Technology Addict?

Of course there will be naysayers who try to debunk this, but this theory about Malaysian Airline incident sure does align with what Erik has said. Sadly, we may never know the truth where humans are concerned. I have my truth from Erik.


Here’s something else that seems to support what Erik says. This is just one of the articles I’ve received about the rising tide of consensus for the benefits of hemp oil, cannabinoids, and THC.


One last thing: Don’t forget the online class on psychokinesis tomorrow! I can’t wait to learn how to bend stuff just because it makes such a cool party trick! Join HERE.

So many of us can’t keep our ears away from our smartphones, our fingertips off of keyboards, and our noses from Facebook. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Check it out.

Me: Okay. Technology addiction is a big thing now. Why do we have that other than the obvious fact that we have that technology available, and is it bad or good? (Pause) Or neutral.


Jamie: So, technology?

Me: Yeah.

(Long pause)

Erik: You mean you want to know if technology is bad?

Me: Well, yeah. I guess let’s start with this: Why are we addicted to it? We don’t have to be. We can still use it without it just taking over our lives, cocooning us from one another, all these games and stuff that keep kids from playing outside and do other things that kids should do.

Erik: Candy crush.

Me: What is that?

Erik: Don’t find out, Mom. It’s highly addictive.

Me: Oh. What is it? Is it a game?

Jamie: It’s a game, I guess.

Me: I don’t do games. No.

Erik: I think, innately, like in the bottom of the soul, it recognizes this technology as being similar to the telepathic skills we used to have.

Me: Okay.

My ever-witty contribution. I’m so proud.

Erik: Like what Facebook can do, emails can do. Bling. You send it; they get it, and you can communicate back and forth. We used to have that shit going on. Now, we don’t, because we’ve trained ourselves out of it. Somewhere, there’s an attraction to it. It makes it easier. It makes it so that people don’t have to be emotionally responsible.

Me: Ooo. Yeah!

Erik: You know, if they do the texts, the emails, Facebook, they don’t have to connect with that person’s energy and say, “Yeah, I did this, and it was exciting, and I’m sorry I didn’t invite you.” They can just post [unintelligible] it happened spontaneously.

Me: Well, why now? Are you saying that, regardless of when, we would always have had this addiction if the technology was available? A hundred years ago, if we had all of this technology, would we have tried to use it to avoid emotional responsibility?

Erik: Right. It’s like a wicked pacifier that people are sucking on.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Nothing is going to beat emotionally honest connections, one-on-one, without the phone, without texting, without emails, just straight with it one-on-one.

Me: Yeah. People don’t do that much anymore.

Erik: No, they don’t, but it’s nice; you’re going to start seeing technology respond emotionally.

Me: Cool! Tell me more about that!

Erik: They’re already coming out with programs where the voice uses emotional cues; it’s reading retinas, how dilated your pupils are. It’s reading your temperature, too. So, it’s being programmed to identify what emotion you’re experiencing because of how your body is responding. Then it will say to you, “I can tell you’re upset. Please explain why.” You then address how you feel. All of that is so going to be a fucking reality. Just get used to that, but it’s still not going to beat that person-to-person interaction.

Me: Yeah, but at least that’s a move in the other direction. I remember a time when the neighbors would knock on the door and would stay for a cup of coffee and talk. Kids would play together outside until dusk. It’s amazing that that’s all gone.

Erik: All gone.

Me: Is there a reason why we got to this point, or is it just that someone wanted to invent something, and the rest is history? In other words, is there a spiritual reason why we are evolving this way?


Erik: I think the spiritual reason is to get people used to being able to communicate more quickly so that it does become a belief and a reality, and then, when we fine tune our physical bodies to be similar to the computers, that’s when our healing happens spontaneously. We can comprehend it. Cuz right now, we’re trained to think that if we have some kind of emotional damage, it might take two or three years to work it out in therapy. The reality is that you can actually work through that shit in a day!

Me: Wait. So, what does technology have to do with that? I don’t understand.

