Trauma, Part Two

The radio show last night was one of the best ever! Check it out!

I’m not going to write an intro for this post because people are waiting for me to help bring the boat out of storage, plus I have nothing intelligent to say!

Robert: By the way, sometimes I have a hard time verbalizing what Erik says because these are also things I’m dealing with. This is a perfect example of my resistance to something. It will prevent my mouth from saying it.

Me: Oh yeah.

Robert: It’s so clear in my mind, though. I’m struggling with [trauma] too. I see why he wanted to talk about it. He wants to challenge me because he knows I like to be challenged to a certain degree with subjects that he knows I’ll be uncomfortable with.

Robert laughs.

Me: Be careful what you wish for, Robert!

Robert (shaking his head): Oh lord. Well, I made a promise to him and to spirit in general that I would stop saying no to things, and I would just start doing. In fact, this is an example of what Erik is talking about in regards to how to get over trauma and how to release shame. Shame, itself, always says no. “No, no, no, no.”

Me: Interesting. Yeah.

Robert: It’s just an endless line of “nos.”

Me: So, in my case, the shame is survivor’s guilt. How do you get over that if it’s so unconscious?

Erik: You have to release yourself from the responsibility of what happened.

Me: Okay, like I’m not responsible for your death? Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: That’s right, Mom, because that was my choice, my action. I did it.

I nod my head solemnly.

Me (scrambling for comic relief): You chose poorly! What was that from?

Robert: Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade!

Me: Oh, that’s right!

Robert: “You chose poorly.”

Robert laughs.

Me: But that’s a whole other session right there. Well what about somebody who’s been raped or mugged? What can they do to disconnect from their shame?

Erik: For some people, they have to tell themselves that they did not ask for that.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Because in some cases that’s what the person will believe.

Me: Why would they believe that?

Erik: It’s a complicated mix, Mom. In a lot of cases, if they believe that, it’s because something in society, family or somewhere along the line, they were taught that if something like that happened to you, you deserved it. You did something; you wore something or whatever. This happens all the time when people talk about rape in particular. That’s not always true for every woman. For some people, the shame is rooted in anger because they think to themselves, “Why didn’t I see that coming?”

Me: Ah.

Erik: So they blame themselves.

Me: Or, “Why couldn’t I avoid it?”

Erik: Right. “What did I do?” Sometimes the responsibility is put on them in that way. Other times, the anger is purely directed at, “How dare you do that to me?” There are a lot of different ways, and ultimately it always ties into survivor’s guilt and putting all the responsibility on your own shoulders for what transpired.

Me: Yeah. So you’re saying that survivor’s guilt is behind pretty much any kind of trauma or just with losing someone?

Erik: In most cases, Mom, absolutely yes.

Me: Okay. If you’re robbed at gunpoint, you feel guilty that you survived it or that nothing good should happen to you or what?

Erik: How can I put it so that that scenario makes sense?


Erik: If someone survives that, your life was put in danger at that moment, and—

Robert: Oh gosh, that reminds me. Now I know why I can connect to this. You see, I’ve had that happen to me, not at gunpoint, but at knifepoint. He wants me to tell my story. I was 17 years old working at a video store, and someone came in and robbed me. I was by myself. The guy went across my neck with a knife. It was just a superficial wound, but there was blood coming down my neck.

Me: Oh, my gosh!

Robert: I remember in the moment I was numb to it all because I guess that was my way of coping with it. The panic and the terror didn’t affect me until I got home that night. I was like, “Oh my god, I could have died.” In that instance, it’s as if you died, but then you find out you didn’t, and you have this sense of guilt from encountering that kind of experience. I hope I’m making sense.

Me: But yet you feel guilt that you survived when you really should have died?

Robert: Well, guilt that I’m feeling such terror, guilt at the fact that so many people around me are now terrified for me. And I took it all on myself. You see how this all is connecting to a sense of responsibility and holding on to it? So now I’m connecting to how Erik is saying that survivor’s guilt can tie into this.

Me: Right.

Robert: And you only feel guilty if you feel ashamed.

Me: That’s true.

Robert: And you only feel ashamed and guilty if you’re taking on so much responsibility for something.

