Interview with God,Part One

I had so much to ask God that it took two full hours, every bit of it absolutely fascinating. But before we go on to that (sorry to cut in front of you, God,) I have some other announcements. 

Yesterday, I had a session with Sri Swami about Christopher Columbus, and the information I received from that as well as the interview with Columbus through Raylene made me come to the conclusion that this man doesn’t deserve hero status. First of all, he didn’t even discover America to begin with! Also he sold Taino children as young as 9 years old as sex slaves, raped the women, chopped body parts of any man, woman or child who didn’t bring him gold–ears, fingers, hands, arms, etc.–and he was ultimately responsible for the deaths of 8 million Taino people. EIGHT MILLION! This is not hearsay. This is by his own accounts in journals. In spite of this, FDR made Columbus Day a national holiday. But I propose the following: Remove that holiday and replace it with two others: A national holiday honoring Native Americans and another holiday called The Day of Forgiveness. During that day, Americans would ask for forgiveness to all the peoples we have harmed in any way: Native Americans, African slaves, etc. We can also use that day to reflect within and try to find forgiveness for those against whom we hold resentment. If you agree, can you please sign the following petition and share it with everyone you can?

De-Federalize Columbus Day

Also, for some reason I haven’t gotten many questions for my interview with Alan Watts. I personally don’t know much about it, but over the years, many have requested that interview. If you want to pose questions to him (but not personal ones) you can email them to, but make them concise and unbulletted/unnumbered. 

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Okay, brace yourself, people. Veronica did an awesome job! Check out her site at and if you want to hone our mediumship skills, she has an online Spiritual Arts School. The transcript follows. 

Elisa: Hello, Veronica! Her jaw just dropped when I said we’re going to interview God, she goes Whoa! I can’t interview that! So, Erik how are you doing sweeting? I love you.

Erik: Hi Mama, I love you too.

Elisa:  Awe, no kidding, huh. All right, so what do you think, can we really interview Source, God what do you call he/she or it.

Veronica:  It’s funny me, me the conduit, me the medium, I got bubblies in my belly, I’m like, ooo, I don’t know and Erik’s like chill out.

Elisa: Of course, he says that.

Erik: We got this!

Veronica:  Erik, how do we do this?

Elisa:  How do we do it Erik?

Erik: It’s all knowing.

Elisa:  Yeah, of course. We don’t bring him into the right, you just tell us, maybe you Erik tell us what he/she/it says or how does that work?

Erik:  It’s a knowing. Veronica, essentially will become the puppet.

Veronica:  Erik is laughing, he’s going to be a ventriloquist act with his hand up my, you know making me go like this.

Elisa:  Up your what?

Veronica: Up my, the back of my shirt.

Elisa:  Okay let’s do that, let’s do that, yes please. All right, so I haven’t looked at these questions for a long time, and some of it, I think a lot of it’s from blog members. Okay, hey God, how’s it hanging?

Veronica: Oh my God.

Elisa: (inaudible) part of you so. Uh-oh God froze us. God froze us for awhile. Uh-oh, go ahead.

Veronica: He’s pissed, oh my God.

Elisa:  Oh no he’s not! God can’t get pissed.

Veronica: All right what was your question, I didn’t hear it.

Elisa:  I just asked him, how’s it hanging?

Veronica: Oh!

Elisa:  Nah! You don’t have to answer that.

Veronica:  Erik’s laughing his ass off.

Erik:  That’s my Mom!

Elisa:  Hey, does God, God do you have a sense of humour?


God:  Have you seen the world? Of course, I have a sense of humour. Have you seen some of my creation?

Elisa: Oh yeah? Like what?

Veronica:  He’s laughing.

God:  You know, the swamps.

Elisa:  Oh, woo hoo, you better keep your day job God. Jesus!

God: Where things go to die and never come back. The East river.

Elisa: Okay, that’s really hilarious.

Veronica:  He’s chuckling.