Erik: Well, technology is helping us see that the speed of our communication, our reaction, is almost instantaneous like when we send a text, Mom, we don’t have to wait like when we used to mail things. It’s not like we have to wait three days for them to get it. It’s arriving as soon as we push “send.”

Me: Right.

Erik: So, it’s at least helping us understand that there can be a quick response and that we do have control over the fact that we do something, it’s done.

Me: We can learn how to respond emotionally? Where does the emotional part come in?

Erik: When we learn our enlightened bodies, how to use them like telepathic skills, self-healing, being aware of subtle energies, then when we make a change, we see that it happens the moment we make that change.

Me: Okay.

Erik: We don’t have to start believing in it or take three days or three years for that change to hold in place.

Me: That’s awesome.

Erik: How about long-distance healing? In many other cultures long ago, it was very possible. People had that in their faith and their beliefs. They knew it could happen.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: But then it completely died out, and now it’s trying to come back to life, and people think it’s fucking nuts! But you can be in Michigan and heal someone in Texas. They don’t have to be in front of you.

Me: Yeah, when people were talking about the telephone, they thought it was crazy! They couldn’t imagine that a person in Michigan could talk to someone in Texas. They thought that was absurd.


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  • Jaime Baxter

    love it! i was trying to explain yesterday how the internet is like a training ground for grasping and adjusting to psychic communication 🙂

  • cristina

    Candy crush is a facebook game – i heard is very addictive 😛 My addiction was/is a similar one, on facebook 😛

  • Sue

    Erik, would you please discuss the difference between hemp seed oil (available in health food stores in the U.S.) and hemp oil? Is there a health benefit from using hemp seed oil on a regular basis as a preventative measure against chronic disease? Thank you.

  • Deborah Underwood

    I’m still not receiving the emails.

    • Try resubscribing. Anyone else having trouble? I’m getting mine.

      • Deb

        Yay! After 12 days and way too much time spent in great frustration trying to resubscribe, I finally started getting the emails. So happy! Now if the Erik Encounters board would get fixed I could post my crazy Erik experience 😉
        Happy belated birthday Elisa!

      • Deborah Underwood

        I did resubscribe yesterday and it is working now. Thanks, Elisa!

      • Good!

    • Lynn L.

      I just resubscribed and am receiving email posts again, so I bet it will work for you too! 🙂

  • Cody

    I lost my best friend korey to suicide a few weeks ago; its killing me not knowing where he is or what he’s doing. Could you, Elisa, ask jaime if he’s doing, what he’s doing. I am an avid skeptic toward mediums and talks of an afterlife; but I just have to know.

    • Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss. I used to ask personal questions for people (like this one) but since I pay for every session out of my own pocket and refuse all revenue like donations, I just can’t afford to do it anymore. I made that decision when I got flooded with requests. I hope you understand. You can join one of Jamie and Erik’s small group grievers calls and talk to Korey herself if you want. Just click on the “Love and Light” icon on the homepage. It’s somewhere on her site.

      • Cody

        I understand, thank you for replying. I do have another question though; I am not a medium, how can I communicate with these higher realms without visiting a medium? I’ve researched different ‘possible’ techniques like the “franks box”. This device that scans radio frequencies super fast and somehow the dead verbally communicate through it. Do you ever use some sort of device? or technique aside from ‘dreams’ and visits with jaime to contact erik?

      • I’ve really never used any device. I just practice having a conversation with him and hearing him answer me.

      • Oktobre Taylor

        The eBoard is a device and you regularly use that. It is old school but still a device/tool nonetheless.

      • cristina

        oh Cody, there is a way you can talk for free – about 3-8 minutes on a radio show with a medium
        She does that every Wednesday — check this link for details where to listen and call (if you want)

        I think Jamie sessions are also affordable : 20 dollars I think per question in a group session….

