The Mothman

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Here’s our session on the mysterious, legendary and kind of creepy being, Mothman, thanks to the superb transcribing of Daniele Smith! The YouTube version follows. 

Me: Hello, so exciting, finally….we’re going to have so many awesome sessions that have been building up with excitement among the bloggy members.

Me: Hi Blog members!

Erik: Hi guys!

Me: Hi Erik! Hi Emma!

Erik: Hi Mama, I love you. (blowing kisses) at me.

Me: I love you too so much. It was so weird… I was kind of dazed like in the morning when you are starting to wake up when I thought, there is somebody that is dead that I am really upset about that…Is it Denise my sister? Then I realized, EriK died! It was the weirdest moment! How could I forget that? I won’t dwell on that because we have lots of material to cover.

Erik: I don’t want you to remember that. I want you to remember that I was born. That was a good day!

Me: That was a very good thing. Alright, let’s start with the shortest session. And that is going to be (I think) about the Mothman. Lots of people have shown interest in this legendary creature that is 10 ft tall, has wings, red eyes, sounds kind of creepy, all black. Could get him in, or Erik, would you like to answer the questions for us? About him?

Erik: I can the questions for you. We can connect to him a little bit if you want. The only reason I am doing it is because they live on a very high frequency and it can get Emmanuelle off track.

Me: So let’s not do that. So it is real?

Erik: It is very real.

Me: Cool!

Erik: the thing is like I said, their frequency is extremely high…so people will get headaches around them, people will get nauseous and they’ll start getting ill. And it is just because their frequency doesn’t match ours.

Me: Emma girl, you do not need any of that. Let’s rely on….What are you? Some people say you are just the same as..What is it? Some people say …It is like they have been seeing like a sandhill crane; this is an actual bird with a giant wing span.

Erik: No! This is an alien species, from a different planet. They are coming from the Andromeda galaxy. Their planet (from our timeline perspective) was a planet that was very similar to ours from our timelines to ours with forest and water. The planet went through a collision of some sort with what looks like a big rock that destroyed their planet. Only a few made it out on time. Ours was the closest planet to theirs, what they were looking for. There are only 5 of them a little bit spread out across the planet. There is one in Russia, one in Africa, it looks like they are spread across all continents.

Me: Are there any of them two together to make baby-mothman and mothwoman?

Erik: No.

Me: Are they immortal?

Erik: Let’s just say they have a very long lifespan. They will go up to thousands of years.

Me: Wow. When did they get here?

Erik: A long, long time ago, Mama

Me: Are they almost about to die? That old?

Erik: No, he is showing like in the Inca time!

Me: ? Are they old, about to die, kick the bucket?

Erik: They are getting up there. One of them has already passed over. There were originally 5, they are 4 now. The thing is lots of people are afraid of them because they don’t look very appealing to us. They look kind of scary and they really are not. They are really want the best for this planet. They don’t want our planet for us to be destroyed by us. Because they can see we are not taking real good care of it. They understand how important it is of course their situation was different. It was something they could not control from out of space. They know what it is like to lose a planet and to be somewhere else that is not your home. They really care about us and the environment they are in.

Me: That’s good. So they chose earth because it is like their original planet?

Erik: Right…the problem is they really want to protect so when they reach out people start running and screaming and running

Me. Erik, describe for the public what they look like.

Erik: They don’t look as horrible as people assume they do. The problem is people see them in the dark and the human mind start to create things that is not there.

Erik: They do have kind of an human like body…they do not have hands basically their arms flows into feathers. They actually have feathers. Lots of People think they look like bats but they don’t have that skin but they actually have feathers. I would consider them a little bit like fallen angels, they look like angels. Their facial features, they do not have hair, They don’t have ears. Lots of people know of the Men in black (another subject that would be cool to discuss). They have similar facial features. They have no ear, no hair, and they are just bald. (laughing at Erik joke)

Me. Ok!

Erik: What is really striking for them, they have these really red eyes! They can glow… It is not like you have to shine a light in them like animals when you see in order to glow, you shine a light and you see and you see the animal’ s eyes. They actually glow in themselves. It is night vision, for them. They can see perfectly clear. it is kind of like night goggles.

Erik: Are they nocturnal?

Erik: they are nocturnal. Sometimes they do come out during the day but it is only to make a point, to be seen for a specific reason. Because a lot of people don’t understand they are trying to give us a signal that something is not right. They want to warn people in some way or form.

Me, yeah, I’ve have heard of that.

Erik: The biggest one was Chernobyl.

Me: Ah…

Erik: A few days before the Chernobyl disaster, they were seen. This was reported to the policy, to the Russion Government. They basically did nothing about it. Why they were there? But they probably thought people were crazy.

Me: But seeing mothman does not translate to doing something to avoid Chernobyl. You have to work on their messaging. That all I can say. Send us a memo. Hey Dude!