Me: Gosh, why do humans feel guilt? I mean, any mother who loses a child, anyone who’s lost someone, there’s always that, “What did I not do? What did I do? How did I contribute even if in some small way? Should I not have put you in time out that one time when you stole cookies from the cookie jar and things like that.

Robert: He was saying something, and now it’s gone out of my head, but maybe he’ll repeat it in a little bit.

Me: Okay. All right, so any last words on trauma?

Erik: I’m going to come back to this later, but right now, that’s enough to kind of introduce people to it. This will get the ball rolling for people to heal from their trauma. A great number of the people who read the posts and watch the videos have been traumatized.

Me: And so many of us are shackled by guilt.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: And unnecessarily. I mean, it does nothing positive. It’s not constructive at all. All it does is tear things down.

Erik: You know what, Mom? Here’s the lesson you learn.

Robert: This is what Erik was going to say a while a go. He’s repeating it now.

Me: Oh, good.

Erik: This is the lesson that we learn from guilt, from taking on so much responsibility and for shame and all those things: We are learning to empathize and feel compassion not just for another person but for ourselves because the guilt that we feel is always a connection to what someone else felt.

Me: That’s true.

Erik: From what we might have done or witnessed.

Me: Like you feel like your family worried about you, and you felt guilty about that.

Robert: Right. I remember feeling that way. I felt very guilty; I felt terrified that I could have died or been seriously injured.

Me: Sure, and in my case, where would empathy fit in when I found you, Erik, after you killed yourself? Where’s the empathy? How does empathy come in from my guilt?

Erik: Mom, you already felt the empathy for me. You already felt the empathy for the family. This is a chance for you to feel empathy for yourself.

Me (somberly): Yeah. I get that.

Robert: He’s showing me a visual of you literally holding yourself, comforting yourself like you’re the mom to yourself. You’re hugging yourself and rocking yourself.

Me: Okay. I think that’s a nice place to close. Thank you, Erik. Thank you, Robert.

Robert: You’re welcome.

Me: Bye.

Erik: I love you, Mom.

Me: I love you. I love you so much.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Elisa Medhus

  • J

    Hello! This is my first post. I’ve immersed myself in the CE site within the last few days and it has brought me much clarity. Thank you. I’m really looking forward to the Prince interview and have some questions to ask. I didn’t know exactly where to post channeling questions so pardon me if this is not the correct forum for such.
    From what was shown in the media, Prince was very spiritually in tune throughout his life. So it was surprising to learn that he converted to being a Jehovah Witness years ago. I’m yearning to ask him these questions: Why did feel you inclined to accept the Jehovah Witness religion and it’s teaching as truth? Or was this religion more so a form of escape for you? Do you now feel your religious choice changed the essence of who you truly were while you were living and how you expressed yourself especially musically? Did you whole-heartedly believe in every facet of their teaching like that only 144,000 believers were going to heaven? When you crossed over, did your beliefs from JW, align with what occurred and what you felt? Finally, did not having a family (marriage, children) weigh heavily on you or did you feel that you would remarry and try again?
    I’ve always believed that the eyes are the window to the soul and since your passing, I’ve watched some of your interviews. If you never opened your mouth, it wouldn’t matter because you couldn’t hide the story from your eyes. You’re mesmerizing. Enjoy the peace on the other side precious Prince. Thank you for your time.

  • Paulette Roberts

    I receive stuff from Echo Bodine and she said she looked for Prince who was not on the other side yet and she finally found him in that club he loved so much, he was enjoying all the festivities in his honor and he was also going to the other side, on visits but was fading out from here slowly.

  • Paulette Roberts

    She’s a really good psychic, she has great books.

  • Water Lily

    This was a lovely piece on guilt and surviving a tragedy. I really wish God had taken me instead of my girl. I would trade places with her in a heart beat so that she could be here again. Thank you again Erik and Elisa. x

  • M. Sky

    This website has blown me away. Blown away. The radio show is great. I am blown away.

  • Maya

    Self trust? Ask me. I have something to say about it.