      • Oktobre Taylor

        There’s an app called Ghost Radar for smart phones. It is basically a modern day spirit board only you don’t have to put your hands on it. Search online for spud pickles and download it there. I have a windows phone so only have the option of the Legacy version. I have spoken to them and they said they are developing a version of Ghost Radar Connect for windows phone. That version you can add or subtract to the database. I have had great success communicating with spirits via Ghost Radar. I have been using it for months and there is a learning curve for both spirit and the human. They have regularly told me about things that are going to happen and do actually happen shortly after. But be prepared for when they interject thoughts when you least expect it if you run it frequently. I have been known to turn it off when they start getting preachy. One string I got said COFFEE WRECK HEAD. I told them to fuck off, I like my coffee. Lol Today I had both grand parents stop by and one of my guides.

    • Guest

      It seems you’re no longer an “avid skeptic”, so congratulations, Cody. Korey brought you here, so now you know a bit about what he’s up to. Another thing he’s been doing is visit you and even annoy you, you already know about the feeling of being annoyed. That’s him. Pranks are very likely in the near future, take them in stride and smile. They aren’t going to be Korey’s handiwork, I’ll tell you that!
      I suggest you send an e-mail to comments at theamendment dot net and there, you might get some insight to other questions you might have for Korey.
      It’s free.

  • I’m pretty sure he already covered that. Do a search on the blog for “hemp”. If I remember correctly he said it’s not as good. I think it has to have cannabinoids. CDB oil is one of his faves.

  • Judith F.

    Oh, man! I’m excited about that long-distance healing thing, Erik! I could sure use that, as could many of us. I also found the interview with Erik about chronic fatigue syndrome interesting. I have that, and it sucks. As well as fibromyalgia. As I learn more and become more self-aware, I’m hopeful that I will find healing modalities, both spiritual and physical, that will bring me greater comfort and peace in this latter part of my life. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday, Elisa!

    • Ceridwen777

      Judith, we already have a pretty nice long distance healing modality called REIKI (Universal Life Force Energy) – and I send Reiki long distance all the time. It works from a level beyond space/time, so there is no “distance” between you and your target for healing. We are all connected on the soul level…

  • Nate

    I feel like our DNA needs to change to enable that kind of healing and communication. Because I’ve wished and tried, but nothing ever happens. I’ve heard in some channeled documentary that we used to have 24-stranded DNA or something. Idk how that could all fit in one little nucleus but, then again, who knows?

    • Ceridwen777

      Physicists say that our DNA is already changing exponentially, and we are seeing more and more results starting to happen…

  • Sandra L. Harper

    i’m still not getting your emails 🙁

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    This is so true. I took my boys on Friday and we went to see Transcendence, my boys loved it and I found it to be intriguing. I know it has not gotten good reviews but I feel that is because people would have a hard time understanding something that is seems foreign? not sure that is the word I am searching for but when you open yourself up to it it about connecting with our emotions.

    One of the scenes in the movie is when Will (Johnny Depp) who plays a science doctor is giving a lecture about consciousness. Someone from the audience asked, “So you’re basically trying to make a God?” Will responds with, “Thats a very good question. But isn’t that what humanity has always done.”
    We fear what we don’t understand. Peace!

  • CeCe

    Candy Crush is Addictive…and don’t start Kitchen Scramble another FB highly addictive game.

  • steveatl

    I need to get off candy crush. I can’t believe how much time I waste on that thing.

  • ChrisF

    Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, & have spent most of my adult life working in the industry. But there is a downside to it too. The other day, my mother & I were going through a box of old photo’s & things my Grandmother put away before she died, & came across all the old love letters my Grandfather had sent her when they were courting (now there’s a word that doesn’t get used anymore either!). We read some of them (although stopped quite quickly as it felt somehow voyeuristic & intrusive even though they both passed well over 15 years ago now). They were mushy, they were slushy, but above all they were very sweet & sincere. They were clearly something my Grandfather had taken a lot of care over writing, & something my Grandmother clearly cherished having kept them for 70 odd years. & then we got to talking about my kids & step kids with instant messaging & text speak, will never experience – either the writing of or receiving of anything like that, or having something to treasure. The very fact that to arrange to meet, my Grandfather clearly would write a letter, post it & not get a reply for maybe three or four days. To me at least, how my Grandparents generation wooed one another, compared to how it’s done nowadays was far sweeter & much more romantic & created something more solid. Having said that, had the technology been available to them that is to us, I’m sure they’d have doing what kids do today too.