Elisa:  Okay.

Veronica:  And I want to clarify, this is an energy, this is a presence just like everything else is an energy and a presence.

Elisa:  Of course, everything is energy.

Veronica: Right, because, Erik is still here, he’s still very present, he’s energy and this is no different than me, and you and Erik, we were created in the image.

Elisa:  Right. Erik how do you feel around God? And also, Veronica I want you to say how you feel.

Erik:  I feel very chill around everybody and everything because I know the big picture.

Veronica:  I was a little nervous at first, but I’ll tell you there was a genuine warmth that came into the room.

Elisa:  Of course.

Veronica:  It’s funny because there isn’t anything that God doesn’t know and there isn’t any place God isn’t and so he already knows what’s going to come out of my mouth. Even if I don’t know.


Elisa:  Let’s see, God in terms of in terms of humanity on our earth/solar system, how did human existence manifest in terms of which civilizations, Gods or ET’s, no, I don’t know about that one. Why was it important for you to cleave off into little souls so that you can expand and experience? I mean I know that God, you as God can conceptualize all the facet of love, but why did you feel like you had to experience them, all those facets though duality.

God:  It’s truly part of being the whole, you can be the whole and call yourself the whole if you aren’t truly experiencing the whole and so I needed to have the human experience.

Elisa:  Yeah. So, the thing that Erik uses God the metaphor is that you know you can look at a picture of a brownie and read the recipe but you don’t really know a brownie until you take a bite, is that what you’re saying?

God:  Absolutely. Absolutely.

Elisa:  Okay. What pleases you God?

God: Like any parent I love when my kids get along.

Elisa:  I can agree with that.

God: You know, what pleases me is when I see a soul that’s hurting, that’s going down the wrong path and causing other people to hurt, and that soul reaches home and it says help me. Help me comes in many different ways and it looks different, every person says help me in a different way.

Elisa:  For example.

God:  So, one of the ways somebody says help me to me, is when they hit rock bottom, they can’t go any further and I can feel how down they are but the problem is people want to be picked up very quickly. The lesson and the learning is at the bottom and so I don’t come in quickly because that wouldn’t teach, so people might look at me like I’m a vindictive, mean God but I’m actually doing everything in love and for love.

Elisa: Awe. Well I mean they have to get the most out of their human experience, too bad we can’t just read the Cliff notes huh? Couldn’t just send us a memo, eh?

God: Be mindful that even I don’t disrupt a soul contract.

Elisa: Yeah, because it’s not for their benefit and soul growth, yeah, that makes sense. What does God expect from us? What do you, God expect from us?

God:  I expect that you would make every effort to love each other as you would love yourselves.

Veronica:  And actually, what I heard was do unto others.

God:  Where that’s flawed is in the phrase love each other like you would love yourself, humanity has fallen has out of love with itself.

Elisa:  Yeah. Are you talking about as a collective? Or each individual?

God: The individual is the collective.

Elisa:  Yeah, so there’s a lot of people who are very self loathing, who just do not know how to find self love and you know they’ve been brainwashed by parents, peers, siblings, society, etc. it’s too bad.

God: And it shows up as fear and it shows up as anger and it shows up as frustration and we feel that energy.

Veronica:  And he is using the word WE, he is not separate in any way, shape or form.

Elisa:  Interesting.

Veronica:  Because what we feel, he feels, we are all we, we’re all one.

Elisa: Where did God start?

Veronica:  Erik’s laughing.

Erik:  There is no end and there is no beginning.

Elisa: That’s what I figured. He’s always been around and will always exist, he/she/it. Okay. Here’s sort of a specific one, God who exactly are that Anunaki and were they here to enslave humanity?

Veronica: I’ve never heard of that one, what is it?

Elisa: Yeah, Anunaki?  God, do you know who the Anunaki is?

Veronica:  And are they here to free humanity?

Elisa:  No enslave, I don’t know, who is Anunaki and what is their purpose?

