What’s Your Life’s Purpose?

Here’s some Erik wisdom that will give you a weekend’s worth of reflection and head scratching. Enjoy!

Me: Here’s a very simple one again. Are there any keys to fulfilling one’s life purpose?

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Ah, yeah. If I had to give one basic key, it’d be ultimate honesty. Honesty with self, honesty with others, honesty with environment, honesty with your needs—with everything.

Me: Wow.

Erik: And that’ll make people go from fifth gear to reverse, cuz they’ll have to back up and correct themselves constantly until they can understand the idea that they can only ask, “What is truth?”

Me: Mm hm.

(Long pause)

Me: Keep adding to that, because I can’t just fill up a whole post with this. Can you expound on it?

Erik: Seriously? What? Do we have to lay out examples?

Me: That might help, yes. Whatever it takes, but I can’t just put a few sentences in one post. It makes me feel guilty. Otherwise I’ll just have to put a bunch of images at the end!

Erik: But Mom, I thought we had to do it in two sentences or less!

Me: No, no! I was just kidding back then!

Erik chuckles at me for falling for his teasing, hook, line and sinker.

Erik: Well, the thing that gets in people’s way is—let’s say when you meet someone. You don’t really jive—

Jamie (giggling at his word choice): Jive? For real, Erik?

Erik (purposely ignoring her): —with them. You don’t get along with them right away. They’re really nice, but, you know, you just don’t really understand them or you just don’t feel like you have the time for them, and you just wanna get away. So, you just say, “I’m sorry, I have something else I have to do. It’s really nice to meet you. Take care!” And you drop it.

Me: Okay. What’s wrong with that?

Erik: Well, many things could have been corrected. First of all, you should have said to the person, “Wonderful meeting you,” if that’s a truth. If it’s not wonderful meeting the person, you can just say, “Wow, this is awkward timing that we’re being introduced.”

I’m thinking this is a TERRIBLE pick up line. Damn!

Erik: You don’t have to throw it down and be rude. You don’t have to take honesty into a way where it’s going to make you look like some evil demon or freak of nature.

Me: And you don’t want to hurt people. Of course not. What purpose would that serve?

Erik: Yeah, but you don’t want to sacrifice your own truth as well. So, you know, you say what it is, but the point of the example is: you should have been able to say to the person, “I don’t understand where you’re coming from. I’m actually really uncomfortable right now. You seem like a really nice person, I just don’t really know how to handle the situation, and I have some other things on my mind. I would love if you’d give me the opportunity to walk away and handle what’s on my plate, and I hope this gets resolved later. I hope we’ll meet later” or “I don’t want to talk about this later. You don’t fit where I’m headed right now.”

(Sounds like this guy is NOT getting any tonight. Just sayin’)

Me: Okay.

Erik: Just make resolutions through your own honesty as you move through your day. Don’t leave this shit hanging. People leave shit hanging all the time thinking that time is gonna just, I don’t know, resolve it for them. But it’s just a bunch of pussies that won’t make their own deal.

Me: Yeah, I guess we humans are a bunch of pussies. But it’s scary over here. You remember that, don’t you, Erik?

Erik: Like it was yesterday.

Jamie: That’s a great t-shirt.

Me: I know! All right, what about honesty with the environment. Tell me about that. I don’t understand. Is it like vegans wearing leather shoes?

Erik: Yeah, because that’s going against the person’s belief system. But no, if you don’t like how something is, don’t stay in it. If you don’t like how your environment is laid out like your office, change it. If you can’t change it, hire somebody to change it for you. If you don’t like a color—if you walk in and see that artwork everyday and it’s not really your thing, why are you keeping it? It’s a material possession! Just because grandma gave it to you or that it’s worth $40,000 doesn’t mean you need to be holding on to it.

Me: I’d sell it and pocket the dough!

Erik: Bingo, I would, too! But some people won’t. They make themselves suffer and not let themselves be in complete honesty with their environment.

Me: Yeah. Definitely.

(Do I sound like Rain Man to you?)

Erik: And really when you’re honest, you’re supporting yourself.

Me: True.

Erik: It’d all be a better world if we would all do that. Hell, if we could just get two out of ten people in the world to do it!

Me: Exactly. How does one find one’s life purpose. Do we all have a particular life’s purpose and if so, why?

Erik: Cha, we all have a purpose. But the thing is you can’t think of a purpose as always being just, you know, rocket scientist—like AMAZING! CHANGE THE FACE OF A NATION!

