The Afterlife Interview with Laci Peterson, Part Two

Yesterday, Rune left for Norway because we weren’t able to go on our original trip because of Hurricane Harvey. He has to see his 94 year-old father as often as he can, plus, before he has to mow the grass roof of our little cabin before the first snow falls. I miss him a lot because he was just gone from Thursday until Monday AM motorcycle racing in Oklahoma where he won the category, Heavy Weight Twins! 

I babysat Easton Monday and Tuesday while Michelle was working in a preceptorship position along with a middle school nurse. She said the kids are all sweet, very well-mannered and not big fakers. I said, “What? Middle school students?”

I boat a new pool for Easton via Amazon Prime Now. Only $34 for a lot of fun!! Unfortunately, Camo, Nick’s dog, ate three of the balls that came with it that were meant to be thrown through the rings. Check it out!

Easton’s New Pool

I’m so sorry that I didn’t make it clear to everyone when I asked for questions about dreams. I’ve been bombarded with personal questions, but I really was only looking for general ones. My bad. Tomorrow, Veronica and I will finish up the last of the September Q&A questions, and I’ll post it right away on social media and the blog. Friday, Emma and I will have a two hour session covering dreams, chemicals in our food and personal care products and we’ll get Erik to bring in Howard Hughes for an interview. In queue to post: The spiritual basis of fatigue, all about climate change, North Korea and Otto Warmbier, an interview with my Higher Self who I sometimes want to bitch slap for putting me through shit from time to time, an interview with Joan Crawford, the nefarious side of our government and the shadow government, the justice system and penal code, and Mothman. So we have a lot coming through the pipeline! Then next week, we’ll interview L. Ron Hubbard. 

Enough chatter. Let’s see what Laci has to say in this part of our interview. I’ll post the rest both Thursday and Friday. Again, I’ll include the YouTube of the interview at the bottom. 

My heartfelt thanks to Debra Rapisardi, for transcribing this and for medium, Emanuelle McIntosh, for giving Laci a voice. 

Laci: I didn’t literally walk towards the light, but I felt the movement of walking although I wasn’t really walking, I didn’t have any more legs, but I felt the movement like I was walking. And as I was doing that I wasn’t really walking towards something it’s almost like stepping out of one reality and into another one.

Me: That’s what happened!

Laci: And things just changed my environment just changed and that’s when I met the rest of my team who had been guiding me.

Me: Um hm.

Laci: Now I just want to make something clear. A lot of people will ask me why did you choose to be killed in this life. Well, one of my past lives, I was the killer.

Me: Umm.

Laci: And I wanted to experience the other side of it. It was the 1920’s and a I really had um,

Emma: she’s talking about being a schizophrenic. And she loved her family very much. She had a little sister and um she (Laci) was a male, she had a little sister and a Mom and Dad that she loved very much, but the older she got, the more confusing the voices became in her mind. Um and it’s almost like she would lose her own reality, like she didn’t know what was real anymore and what wasn’t. She had murdered her whole family,

Me: Oh!

Emma: She basically killed them all including her little sister. Um and um,

Me: Was Scott there, was Scott in any of these lives?

Laci: Scott was, Scott was my little sister at that time.

Me: I knew it. Oh my God. I’m going to go, we’ve got so many questions that you don’t have to answer them in such detail, sorry people, but you know. Are you at peace now Laci?

Laci: I am, I’m at peace.

Me: Have you reincarnated?

Laci: No, not at this moment.

Me: Ok.

Laci: I’m taking a breather.

Me; Here’s another one, Did you see any red flags from Scott, that he might kill you or was it a complete surprise?

Laci: I did feel him getting more angry faster, and being a, you know a little on edge, but I never thought he would go over to killing a person.

Me: Alright, yeah, talk to us about what happened after he anchored your body. What happened to your body?

Emma: She’s going, do I have to go into that cause it’s not a pretty sight.

Me: Well if you don’t want to I’m not going to force you to, of course not.

Emma: Well she says if people want to know. She’s making me feel like, um there was a lot of, there’s a lot of trash floating around. She’s making me feel like it would hit the body.

Me: Mmm.

Emma: Also a boat hit part of the body. She’s making me feel like the head was chopped off by a blade.

Me: Um, ok.

Emma: By a rotor.

Me: Ok

Emma: And she’s saying you know the rest was really just um, you know when a body is in the water for that long, she says how can I explain this?

Me: Well it just decomposes right, I mean.

Emma: Well it decomposes, but he had my arms and legs tied to those cement blocks remember.

Me: Yeah

Emma: What happens is the body will float up a bit. So the arms will be down and the legs will be down, but the body will float up. And so there’s a current that goes underneath the body (Emma motions with her arms a flowing over and under her) and its constantly moving that body. And when it starts moving the decomposition of the, it kind of goes fast. It just rips the arms off eventually after it starts to decompose it just rips off the,

Me: Right!

Emma: Then it rips it off and eventually Connor left my body as well.

Me: Yeah.

Emma: But yeah, just debris hitting it,

Me: Yeah sure

Emma: the boats who passed by, fish.

Me: Well will the head or legs and arms ever be found? Maybe they have, I don’t know I really don’t follow the story that much, I don’t know.

Emma: The head will not the arms.

Me: Has the baby reincarnated and what was his, did he have a spiritual contract behind all of this?

Laci: Yes the baby has reincarnated. It is not in the same family though.