    Self-trust means you have to do trials and errors on your own. There’s no psychic power here. First, when it comes to a new thing you’ve never tried, you don’t have self trust just yet. But then you have try it on your own. Remove your safety belt. Expect mistakes and failures. Be comfortable with mistakes. After several attempts, corrects and wrongs, you begin to see some kind of pattern, or probably the big picture of it. You’re kind of know what to expect. Then, you will develop some kind of more intuition, more confidence. That where self trust comes from.

    So, self trust doesn’t come from the sky, meditation or whatever spiritual mumbo jumbo. But it comes from the experience. The more willing you try, the more self trust you can develop. 🙂

  • Maya

    Hi Elisa,

    Radio show: I want to comment about the first caller (Miles) who got a glimpse of Erik’s suffering. It’s funny, that even before I listened to this radio show, about a week ago, I was thinking of trying to explain to you about that, but didn’t get the chance to get proper wordings for it.

    Erik is all of us’ Guide! He raises bunch of people’s frequency to help them and to help you. Miles is the one who gets the emotional and vibrational understanding about Erik’s suffering. But I am the one who gets the mental and cognitive understanding, without the emotional or vibrational, lol. So when Kim said hopefully a blog member will come through, probably she is referring to me or people similar to me.

    So let me explain you like this:

    Long time ago, I saw the news about a loving mother (in Europe?) whose son (about 20 years old), got an accident. The accident was so bad, left him paralyzed all of his body. He became blind, couldn’t talk, couldn’t move (except his fingers) or anything. Only laid down on bed like vegetable.

    Because he couldn’t talk, move, or see, this loving mother, with the help of experts taught him to communicate through fingers. The mother held his hand and move her thumb to communicate. And he communicated back, by the feeling on his hand and moved his finger in certain way.

    2 years later, after he got better (as a vegetable), finally through the finger communications, he told his mother, that he wanted to die. He couldn’t stand live like this and he chose to die.

    With a super heavy heart, this mother finally killed/euthanized the son. This loving mother had been charged with murderer. And she said to people, “I gave him a gift of life, now I give him a gift of death.”

    Now, say you have a loved one. And this loved one has an incurable cancer. Say he/she’s is in extreme pain every day, every minute, every second, forever. There’s no chance of healing. He has to live like this years to come, for the rest of his life.
    Then say he told you, he doesn’t want to live anymore. He’s in unbearable pain. He wants to be free of pain. Please let him die. Will you let him? Probably you would, with heavy heart.

    If Erik were that person who had the cancer would you let him? Probably with super heavy hearted, you would, out of understanding & unconditional love.

    Now, this mental illness that Erik had, is the same with incurable cancer. The problem is, when it is mental pain and not physical pain, you cannot see it, the pain is not visible. So you are not able to understand or relate to it. From your perspective, ‘all is well’, you gave him everything, why he wanted to die? So strange.

    But underneath, there is the deep darkness, you are unable to fathom (relate).

    Hmm, didn’t you just have a birthday recently? Why not, as for your birthday present, you ask Universe/God, to give you a day, living in Erik’s shoes? So you will be able to relate to his misery, and create more understanding of what he went through.

    And hopefully, create more acceptance and a sense of camaraderie (the relationship becomes more mature) of whatever his decision.

    This is very good for your healing. Now this is the bottom part of the true healing I was trying to tell you about.
    (The ‘grief’ thing on the Emotional scale.)

    (This is similar to Robin Williams. It is irony in his ghost channeling, he tried to convince people that he loved his family. In my perspective it is the opposite. Does his family love him? Sure his family love him, but do they LOVE him enough to go through to the depth to his darkness? Probably not. They just love him at the surface level [the normal happy father family thing], but they are unwilling to go deep to understand his suffering, that probably he had it before he got married! )

    This is big, and this is huge. But after you went through this, you will be going up on your emotional scale (and go through all of other emotional stuffs like anger, etc.) and start your journey wholefully, by addressing all the deep dark clogged pores, that often be oblivious to be cleansed, that people tend to cover it & polish the surface portion be happy, while underneath there’s a deep dark magma ready to emerge, when people most unsuspecting it.

    On your case, you surface has been so thick, that you are unable to connect with your deepest (bad) emotions. You need to pierce through the surface, so the volcano can emerge out safely, little by little; rather than: just clogged the pore, but one day the magma gets really angry and the volcano erupt and destroy everything on the surface.