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Our purpose isn’t always that. It might be to save a species of frogs. It might be to make your daughter smile on July 11th, 2040. Our purpose might be just a single moment in time. It might not stretch over a complete lifetime. And some people’s purpose is to come back and just experience laughter and enjoy and people look at them and they don’t know how to measure them, because they’re just a bit of a slice of light. They really don’t know how to grasp them, and they think they’re just off the charts. Well, that’s the purpose.

Me: Mm hm.

(Long pause)

Me: But—

Erik: Why do we all have one?

Me: Yeah!

Erik: Cuz everything has direction. Even people who feel like they have no direction—that’s actually a direction.

Me: Ah!

Erik: And with direction comes purpose. That’s what life on Earth is all about—having that purpose, heading to that moment of destiny. But yet having that ticket of free will is what gives everybody the right to be exactly who they are.

Me: Well, why do people feel like they have no direction? Is it because free will bumps them off the path, but they eventually get to their destination anyway?

Erik: But Mom, no direction is a direction. Their purpose may be to just come and sit and observe.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And that’s their purpose, to observe, because in that they gain the most information. But as soon as they experience it, they become numb to it, and they fall out.

Me: Oh.

Erik: Like fall out of their understanding or their knowing or their knowledge. They lose it. So, they have to get back to observing which, in their point, is lack of action, doing nothing, and having no direction. That’s bullshit. If you’re here, you have relationships. You cannot exist on Earth and not have a relationship.

Me: Even if it’s a relationship with what you observe. Through observation.

Erik: Yes. Yes. And for some people, that’s what they’re here for. That’s their life purpose this time around.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You have connections. You can’t be on Earth and be disconnected.


Erik: You may have those emotions of feeling disconnected, but it’s really not that reality.

Me: But we’re also here to be separate, so I guess being separate is what you need to have connections or to realize that you have connections. You can’t have connections if you’re not separate at least in some way.

Erik: You’re finally getting it.

Me: Wonders never cease. Okay, but free will knocks us off course sometimes, right? Off of our purpose.

Erik: Yeah, I guess it gives us the right to go off.

Me: Yeah, but eventually—

Erik: It all routes back around; it all will make sense; we all get to where we’re supposed to go no matter what detours we make.

Me: So it’s okay. It’s all okay.

Erik: Yes.

Me: There’s no right or wrong; there’s no wrong path.

Erik: Exactly!

Me: So, how does one find one’s life purpose?


Me: I guess they’re already on it, right?

Erik: Yes.

Jamie (laughing): Erik was being a bit of a booger saying you get out a map; you get out a compass, a right angle and a pencil. (pause) And then you just take a shit on it and walk away.

Me: Erik!

Jamie and I giggle.

Erik: Seriously, you don’t have any material pull to tell you where the fuck you’re going. How do you find it? Well, you do what you just did before which I said was: Become honest with yourself. That’s how you find it.

Me: Ah! And we come full circle.

Erik: If everyone were to follow their own honesty, it wouldn’t make everybody turn into some enlightened spiritual robot, and we all behave the same.

Me: Yeah, good. Stepford Wife-ish.

Erik: That’ll never happen. In fact, that’s what the fuck our culture and our society does to us. It makes us want to march the same and look the same and be the same. But when we start paying attention to our inner light, our inner God, our inner honesty—all the same fuckin’ thing—then we become uniquely different but extremely powerful and bright. All these bright lights shine together, but they definitely don’t all march together.

Me: Wow.

Throughout Erik’s monologue, I fully expected him to break out into song. Kumbaya?

Erik (in a monotone voice): We don’t all become droids because we’re all on the right path.

I chuckle.

Erik: We become uniquely different, and it makes the world better.

Me: Ah! Sounds inviting. Sounds hopeful.


By the way, I highly recommend finding your own life purpose by visiting the site, www.peacefulwarrior.com. The mobile phone app is even more informative. Amazing stuff.

Once last announcement: I’ll be posting the downloadable link for yesterday’s conference call. Everyone have a wonderful weekend. Remember, holiday shopping is a contact sport!


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Elisa Medhus

  • Such an amazing post! Thank you!

  • George

    Wow.. Again such wise words exactly synced with what my curiosity has thought about in the past 2 days… THANKs Elisa! I only wish I knew how you find the energy to post something enlightening every single day. Maybe it’s your little form of meditation hahah

    • Lol, maybe. Or OCD. Or just an opportunity to chat with my boy. Probably all of the above!