Veronica: Okay.

Elisa:  If they exist at all.

God: They are energy, but they are consciousness. So, they are not a physical threat, they’re a conscious energy that when it permeates someone it can take them hostage personally. It’s a series of beliefs, a set of beliefs. It’s almost cult like.

Elisa: Oh okay.

God:  It’s cult like, cult like mentality.

Elisa: Okay.

God: And yes, that will enslave humanity.

Elisa:  Oh yeah. Cults are the ultimate form of enslavement. Okay, why is the human race slowly killing itself. And with another question, that is sort of the same, I’m so thankful to live in this world at this time but why does there have to be so much hate and destruction? God, can’t you just zap things into balance if you wanted it to get on to the right track? So, why, why are things going to hell in a handbasket? And why can’t you just zap it into balance?

God:  That’s the biggest misconception because that isn’t what it’s about, that’s like the U.S government printing more money and thinking it will solve the problem. You can’t, I can’t just reach down, pick everything up, shake you by the collective and everything becomes ok. I loved you so much, I gave you so much, I created you in my image, you have all the tools and still you use free will against yourself and against man.

Elisa:  Well, isn’t that good because there is no good or bad, there is experience, so from all this, hate and negative shit going, sorry God, I cursed, don’t smite me! But anyway, isn’t that supposed to be the way it is, we have to have that duality in order to evolve?

God: Yes, but there needs to be the balance, the duality is the word, there needs to be the balance.

Elisa: Ah.

God:  So, what’s happening is that we’re tipping, on the side of fear because remember there’s love or there’s fear and we’re tipping into fear more than love. It’s not my job to fix it.

Veronica: You know that whole phrase, it’s not my job!

Elisa: Yeah, I don’t do windows.

Veronica: You know he empowered us, he gave us this amazing gift called free will, he breathed life into us and so as we go, as the soul comes down, it must take on the challenges it agreed to in order to evolve it, so that it can come back and reside.

Elisa:  Well was there ever time that said we are supposed to have fear and love but in balance and constantly having this duality that’s helping us evolve, has there ever been a time in human history where it has been in balance?

God:  No. You won’t find that balance because when it’s tipping people must know it’s opposite and so if you want to know love, you must know fear and if you want to know fear you must know love. It will balance itself out.

Veronica:  But we aren’t there.

Elisa:  Yeah, how do we bring it into balance? Where yes you do have fear, you do have love but you have a balance.

God:  It’s ascension.

Elisa:  Oh okay.

God:  Ascension, when you think of the Christ energy, the being that was Christ, what happened with that was that he ascended, and people will say he came to be with me, yeah, okay but what I know ascension to be, is a personal evolution within oneself, that puts self in the highest point of love.

Elisa:  Oh, and that takes self love. I think the central theme here is going to be self love, for example, how can we get closer to you, someone askes. I have a feeling part of the equation, part of that answer is to love yourself, but I don’t know, you tell me God, you know more than me.

God: I’m going to take it back to the everything is energy, okay, and so like attracts like. We have a whole globe of people walking around who don’t love what is and so they don’t know how to be at peace with what is and so they’re always searching, they’re always looking which creates more of an inequity but it’s very simple, I gave very simple instructions. Do not be afraid and love. That’s it.

Elisa:  That’s right. Go from fear to love. Wow. Okay, how would you define yourself for us? Are you a force or energy? I’m going to answer that for you because I don’t want you to get tired now. You are energy, right? Now, are you literally everything?

God:  Yes! It is inconceivable to the human mind that I am everything, that I AM. But what you need to do is just let it go at I AM and this is where faith comes in.

Elisa: Oh, okay, so you are everything, everything is light and everything is love, is that right? God equal all there is equal love equal light?

God: Yes.

Elisa:  So that means there can’t be anything separate from you like Hell.

God:  Correct.

Elisa: So, there’s no hell.

God:  Correct.