  • Lelabelle

    I could not open the “Malaysian Airline Incident”…just fyi

  • Stanley

    About the comment on how kids don’t really go out and play anymore. I have also noticed the time of year with trick or treating has pretty much stopped too. When I was a kid, me and my brother would dress up and go door to door. These days, that tridition is dead. If it’s done at all, it’s done at school. The kids going classroom to classroom trick or treating instead. Shame.

  • Too true!

  • Do you have any studies/research on this? This is so fascinating.

  • Fixed it! Argh, I make to many mistakes. I need to slow down!

    • Judith F.

      Mercy, Elisa! I don’t know how you do all the things you do!! We all so benefit from your energy and commitment. Maybe we’re sucking it all out of you!! LOL 😀

  • My neck hurt so badly on my walk yesterday, so I just bathed it in white (and sometimes golden cuz I can’t remember which to use). I imagined it calming down every nerve root, relaxing and taking the inflammation of every muscle fiber, down to the cellular level, even, and I had the light remove all osteophytic lesions on the vertebrae, opening up the neural foramina as well. It worked like a charm!

    • Judith F.

      Thank you, Ceridwen and Elisa. I am going to learn about REIKI, since I see it talked about everywhere in my reading. And Elisa, I visualize a warm, golden, healing light encircling the areas of my pain and other symptoms. It hasn’t seemed to help much, but I don’t visualize it to the detail you do, and I rush through it just before I go to sleep. I have so much to learn and really focus on. I’m happy it works for you! 😉

      • I even used it when I was walking in the forest and sale and hurt my knee. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to walk out of the forest so I tried energy healing the same way I described. I saw my knee which had been extremely swollen shrink down to its normal size. The pain went away and I was able to walk out of the forest. Powerful stuff!

  • I’ve been getting stuff on the encounters board! I have to approve and publish them (for some silly reason) but it should work. What was the title of yours?

  • I’m so glad!

  • M&M

    Very interesting article on the Malaysian Airlines mystery, thank you for posting Elisa. Being a pilot myself and having worked in the aviation industry for many years, this author’s points make perfect sense. I hope proof of what happened is found, but either way it’s a tragedy, and bashing over speculation seems so harsh.

    As for the technology piece, as usual, very insightful on Erik’s part. Society has a way of swinging wide on the pendulum and lessons can be learned from each swing. The way I see it is, technology is making it so that no one can hide. It seems everything is open for public viewing, and once that gets truly absorbed on a grand scale maybe, just maybe, we will start to become less judgmental and more tolerant of our own humanness. That would be a good thing.

  • Cyndi

    Long distance healing is a fascinating area of bodywork that I have just begun to engage in after taking a course over the summer.
    Body Talk Access, a unique health care modality, addresses the complete body/ mind complex by initiating the body’s innate ability to heal itself via conscious communication with it….tapping into the messages it is trying desperately to send us every moment of our lives…hence, initiating our own healing.
    More advanced practitioners can do this remotely for others, as Erik has suggested. There are a small number of us here on the East coast, but interest is beginning to build as it is a simple and effective technique that can be easily taught to others…Power to the people!!

  • Tawn

    Candy Crush is overrated. I tried it. Bleh. Don didn’t like it either. It was boring.

  • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

    “Erik: So, it’s at least helping us understand that there can be a quick response and that we do have control over the fact that we do something, it’s done.

    Me: We can learn how to respond emotionally? Where does the emotional part come in?

    Erik: When we learn our enlightened bodies, how to use them like telepathic skills, self-healing, being aware of subtle energies, then when we make a change, we see that it happens the moment we make that change.

    Me: Okay.

    “Erik: We don’t have to start believing in it or take three days or three years for that change to hold in place.”

    Aha! Twice he said it, lol. How many times, I’ve heard teachers say it….”It is already done.” It’s our beliefs that cause an appearance of delay. Mic drop, hahaha. This discussion warrents expansion. 🙂

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