    Connect with your inner darkness.

    • “I gave him a gift of life, now I give him a gift of death.” That says it all.

  • Leilani

    Whew! The depth of this topic/discussion/broadcast is a lot for someone like me to take in. As promised, I said I’d come here and share what Erik’s message to me was about. I’ll try. Everything Erik said was true and “spot on”. I created my own website 6 years ago (March 2010). I created it so I could understand, having been a survivor of one of the ugliest childhoods – and lifetime of suffering, – Why was I still so Happy? Why was I so different from my other 8 siblings? What made me that way? Why wasn’t I “just like them”? Erik was able to see into my soul and my heart and tell me – THAT – is Why. The purity of having a clean “crown” (chakra). I didn’t understand (just learning) what chakra-talk was all about. I’m figuring it out. I also had the “survivor’s guilt” of being alive and having survived so much when I had to turn my back on my siblings and my abusive, neglectful mother. Oddly, it was Mother’s Day that was in the spotlight when I was chosen to speak. It wasn’t by accident. Although this is very personal for me, I’m sharing my website so that it can do what it was meant to do – heal others – just as the Channeling Erik website was built and designed to do – And has! Was it a coincidence that they were both started at almost the exact same time? I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. I can tell you that I was also crying 80-percent of the time on the other end of the phone line while trying to listen because the – out of this world – feeling came over me as soon as Erik’s answer started coming through. I tried hard to keep my composure since I knew that there were listeners from all over the world tuning in. That part terrified me but I managed to ‘hold it together’ – Thanks, I’m sure, to Erik and the way he can comfort others. As for the song that Erik was singing to me, there was a question I had that I was holding inside of my heart – and after hearing, at one point, Erik say that he will be there to help anyone who reads his book “My Life After Death”, I got the book (which wasn’t easy living in a rural town where I do) and read it in one day – After which, I said to him, “OK. I did what you asked me to do. I’m going to hold you to your promise, Erik.” And the song was to tell me that If I Wanted Him, Then He’d Be There – Because There’s NOTHING He Wouldn’t Do For Me. That sums up the most important part. I’m also counting on him to help me learn. And I can honestly say, I’ve learned SO MUCH from the CE site, Utube, and comments in both that it’s hard for me to put it all into words so I can share it with others I know – without them looking at me like I’ve grown a 3rd eye (pun intended! hahaha) Erik – and “Spirit” (I guess that’s the politically correct term) have proven to me they both exist – and I’m the skeptical scientist. I can’t deny it. Even when it sounds crazy. As I’ve discovered, “You’ll See It When You Believe It” – not the other way around. For more info visit which is my personal website. My direct responses are called “Ghost – Part 1” and “Ghost – Part 2” but this whole “evolution” evidence started April 3, 2016 on my website and continues, even today (5/10/16). All the evidence is there. I’ve even taken the time to go back and find the evidence and share the links to them in my newest posts so you can quickly get an idea for yourself that Erik is 100-percent accurate. I just had to do my homework to figure out what a “Crown Chakra” was and Google the song he was singing to me. I have to say, nothing feels as good as having an Angel sing to you! Thank you Erik, Elisa, and Kim B. – You’re my angels. ~ Leilani

    • I checked out your website and it’s really good. I love, love, love that quote: “You’ll see it when you believe it.” It’s so true!

      • Leilani

        Thank you, Elisa. That means a lot to me. It was – and has been – painful for me to expose myself rather publicly. I shared more about my childhood and my family than I’ve EVER opened up about before now. Even people I went to High School with have no idea what I went through and many of them read my website. I felt I had to “come clean” because it would help prove Erik does exist. I have the evidence. I AM the evidence. He needs that. This website needs that. His mission needs that. I couldn’t keep it to myself. I also felt like it might have a chance to help others heal. It’s taken me a lifetime. And if I can make that road – that path – to healing shorter for someone by sharing what I’ve been through, then I’ve done what I’ve come to this Earth to do. Honestly. And it’s because of Erik, and the radio broadcast, that more people will hear about him and start to believe too. There’s no reason for us to suffer in silence. “s/He who saves one life, Saves the world entire.” – Oscar Schindler (My motto. And my hero.)

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