Veronica:  Wait a minute.

Elisa:  Well our own personal Hell.

God:  Hell is the absence of love.

Elisa:  Yeah. But that is something we do to ourselves, not a place with fire and brimstone, okay, yeah.

God: When you are not being in love or of love you are suffering the ultimate suffering.

Elisa:  Okay, but there is evil but it’s at the lower spectrum of light, correct? It’s where its kind still light there but kind of dark.

God:  Again, you have to know opposite to know both sides of it.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

God:  The opposite has to be there.

Elisa:  Well, what’s at the brightest part of that spectrum?

God:  Love.

Elisa:  Of course. Ultimate, unconditional love, right.

God:  Unconditional love. Tolerance, acceptance, patience these are all the stepping stones to unconditional love, but until you can give them to yourself you don’t have anything to give anyone else.

Elisa:  Exactly! Self love is the foundation.

God:  Some people will question that and say oh that sounds selfish, but it’s not. Think of it like this if I ask you to come over for dinner and you show up at my door and I don’t have any dinner prepared, you come expecting dinner, I shouldn’t offer you something I don’t have.

Elisa:  Yeah.

God:  Same is true with love.

Elisa:  It’s called benevolent selfishness. I mean yeah, you can’t help others if you don’t have your own house in order.

God:  Yes.

Elisa: Okay, are you more female, male or like Michael Jackson sort of neutral?

God:  I am all.

Elisa:  Okay.

God: I am all. I will take on feminine when I need it, I will take on masculine when I need it, all exists at the same time, it’s a matter of how I choose or what I choose to present and use.

Elisa: Oh, interesting. So, why do so many religions project you as a person?

God:  Because the human mind, people need something tangible, people in religious capacity need something visual to believe.

Elisa:  Yeah, and something they can relate to, right?

God:  Mmm..hmm

Elisa:  Something like my Dad was my boss when I was a little kid so God has to be like somebody, some guy sitting in a throne, is that it.

God:  Absolutely! Now, this is only true until you have a little bit of ascension.

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  And once you have a little bit of ascension you begin to realize that that stuff, that that’s just talk, that’s somebody’s way of making comfort out of the uncomfortable.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

God: That’s what religion is.

Elisa:  Can you take the form of a human if you want to?

God:  Yes.

Elisa:  Cool, how about you do that? Come and read me a bedtime story tonight, that’d be awesome.

God:  Listen, my dear, I am in every human being, it’s a matter of whether people choose to look for me or whether people choose to see me. I am in every human being, in every second, in every instant.

Elisa: Do you remember, well you probably don’t, well you probably will. When I was a little girl, like 4 or 5, I was getting beaten all the time by my parents, it was just horrible. I just asked my self in bed God, if you, huh?

God: Your cries.

Elisa: Yeah, if you exist, I’m just going to give you one last chance to prove it. Show me a sign, otherwise you’re dead to me. But I didn’t get a sign.

God: Do you know how many times, I hear that.

Elisa: Oh God, I bet! Oh, yes, I bet. Yeah, I can imagine. All right, let me see, somebody wants to know, oh yeah let me ask you this, I thought of a question, how can people go through ascension, you know ascend or further their ascension?

God: Ascension begins with an awareness. An awareness that you have some where to ascend from.

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  And you must have a true sense of where you are in life. So, life can hurt, life can be chaotic, and you have to accept it for what it is and understand that you can elevate from that space.

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  It doesn’t just happen for no reason. An ascension is a frequency raise, a raise in vibration and so no matter what you’re going through there are people who will be depressed, there are people who will lose loved ones, there are people who will lose jobs, houses, material things and they will be at a very low level energetically, and they can have a fraction of an ascension,

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  By just acknowledging this and shifting their thought processes.

Veronica:  He’s telling me how important the energy of thoughts is in our life, but he’s also telling me he will always communicate with us though feeling.