Erik: :That’s the problem. Lots of Aliens species have the possibility to communicate on a mental level, telepathy level. They don’t, they are not that far advanced yet. They are very close to us in terms of evolution of their species. What they do, they communicate with sounds but their sound is at such high pitch that people mind cannot handle it and that is the problem so they try to show up and say hey when I show up, this happens. This is the only way they can communicate with human beings.

Me: so they hope that we get the pattern?

Erik: So people will see the pattern that when you see us something is going to happens. You need to check everything. What they usually go into the facility or near the facility that needs to be checked. When it comes to Virginia, one of them went to sit on the bridge. They try to make it clear that way

Me: That’s right! The Silver Bridge. And it collapsed right after that sighting. So they were trying to warn about the collapse of Silver bridge. That’s a theory so that’s true?

Erik: It is true. And the government knows about these creatures. They just let blow them up, not really important. A few people millions people get contaminated with radio activity. Not important

Me: Wait..the government knows they are port enders (?) of doom, that their sighting are related to disasters?

Erik: They do.

Me: and they don’t want to do anything about it?

Erik: No, They don’t want to. Less money to pay out when they go into pension.

Me: Are they inter-dimensional?

Erik: Going off the wall. That’s so cruel. F*ck! Nothing surprises me anymore. I’ve read so many things of what government is doing to us.

Me: We need to have an whole session on government and the nefarious things they are doing to us. I might get into trouble for saying that. Are they inter-dimensional? Can they switch from one dimension to the next?

Erik: No, they can’t.

Me: Do they have special powers that we don’t have? Besides flying, they can fly, i guess, they have wings.

Erik: Because their energy, remember Mom – I said at the beginning, their energy frequency is really high so what happens is because they have high energy frequency, they are like a bat, with their sonar. They can actually see energy and energy patterns. They can see the future and predict what is going to happen. They have this internal sonar that can just zoom in to all this energy that is there. Internally they have kind of an internal guide system to certain catastrophe. When it comes to their planet, they had the same thing but they just did not have the tools or the weapons (?). They are non-violent. They might scare some people. They eat animals.

Me: I meant to ask that. What do they eat?

Erik: They are carnivores.

Me: Omnivores?

Erik: they are solely carnivores.

Me: Do they eat humans?

Erik: No.

Me: How did they get here from their planet?

Erik: He is just showing me a ship.

Me: A space ship?

Erik: Like an escape pod.

Me: How did it get so far? How long did it take them to get here? Did they transcend space and time or like going through a wormhole or something?

Erik: it says it took a while to get here. He is showing me like a hundred years.

Me: Did they have to go in a state of suspended animation or cryo (freeze themselves)?

Erik: Yeah, they do have something similar. It is nothing like cryogenics. He is showing me with injections It lowers the heart rate, and the circulation would slow down. Basically they are sleeping like a long hibernation. Not like in the movies where they put you in this booth and you kind of freeze up.

Me: Yeah,

Erik: It looks like a very long hibernation. They had a very long nap, Mom!

Me: It is my kind of nap. They don’t really want to harm us, right? What are their intentions while being here on earth?

Erik: Survival. They will only be seen in forests or forestry areas where they feel good. That is close to their own planet. The problem is lot of people want to chase them down, they want to expose them, to catch them. They do try to keep their distance. If they feel attacked, they will go after you, they won’t hurt you but they will scare you away.

Me: it would not take much. Do they see spirits, like Erik, with high vibrations?

Erik: Yes, they can but they don’t know or have the understanding that they are spirits. They just see it as energy.

Me: Tell me more about their body. Do they have genitalia? Do they have toes? Do they have sharp teeth? Scary teeth like fangs?

Erik: They have 3 toes. They have teeth.

Me: sharp ones?

Erik: yeah, pretty sharp because they eat raw meat. So they will attack animals, things like that. A lot of people compare them to the ‘Devil himself’. They are really not the devil. They are really so misunderstood.

Me: This reminds me of Big Foot. This reminds me of BF all over again.

Erik: Pretty similar. Only Big Foot just comes around during vacations! These guys are stranded here. They will disappear at one point. Unfortunately there is no way for them to make babies.

Me: Awww…

Erik: They just trying to make the best of the time they have left. They just want to help. They need to have a purpose.

Me: They just need to set up an online kind of dating thing like or you know like or so they can hook up and make babies. Do they have genitalia?

Erik: Yes, they do.

Me: Do they have good packages? Big packages? I channel Erik for this one, I swear.

Erik: It is internal. It is not something that hangs out.

Me: So they are growers, not showers.

Erik: Hold on Mom while I lift a skirt and check underneath…

Me: What are their favorite animals do they like to eat?

