The Giant Cosmic Wave

Rune’s been taking off the last few days because not much is going on in the stock market this time of year, so I’ve really been enjoying his company. I can’t wait until he semi-retires (he’ll never completely retire) and can work out of the home more often. I’ll have the opportunity to drive him crazy!

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Enjoy this wonderful post courtesy of guest medium, Alison Ailfinn Allan. She channeled Erik about a cosmic wave or waves detected recently. Very interesting stuff. If you’d like to book a session with her by phone or Skype (or in person if you live in Australia,) then please check out her site HERE. Do it soon because she’s very talented and will catch on quickly and get booked up. Thanks, Alison, for transcribing the session. I know that can be a bitch!!

Alison: Hey, Erik. What is this wave all about that has been detected?

Erik: Hey sup? Yeah fo sho that is one cosmic wave, and it will be ongoing for several months. It is coming from a distant star and has impacted the whole of the cosmos because it was so powerful when it went off, as in it exploded and sent out a pulse across the universe in a 360 degree radius, and yeah it will get absorbed by anything in its path, which is everything in its path so don’t worry about it. It’s just another cosmic event coming to a town near you. The particles, by the time they hit Earth, have somewhat degraded, sort of like the half-life scenario, and so by the time it gets to Earth, it seems like nothing it has been before – cosmic energy. Radiation background is a good analogy. It’s like a mini Big Bang when a star goes off because it’s the same material being hurled through space. So it looks like radiation because it is radiation. Nothing to be worried about. This shit happens all the time all over the galaxy, but this one just happens to have been noticed.

Alison: What will it do, anything?

Erik: Not really, not at the cellular level, but it will make some folks a little grouchy.

Alison: What can people do about that, then?

Erik: They can do what they always do and breath through it just like any other energetic process, know that it is happening and accept that it might just be part of the changing cosmos. Earth is not the only place going through an expansion right now. The whole universe has its hiccups along the way that change the dynamic, and this is just part of that.

Alison: Can you give some scientific information about this like what type of particles they are, etc.?

Erik: Neutrinos. They’re neutrinos, little tiny particles of light/information travelling long distances and degrading as they go.

Alison: Were they neutrinos when they set off then?

Erik: Nope. They were cosmic dust particles exploding from a star. They were the particles that go with nuclear fusions (or fission) after it’s fused, as in hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and all kinds of others that are on the periodic chart. The stars are like a baking house for molecules and atoms. Start with one or two types of atoms and add bit of excited heat and voilà, creation at its finest. What I mean is they create other molecules and even smaller particles smaller, which are virtually undetectable to human equipment. That’s what the Higgs Boson atom smasher is attempting to create. (He means the Hadron Collider, CERN). They’re trying to do the same thing that a star does when it explodes and see what particles get created. Some are called virtual particles. They only exist in our time/space for a matter of seconds or even less than a second. It’s pretty kooky stuff once you get down to the building blocks of life. Humanity likes to think that it is in control of its environment from the building blocks up, but they have no idea, at this point, just what that even means. When they start trying to affect the smallest of particles, then they’re affecting the laws governing this universe. They are affecting the thing that we’re all made of, which has a consciousness all of its own. They’re affecting God in a way, that is God at the deeper level, but they will never get to the truest version of it. No one can really know what God is truly about on that quantum level.

Alison: So this wave that has been detected now incoming, what will happen? Will it just get absorbed into the earth and then continue to degrade?

Erik: Yeah sort of, but it’s more than that. When the cosmos sends out radiation in this quantity from the mashup of a big star, which happened many thousands of years ago because it’s a long way from Earth, then the earth is receiving the equivalent of creation energy, the same energy that came out of the Big Bang and that stuff is the stuff of dreams where things get to evolve and reach new levels of understanding and so yeah it will affect people differently, but it’s nothing to be worried about or scared of. Just go with it and let the ancientness of what the cosmos has to offer you all do its thing, its job if you like. Now would be a good time to explore the increased nature of it. energetically – Use it to help you manifest your desires. Now is the best time for that ever as we approach the zenith of our time here in the next few years. The manifestors of greatness will have a wonderful time with this type of energy. Those who are not on board yet will have a lousy time of it because they get locked into manifesting the kind if things they don’t want. So a heads up – now is the time to get really super positive folks and do your thing. Make it happen the way you want it to.

Alison: Is the start still visible then, given that light takes so long to travel to us form great distances?

Erik: Nope, this one exploded a while ago and the light off of it also went past us a while ago. If they’d (scientists) been looking in the right place at the right time a few years ago, then they may have seen it, but it was physically gone a very long time ago before the earth even evolved to what it is now. That’s how old this energy is and why it’s taken so long to get here. That’s why this energy has degraded to background radiation at this point.

Alison: So time does have an effect in the physical world then, even though you all say time is not linear?

Erik: Yeah it does have an effect in the physical sense, in this 3D place ya’ll live in. You’re predisposed to enjoying the cosmic events as a linear event.

Alison: Wow!

Erik: Yeah, I know, right?

Alison: Always mind-blowing that we can see the light of a star that no longer exists because of the time it takes for light to travel to us from long distances, which is affected by time, yet time is an illusion, lol.

(Erik and my brother, Andy, are now doing a tap dance across a stage with bowler hats on and canes) dat, dat, der, dat dat dat – hey!!

Cosmic Wave

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  • T Diaz

    Think positive thoughts, think positive thoughts, think positive thoughts. Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution!

  • Karolyn Gray

    Well that was just plain cool. Thanks Allison, Erik and Andy (for the entertainment). Nice to have some clarity on that event since everyone has been posting info on it.

  • kathy

    I am going to make and wear a tinfoil hat LOL

  • Trish

    “Make it happen the way you want it to.” Ding Ding Ding! I heard it, finally!

  • Bobby Smith

    Hey Elisa, could you ask erik about different astrological systems, and which is most accurate? Is western (tropical, the one we all know) the most accurate? Thanks! I’ve been wondering this for awhile.

    • Bobby Smith

      I’m asking because I was born early August and have always felt like a leo, but other systems like vedic or 13th sign say that I’m a cancer. In think western is accurate but I would love Erik’s input. Thanks!

    • Wow, I didn’t know there was more than one! How arrogant of me! hee hee. I’d probably have to have several questions to justify a YouTube session, but I’ll put it on my list. It would be quicker for you to ask when I call out for Ask Erik questions the third week of the month or call in and ask on the radio show.

      • Bobby Smith

        It’s not arrogant! I just learned that too;). I just think it’s an interesting topic. I’ve done research and in my research, Western astrology(the one we all know) always prevails, and it’s the one that scientists have the hardest time proving, which tells me it’s beyond science. Thanks for all you and Erik have done for so many. I’m sure of the afterlife now, and you and Erik have woken me up about it. Thanks for being an actual superhero!

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