Elisa:  Oh, and I think part of ascension, if you want to ascend is the self love thing, I really encourage you guys to Google Alli O’Shea, she has this workshop to help bring about self love, it’s pretty incredible. Everybody so does that. All right, what do you think about Erik? And Channelling Erik?

God:  It’s long overdue, this truth needed to come out. People needed to believe in something that was anchored in love, and that’s exactly what this, Channelling Erik and Erik is all about it.

Elisa: What do you think about him as a little character?

God: I made Erik.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

God: I made Erik, I love Erik. Erik has a very important role, just like everyone else does, but Erik has stepped up in a way and become famous.

Veronica: He’s using the word famous so you will all understand and relate.

God: After his demise, and it was meant to be that way, because if Erik were still sitting in his bedroom or still walking the Earth, chances are he wouldn’t have gotten the attention that he’s got now and he has woken up a good portion of society. And for that we should al be grateful.

Elisa:  Oh, that’s awesome. I’m very proud. Do you have any suggestions, any advice what we should change or add?

God: Keep it real.

Elisa:  Okay.

God:  Keep it real, keep it grounded in love.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I think we do that.

God:  That’s it, that’s the recipe, that’s the whole recipe.

Elisa:  Can you help bring about some sort of TV or movie deal so we can bring this spiritual awareness to even more?

God:  In due time, things will get bigger. My dear, the globe knows you, it’s not relative, knowing you is not relative to how they know you. It’s not how they know you. So, TV is irrelevant.

Elisa: Okay.

God: The globe knows you.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica:  He got very fast paced on that one, I kind of lost my way there.

Elisa:  Yeah, he thinks fast. Are there other beings like us in the universe?

God:  There’s no one else like a human, I created you specifically to be who you are, I’m not saying there’s not other life, I’m saying there’s no one like a human. The human has the capacity to love unconditionally and to understand what that is. Other life forms can love but they don’t have the depth that the human being has and the human soul is what really charges and motivates the human being.

Elisa:  You created the other life forms, too right?

God:  Yes.

Elisa:  Okay, these life forms are there any that are intelligent?

God: (laughs) That’s all relative, what do you call intelligent?

Elisa:  I don’t know, I’m not intelligent enough to answer that question.

God:  Yes, if we want to talk about intelligence in the sense that it’s a knowing, but the most intelligent is the human being because they can experience.

Elisa:  Oh.

God:  And that’s why it’s best for the soul to come to Earth so it can experience. Other life forces on other planets have much to teach the human but not anything about survival.

Elisa:  Okay. And they don’t have to evolve like we have to, right?

God: Yeah.

Elisa: You didn’t put them in their planet to?

God: No.

Elisa:  Okay, well are you going to bring the good ones in to teach us and help us?

God:  I already have.

Elisa:  Yeah, you probably already have.

God: I am doing that.

Elisa: Oh good.

God:  I’ve constantly been doing that.

Elisa: I just don’t want, I don’t want to wake up and there’s a small gray by my beside in the dark. I don’t know.

Erik:  Do you want me to make t-shirts for them?

Elisa: Yeah, come on. Okay, so God what was the purpose of dinosaurs on Earth?

God:  Evolution. You know everything had to go bigger, everything had to start evolving and everything had its purpose. Think about the dinosaurs and what they taught the humans when they came to co-habitat together.

Elisa:  What did they teach us?

God:  Well, that as big as we were, the human, as high up there as we were, we weren’t all that. Humans weren’t all that, we had to learn respect, we had to learn co-habitation.

Elisa:  We didn’t have to live with the dinosaurs,

God:  But we learned it in fear, so we didn’t really learn it.

Elisa:  But we didn’t live at the same time dinosaurs we around.

God: Primitively speaking, yeah there was energy.

Elisa:  Oh! Human energy, oh I got it. Oh cool. All right, let’s see, have you in history have you, yourself ever come to Earth and showed yourself in your natural state or you just do it through E. T’s, chosen people, etc.