Me: Ok

Laci: But Connors spirit is still with me so we’re still together.

Me: Ok

Laci: When it comes to his purpose, it’s really, Connor just a, his only purpose was to give me the sense of happiness and joy of being pregnant.

Me: Oh.

Laci: Of having the pregnancy, you know, the fulfillment the unconditional love that I felt for this little baby inside my belly.

Me: Oh.

Laci: You know how he moved, you know, he moved a lot. Connor was a very active baby. And um, Scott didn’t like it. I would say come feel my body he’s moving and he was like, no I don’t want to. He had already taken distance from it so. So basically the only soul purpose was to kind of assist me in finding happiness in having a baby.

Me: Ok. How far offshore are your remains or at least where you were anchored?

Emma: She’s making me feel like it wasn’t that far. She’s talking about like 10 kilometers away from where she was found.

Me: Oh, alright. Um, so he didn’t go fishing like he claimed!

Laci: Well, no.

Me: Ok.

Laci: He didn’t go golfing either (laughing) cause that was his first plan.

Me: Ok. So there’s really nobody else involved in your murder and disappearance than, just Scott?

Laci: Yeah, no, just one person. He doesn’t have emotions. He’s really neutral to um, love. His parents know that, but they’ve always been in this kind of denial.

Me: Sounds like a sociopath. Is he a sociopath or a psychopath, borderline personality, some mental illness?

Emma: No she’s saying sociopath.

Me: Ok uh. Has he killed before?

Laci: No.

Me: Does he plan on killing, like Amber Frey?

Laci: He was planning on getting rid of, yeah.

Me: But will he? Or maybe he did, I don’t know. I don’t even know if she’s alive or not.

Laci: No she’s alive. He wanted to get rid of somebody who could prove that he was a liar and that was somebody, you know, not to be trusted. So he did have plans to visit her, however he was caught in time so he couldn’t proceed with those plans.

Me: Well so she didn’t know that he had plans to kill Laci right?

Emma: No she didn’t know that Laci existed.

Me: Oh really!

Laci: To her, he had told her that he was a widower.

Me: Yeah.

Laci: She had no idea.

Me: Mmm.

Laci: She isn’t she had no, she was just as much of a victim as I was.

Me: Um, did he have a contract, Scott?

Emma: He did. His contract is really about um, about taking responsibility, almost like um he has to come to the insight that we’re not here to live life on an ego based path that we’re here to um, I’m not sure what she’s saying, we’re here to, it’s almost like we’re here to create relationships. And that every relationship comes with a responsibility to honor and love that person even if you are not happy in that relationship. It’s almost like you need to find that understanding and that knowledge that there comes respect with relationships and that taking a person’s life.

Me: Doesn’t exactly honor the relationship!

Emma: Yeah I guess. She’s just really kind of going all over the place. But, yeah I guess it has to do with getting an insight on what he did, because even to this point he’s still in denial. It’s almost like he wants to, um he knows he did it.

Me: uh yeah!

Laci: But he doesn’t want to take responsibility for it, he’s still blaming me, I was, I made him do this. So he needs to find that responsibility and he needs to find um kind of like a peace with that, with the fact that he did this and that it was not necessary and he killed his own son. And it’s all about, that’s the whole thing why he is locked up for so long. It makes you think when it’s all you’ve got to do, it’s about thinking and realizing things.

Me: Ok. Laci, how do you feel about the fact that he’s convicted and on death row? I didn’t know he was but I guess he is.

Laci: Well from a human point of view, if I were to go back into that state, then I would say “Hah, you deserved it”! When I look at it from a more spiritual perspective, a um then, let’s just say that I don’t, we don’t see death penalty as a punishment. Um, if you really need to learn a lesson, the longer that you’re alive the more time that you have to learn it.

Me: True.

Laci: That’s how we see it.

Me: True maybe you see that he and you had a spiritual contract, so, yeah. Um, so did Scott say anything to you when he was murdering you or was he quiet?

Laci: No he was quiet.

Me: Ok, God, I can’t imagine. Some people say that there were burglars across the street when all of this happened, they didn’t have anything to do with it right?

Laci: No.

Me: Alright. Now this one person, Sandra Belinger in Berkley, that found this enormous string of EVP’s from you called, called, multiple EVP’s that said, yes, Scott had done it, where the body was located and the EVP’s turned out to be true. Was that you coming thru on these EVP’s?

Emma: She’s saying yes, but not all of the information was translated correctly.

Me: Oh ok.

Laci: But yes, that was me.

Me: Alright. So you had no idea about his affairs, the one before Amber and with Amber?

Laci: No I knew about the one before Amber.

Me: Oh ok.

Laci: I just didn’t know about Amber. That was really at the beginning of our relationship.

Me: Ok. Um, now what would you say to Scott if you could talk to him again?

Laci: That I forgive him.

Me: Um ok.

Laci: He needs to start his healing process.

Me: Ok. Do you have any messages for your parents?

Emma: She says yes, that I love them very much and that I’m with them at all times and no matter how hard this might sound, that there are great lessons that they’ve learned from this. Lessons in acceptance and unconditional love. And they had to, they chose to undergo a grief and to learn to overcome it.

Me: Yeah.

Emma: So they did good, they did good she says.

Check out this fascinating video made by a body language expert analyzing Scott Peterson’s interview. Thanks for sharing this with us, Jacky!

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