.

Elisa: What?! Really?

Erik (M): It’s all this artificial energy, it isn’t natural healthy energy. (Michelle looks confused. LOL) Yeah. Rips in the dimensions. People are seeing…some people call it the Mandella Effect.

Elisa: oh okay.

Erik (M): But it’s rips in the dimensions.

Michelle: I don’t understand the whole dimension so this might be hard for me to translate.

Elisa: Is that the Mandella effect, is that like some people remember the Berenstain Bears childrens book and some people remember it as the Berensteins Book?

Erik (M): Yeah, that’s one of the things people are using to recognize that.

Elisa: Ok. So that’s caused by all this unnatural tech energy?

Erik (M): Partly yeah. It’s causing … (he’s doing this thing with his arms)

Elisa: Erik, what are you doing?

Elisa: Interpretive dancing, that’s what he’s doing.

Michelle: Exactly, interpretive dance. (Laughing) He’s not giving me ictures, he’s giving me interpretive dance.

Elisa: Like on Napoleon Dynamite.

Erik (M): It creates a rift in that dimension. It’s easier to move in between unintentionally.

Elisa: So what does that look like? People can go between dimensions? In through these rifts into other dimensions? Is that what you’re saying Erik?

Erik (M): It’s the same reality but a different dimension.

Elisa: Ok. So what does that feel like? What does it look like?

Michelle: That’s what he was trying to do this arm thing and I’m not getting it. I don’t understand it.

Elisa: Use your words Erik!

Erik (M): It’s hard to put into words that humans can understand because we are only able to see basically in 3D.

Elisa: Yeah. Well, try you best. Try your best. Dumb it down for us.

Michelle: He’s trying.

Erik (M): If you’ve got this area, this space, in a dimension, in a level that we can’t see…it’s kind of like a doorway but it’s not a doorway.

Michelle: I’m sorry. I’m not following him.

Erik (M): It’s a doorway but not a doorway that we can’t see.

Elisa: Ok. So what happens if we accidentally do through that doorway?

Erik (M): That’s the thing. It’s not a permanent thing. It’s like a pass through. It’s not like you’re walking INTO the other dimension, you quickly pass through it.

Elisa: Yeah. Ok. Pass through it. Ok.

Erik (M): It’s bizarre, but… all of the electronic technology that we’re using…. But some people will notice it and walk around it.

Elisa: What will they notice?

Erik (M): Like an internal knowing. They will notice it. They might not know what they’re noticing but they will avoid it.

Elisa: Ok, if I were to walk into another dimension right now, through one of those rifts, what would I see?

Erik (M): You would see really, exactly what you would see in this one. It’s kind of like a parallel.

Elisa: Accept for maybe the Mandella Effect going on…ok.

Erik (M): Yes

Elisa: But would it feel different? Smell different? Sound different?

Erik (M): No.

Elisa: What’s the danger in it? If we keep making these rifts?

Erik (M): The fact that you’re not staying in it, you’re just like a walk through introduction and you’re right back in your own. Imagine (Michelle: He’s trying to explain it so it’s understandable.) Ok, imagine you got this cloth, this fabric. That is the dimension you’re in. In this fabric, a piece of thread gets pulled loose and a loop comes up on that fabric. You walk through that, under that loop, you’re getting some of this dimension over here (hand gesture showing beneath the imagined fabric.)

Elisa: Oh I see. Is the cloth the actual dimension? Or the boundary of the dimension?

Erik (M): Yes. No look at it like….Either one works Mom.

Elisa: ok fine.

Erik (M): But it’s only that split second that you’re walking through that loop, because you’re still on the same dimension but that loop is pulled up enough … does that make sense?

Elisa: I got ya.

Elisa: Yeah, I love your metaphors Erik! They’re so awesome.

Erik (M): It’s not really like you’re walking into another dimension…you’re walking into another dimension but only for that split second.

Elisa: Yeah. Exactly. Gotcha. Only while you’re right under the loop.

Erik (M): Right. Exactly.

Elisa: Ok. Now, what happens if we keep making these loops, and these rifts and stuff? Is there any danger in that?

Erik (M): Well, technology is actually a good thing except for its being taken in the wrong directions.

Michelle: I’m gonna tell you he’s been introducing me to some pretty strange stuff lately.

Elisa: Uh, oh!

Michelle: Well I shouldn’t say strange, it’s really not strange. It’s just new to me. He’s introducing me to a lot of new things.

Elisa: Is he a bad influence on you? No. I’m kidding.

Erik (M): A lot of the technology we have today… for example, the nuclear, that’s reverse engineered from a UFO crash from 1941, here in Missouri. South of Cape Girardeau. They don’t have the mental capacity to understand what its original intention or its original use was.

Elisa: Ok.

Elisa: Oooo. Ok.

Elisa: OoooWow!

Elisa: Who’s they? Humans?

Erik (M): Humans.

Elisa: Ok. Got it. Just wanted to make sure.

Onward to Lake Powell tomorrow!

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  • Edgar Anselm

    I am so impressed with how accurate Erik and the channelers are – I’ve heard that exact tidbit about the 1941 crash from other reliable sources like Linda Moulton Howe.

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro

    This could be an explanation of a really weird thing that happened me some 30 years ago, when watching the tv.

    It was august, I was watching a summer friendly soccer game.

    The game was eventually won 3-1 by Inter Soccer club.

    Then later on, the commenters were commenting about the 2-1 victory. I supposed they was wrong, but they insisted. The following graphics showed 2-1.
    I felt literally as being in another wolrd. This simply could not be. I clearly remember the third goal, scored by Antonio Schillaci.

    Alas, the videos of this negligible match played some 30 years ago are lost for good, and I will never be able to solve this little mystery.

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