God:  You wouldn’t see my natural state, there is no see.

Elisa:  Oh okay, all right.

God:  I want to back up again and reiterate that I am a feeling.

Elisa:  Oh, okay, and feelings are energy.

God: And feelings are energy, your soul.

Elisa: You’re love, you can see love. You can see love in action.

God:  Your soul which is me, is love and its energy. So, if you want to talk to me, take time to slow down and listen and feel.

Elisa: Okay. Did the biblical stories of devils really happen or are they just stories? And what percent of the bible is true, anyway?

God:  They’re all metaphors.

Elisa:  Oh, okay. What percent do you think is?

God:  They’re parables and on some level they’ve all got a little piece of truth to them.

Elisa: Ah, okay. So that we can learn from them.

God: Absolutely! They’re story tellers, these are story tellers. The human that wrote the bible, the pieces, the books, they’re telling a story and let me say it gets your attention.

Elisa:  Yeah, but then they put in like, you’re a merciless God and that you’re going to smite people, what is the past tense of smite? Is it smote?

Veronica:  Smited.

Elisa: Probably smited, but anyway, why did the portray you like that in some places?

God:  Because the human consciousness had not ascended and that’s how they knew me and then it was whispered down the alley and then I got this bad rep.

Elisa:  Awe, poor. Well we’re here to set that straight because you are not merciless and you wouldn’t smite anybody.

God: Exactly! And I don’t kill kids, and I don’t run seniors over with a bus and I don’t set fires and that’s not me.

Elisa:  No, no. Okay. Listen what is the big bang and did you alway exist, well we know that prior to big bang, and how did you come into being?

Erik:  The big bang is shit hitting together gases, fuming up and everything blowing the hell up.

Veronica:  That’s Erik’s description.

Elisa:  Is that what created the Universe? I mean the tool you used maybe to create the Universe, I don’t know, what am I saying?

God:  Yeah, sure we’ll go with that.

Elisa:  Who said that? God? Or Erik?

Veronica:  Yeah.

Elisa:  God, okay, I want to make you happy.

God:  We’ll go with that. I moved a few things around, this collided with that and poof it went, what do you think, I have a top hat and a wand?

Elisa:  I know, well will there ever be a time, I’m sure there will, where the sun just dies and we all die or a meteor just totally destroys Earth?

God:  No.

Elisa:  No in a long, long time.

God:  No.

Elisa:  Or maybe we’ll be without bodies by that time, we’ll have evolved. All right.

God:  Don’t give people one more thing to be afraid of.

Elisa: All right. God, what the fuck! (laughing) This is from a blog member, what is the point of all this, are we dreaming this reality, while we really are in heaven with you, as the course of miracles says?

Veronica:  I just like that God, what the fuck.

Elisa:  WTF I should have said. Sorry.

Veronica:  Yeah, are we dreaming this reality.

Elisa:  While we’re in heaven.

God:  No. You’re not dreaming this reality, you’re living this reality and your reality is what you make it so, whatever you’re expediting is your reality and you have all the power to change it.

Elisa:  Because thoughts create reality!

God: Correct.

Elisa:  And so.

God:  Thoughts are energy.

Elisa: Yeah! Consciousness creates reality.

God: Yup.

Elisa:  I hear that, when you project your consciousness at a light wave, through though, it shortens the wave equation and turns the light into at particle which are building blocks on reality, anyway so, is that how it works?

God:  Yes, exactly.

Elisa: Okay, I’ve got to get those jingles out of my head, then. Bum, bum we are farmers, bum, ba bum ba bum. What is that going create? Oh God. All right, is music or singing the word of God or the language of God as expressed in many religion scripters and does our soul contain this musical essence to connect us with God? Anyway, tell us what you know about music, and songs.

Veronica: I’m going to tell you something, this is me Veronica talking, God, Source whatever, gave me a program called connect. It’s seven steps to connecting to spirit, and hearing the voice of spirit and one of the modules.