  • L.A. George

    Another interesting author: http://yoursoulsplan.com/

  • Sarah

    Great discussion. Elisa, have you already discussed ailments and the inner source of them, like acne. I wonder what Erik could share with us regarding that.

  • Jody

    Can Erik, Patrick or anyone shed any light on the mass killing in CT today? I am from the town it occurred in and it seems so horrible and senseless. our hearts are broken. Please send healing love and light to the families that lost loved ones.

  • M & M

    Very well said, Erik. Elisa, so glad you pushed him for more as in the end what he says really makes sense. And I can vouch for the fact that a person’s life purpose may just be to observe and learn from observation. That is totally me!

    Sending blessings to all those effected by the CT elementary school shooting. All these events pull at the heart strings. There just aren’t words…

  • Allen

    I know I’m kinda digressing, but it’s on my mind… and it’s been talked about it on here other times when something terrible happens in the news, but the thought of life’s purpose brought it up due to that senseless tragedy in Connecticut with someone shooting up an elementary school.
    I was probably the last person at work unaware of that because of not checking news websites during the day and my desire to not get pulled into all the negative things in the world, but still ended up hearing about it anyway.
    Stuff like that makes no sense to me, and I struggle with understanding any of the schools of thought about ‘soul contracts’ or ‘greater purpose’ behind something like that. Or something like that being a part of one’s life purpose.

    If a person is that angry or distraught over life, they can affect enough people by taking themselves out. We’ve been enlightned to some aspects of that with this wonderful website, and been given a greater understanding (thank you Erik and Elisa and Jamie). But for one to go out and murder kids and other people who just happened to be in the area…. if there’s a plan and method and desired result behind that, I sure can’t see it from my human mind.
    Believing we’re immortal souls and energy, and that we continue to live on… I guess there’s some comfort in that for the direct individuals (souls) that are a part of it, but all of the ripples outward into families… I can’t fathom there being a plan to sign up for that. I don’t get it. I’m bothered by it, don’t understand it, and angered by it. What purpose? Granted, we don’t see the whole picture, but still… fuck…. does something like this really occur as a result of a ‘plan’? It is said that there are no coincidences. I’m trying to reconcile that against the portion of my brain that says ” sometimes shit just happens”, because it’s hard to imagine that being a purpose and a plan.

    • kami hendrix

      I just heard about this today and instead of reacting to it with, “Why would a sick bastard murder innocent children?” – I had to think about it in Woo Woo Guru terms. Whether it be Jack The Ripper’s killings or the Columbine shooting, the murdering of innocent people sometimes serves a greater purpose. For example, when Erik and his gang interviewed Ted Bundy and his victims, his victims said that they chose to die so viciously in order to send a broader message out to women that they shouldn’t be seduced so easily by a man’s good looks. That sort of feminist edge has contributed GREATLY to the increase in consciousness about female empowerment.

      In this case of the recent murders in Connecticut, I’m not sure what Erik has to say about it, but I know that I personally can’t see this situation as something where I consider the murderer to be a MONSTER because Erik has taught me that all humans are equal. All human beings are fallible, imperfect and love and violence are all elements in our nature. Erik was saying that as a larger society, we have this awful tendency of seeing the people responsible for these tragedies as * * inhuman * * and we’re so quick to disassociate ourselves from them and cast them out instead of trying to develop systems that help people like this opposed to

      A – Sending them to jail
      B – Killing them

    • Amber

      I get your confusion and angst Allen. I just can’t believe that loving guides are party to such set ups. I’m having to accept I cannot understand things that I so want to make sense of, and having to accept my beliefs if they differ from things I’m told by others. It’s so hard for us all. One day we will see.

    • I asked Robert about this and he reminded me that these souls chose this experience to provide an awakening for the greater good (not his words, I’m paraphrasing). In other words, sometimes souls live a short life and die in a group to awaken a culture’s or a group’s consciousness. So hopefully this incident will result in more dialog around guns and violence in our society.

      • I had Robert channel something from Erik last night and hope to post it today if I have time.