Erik: They like deers, anything wild. Sometimes they will also feed on animals that have died so they don’t have to kill it themselves.

Me: Like scavengers type stuff…Do they convene with Big Foot at all?

Erik: No! Mom, Big Foot, they are up there when it comes to their awakening and it comes to their connection to source. These creatures if you want to know their real names, it is called M-o-r-i-n-g-o-n-o. <

Me: so there is Mr. and Mrs. Moringono out there.

Erik: Yea, although they have this high frequency sensitivity, when it comes to their enlightenment and connection to source, they are not very advanced.

Me: Some say, one of them at least live in the WWII munitions dump, is that true?

Erik: in the proximity of it.

Me: Some say, one of them is known to attack car roof of parked teenagers. Hey you should be home, ‘I am going to scare the crap out of you! So go home!

Erik: Actually, he is talking how they scared the crap out of him. He did not expect anybody over there. He is showing me like it night time, he was startled. He was trying to communicate but they just floored it. They just started running and screaming!

Me: But what did they try to communicate about? Hey what’s up?

Erik: It looks like they were 4 in the group. To warn them about the bridge. He was trying to connect to some and he is showing me the earth, and the storms that are coming. They know, they can see that pattern of changes so they know the storms are coming. So he is making me feel, they were trying to warn people of that as well.

Me: Ok.

Erik: It is hard because they really have a good heart but there is no way for us to communicate.

Me: That’s too bad. Well, what do they think of humans? How do they view us?

Erik: It looks like they are not crazily fond of us but they don’t hate us. It is more like acceptance that we came here and we going to live together in some way or form. They don’t like the fact that people challenge them just for pleasure purposes. They will try to lure them out. They can sense that in the energy of these people. Come out so we can see you, that the intention is not right, that low energy that is for self gain, fame, or for catching one or hurting one, or killing one because people will bring guns just because they are afraid of one. They don’t understand so they can really sense that energy. They are really in tune to that frequency. To them, this is a threat! So they really try to stay away as much as possible or chase them away.

Me: Why don’t they eat humans if they are carnivores. What do they have against the other white flesh?

Erik: LOL, it has nothing to do because we are human. They don’t like the saltiness of the flesh.

Me. Oh, ok!

Erik: Very salty.

Me. Who knew…what do they think of the film that was made about them, called the Mothman prophesy, with the actor Richard Gere?

Erik; I’ve heard of the movie personally but I thought it was about a serial killer, and these movies made me feel woo woo. I did not know it was about a real mothman.

Me: What do they think of their 30 minutes of fame?

Erik: They are not aware about that. They don’t watch TV Mom.

Me: It is a shame they are going to disappear eventually.

Erik: It is a dying breed. You know there are so many species dying. We don’t have to look at aliens. If we just look at our own planet, species are dying and people don’t realize it.

Me: Some are been created, right? New plants?

Erik: Right, right. There is a plant that is starting to blossom and spread out at this moment. It actually comes from their planet.

Me: They brought it with them, or carry the seeds in their feathers?

Erik: They had it with them. He makes me feel when they got here they offered it as gifts to different tribes. It is because it has an extremely high in anti-oxidants. Remember Mom, we were talking about a plant that was very good for illnesses and has high anti-oxidants. It’s got the possibility to cure cancer, and so on. They are starting to examine this plant. The funny thing is what they called it the morena plant. People who named it had connection to source so they immediately got the reference to their planet.

Me: Did they bring purposely or was it just hanging from their body?

Erik: they brought it intentionally to…it helps them heal so that is why they live so long. They do get hurt, help them heal. They know exactly where to find it, and where to eat it. They will eat that but they don’t normally eat plants. It is a medicine.

Me: Wait a minute…did they trade seeds with human tribes?

Erik: Yes!

Me: did those humans freak out?

Erik: No. When they came to earth, it was a time when aliens connections was common and people were not as scared as they are now. They did not have government back then to induce all that fear.

Me: Where can we find these plants?

Erik: Most of them are in South America but they are started to be spread out all over. People are taking the seeds and planting them all over.

Me. How do you spell that plant?

Erik: Morena.

Me: Anything else about Mothman before we close and get to our next subject which is going to be ‘Climat changes’?

Erik: no, but next time you see one…

Me. Give him a hug, man!

Erik: Chill! Don’t scare them so they won’t scare you!

Me: And sister say, Mothman say, don’t go into the light! We want you around. Moths to the light, No

Thank you Emma. You can connect to Emmanuelle at : Anything else you like to share about yourself?

Thank you to everybody who was at the channeling Erik event in Belgium. It was so great. I think everybody went home with an enormous smile. I got some many positive feedbacks. So thank you everybody!

Me: When is your next one?

Emma: everybody is asking me that? I haven`t planned one yet.

Me: Bye Erik, I love you.

Erik: Bye Mama. See you soon!

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