Elisa:  And this is what you teach, right?

Veronica:  Yes, I teach this. But he downloaded it to me, one of the modules is called Open Up, and I was sitting there with my pen and it is, I take you into this place where your soul’s mantra lives. We each have a frequency, our own soul has frequency, has a mantra, that is familiar to us, it’s like our fingerprint to our soul.

Elisa:  Wow!

Veronica: Where God knows it’s us and when we sing that mantra, that I teach you how to sing, you vibrate at a higher level, you bring yourself up, you are totally in the soul space. So, yes, the answer is yes, the frequency, we all have a soul tone, a soul mantra, a soul song.

Elisa:  Is there any way that we can have a session that doesn’t totally, you know give away you’re proprietary, you know you could do it to me, part of it and cut out some of the stuff that proprietary?

Veronica:  Absolutely! Because.

Elisa: So, we could make it a session, you know.

Veronica:  Somebody asked me if I would teach how to find the soul’s mantra, and I know all about that, but let me tell you this, connect, God gave me, there are seven steps to connecting, I can give you one step, but here’s the deal, you need all the others to go with it.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, yeah. If you want to show people parts of it, let me know.

Veronica: Yeah, absolutely, let’s do that, let’s do Open up.

Elisa: Okay.  If you hear a celestial symphony can it heal the soul? Or cure illnesses?

God:  Everything is vibration and the higher the vibration, it actually does have a physical effect on the body, it moves the cells around in the body. That’s why people who vibrate at a very low frequency create disease in their bodies and this was another part of my connect that he gave me. Cancer has its own frequency that it vibrates at, and if you’re vibrating at that frequency guess what, you’re pulling it in.

Elisa:  Wow! So, certain types of music can maybe help cure cancer.

God:  Listen, everything is interconnected, EVERYTHING!

Elisa:  Wow.

Veronica:  It just blows my mind how he’s telling me this all in one ear.

Elisa:  That is so cool. All right, well we have so much to go over, I think we need a part 2, so we should just end of now. God can you share your website with us?

God: (laughing) G-O-D dot org.

Elisa: Dot org yes,, I wonder if anybody has that. So, thank you for coming in God, I love you and you don’t have to prove it to me or anything anymore because I know I am whole and part of you as is Veronica, what do you think about Veronica?

Erik: I love her.

Elisa: Oh, Erik says he loves you?

Veronica:  Yes, Erik says he loves me, you know it’s funny because people ask me all the time, I do sessions, is Erik there, and I said you know what, I existed before Erik.

Elisa:  I know what am I chopped liver?

Veronica:  He chuckles and then he always has like a little wise ass message for them, but we have a great relationship.

Elisa:  I know. I can feel it.

Veronica:  I do pull up my own pants and walk by myself without Erik.

Elisa:  Of course, you do! You have for longer than he’s been around.

Veronica: Amen Sista.

Elisa: All right, you guys check out Veronica at, and how can they find that connect program.

Veronica:  That is something that they will need to get on a mailing list because I only put it out a couple times a year because it’s really intense to teach but if they go to my website and they want confidence when it comes to communicating with spirit, I have a free seven part series, it’s free, you go onto my homepage, you register for it and you’re going to get seven modules to help you feel more confident and wake up to the voice of spirit, of God.

Elisa: God, you’re so generous girl, I love you.

Veronica:  I love what I do!

Elisa: And you’re good at it!!


Veronica: Listen, I want to put this out there and oh never mind because I don’t know when this will air, so forget it.  It was going to be a Black Friday special but I don’t know when this will air.

Elisa: Well you could send me something to put on social media.

Veronica: I will.

Elisa: All right guys, bye, I love you Erik, I love you God, I love you Veronica. Until next time. Next time you and I will do the whole second part of God thing.

Veronica: Awesome.

Elisa: Okay, bye.

Veronica:  Bye.

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