    • M & M

      I completely understand what you are saying, Allen. I have done a lot of reading, thinking, studying, learning about soul contracts and all the topics around spirituality and higher perspectives discussed here from Erik’s view point, and intellectually it makes sense that souls could create a contract to be a part of such a tragic and unfathomable event, but at times that could be too much for the heart to take. However, what makes that all make sense for me is this. After things like 9/11 and the CT shooting (and all the others in between), what is it that people do? They feel compassion and love for one another and they come together in loving and supportive ways. After 9/11, most of the world felt great compassion for a period of time. When enough of these things happen by the hand of another person, people may start to awaken to the fact that there is something we as a society are missing, and we’ll hopefully look into that and actually take steps to fix it- by using compassion and caring and togetherness. From that perspective, my mind can see these horrible events as a soul contract worth living- even though it feels so horrible in the here and now. The trick is to remain in that “other” perspective while we live in the horrible reality we feel right now. Anyway, just one person’s perspective. Others may feel differently.

      I don’t know that everyone really needs to feel comfortable with the idea that these people may have agreed to be a part of such a tragic event before they were born. For some, that belief may bring comfort. For others, it might be too much to take. But one thing is for sure, after every such event, there is an outpouring of love and compassion and the world needs more love and compassion.

  • cynthia

    i would really like to know more about the shift, ascention and how and when it will manifest. Does it happen and how far do we get? Will things happen more quickly then? What else can Eric say about string theory? Thanks

  • phoebe

    Wow. I am the continual observer, always wondering what is MY purpose. I am set at ease to know that I am on the path regardless. Several years ago I was at a family dinner with friends and I was heavily contemplating my purpose and why it is not obvious or coming into focus. A friend of a friend at the gathering said to me out of the blue “you are currently doing what you are meant to do.” I was pregnant with my 3rd and was at the time a stay at home mom. This post makes me think of that day 10 years ago and brings home the fact that I am meant to be caring for my children, guiding and nurturing. I wasn’t convinced that there wasn’t something more pressing and significant planned for my life, but your post today gives me a peaceful and calming feeling of being on the right path. I am doing as I was meant to do. 🙂

  • Amber

    ..”having the ticket of free will is what gives everybody the right to be exactly as they are”, and love it or leave it, child-killers are living their ‘purpose’ too, that’s THEIR ‘truth’, and one day they will rue it so hard. I LOVE this page about honesty. It’s why I beat myself up for having negative opinions/judgements because they are MY truth at the time of thinking them, until I manage to turn them round into a truth that I prefer. But all ‘truths’ are as they are right now and rather that we are honest about them all, which gets tricky when you don’t want to offend someone with your own ignorance or ‘truth’ at the time. It’s just as it is. Let’s accept that. Let’s be honest about it all. I do believe that ‘honesty-is-the-best-policy’. I’ve said it before, it’s why I like this website. I just really buy all that Erik has to say here today. I Love this page. I’m printing it off. Thank yous. 🙂

  • cynthia

    I really enjoty this site. What I would really like to know more about are the ascention & the paradigm shift. Are they real, how long will it take (in human time),
    how will each manifest, how do we make the most of them? I would also like to know more about string theory. Thank you

    • Great questions. I know in previous entries Erik has talked a lot about “The Shift.” If you do a search for keywords “The Shift” and Ascension” you’ll find them. As far as String Theory is concerned, let’s let Patrick channel Erik on that one. He’s our physics expert. Patrick? HELP!!

      • Patrick De Haan

        I’m the scribe and mailman at the disposal of the experts, let’s make that utterly clear!
        Yes, it will take 5 to 10 years with a few really fast sections – such as now – with each will manifest with a combination of physical and thought events and to make the most of it, listen inside yourself especially. When something happens and you hear it described, listen to your insides ALSO. Not just your reaction and feeling, those are VERY good starting places but listen deeper (like reading harder and seeing sharper?)
        String theory? That’s a college course or two (dozen).
        I refer you to another site I’ve been known to contaminate, triple dubya the amendment dot net. I suggest Archives and read titles, they’ll clue you into pieces of string theory.

  • Remi

    This site is brilliant I’ve been reading from it every night. The answers have really helped me get out of a rut! Thanks !

  • Patrick De Haan

    Jody, your thought energy prompted The Committee and then me; see “Potpourri” 16 Dec post. Thank you for the inquiry, it is exactly the communication discussed here. I read this today Sunday after the post and channeling but you sent it towards the two us on Friday (at Robert and me).
    Y’all see how that works? (Excuse me, a translation from Texan – does everybody see how that worked?)

  • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

    “……us want to march the same and look the same and be the same. But when we start paying attention to our inner light, our inner God, our inner honesty—all the same fuckin’ thing—then we become uniquely different but extremely powerful and bright. All these bright lights shine together, but they definitely don’t all march together.”

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