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Don’t forget to join Kim, Erik and me today at 11 CT on the Dear Prudence Show with Amanda Grieme. Call ins welcome! 858-947-1909. I’m sure Erik would love to talk to you! And we’re going to bring David Bowie in for some more questions!

Hellooooo!! I have a crazy Erik encounter story that I just HAVE to share!
Yesterday, my daughter and I were cleaning and we both decided to take a break and have a couple Hershey kisses to sweeten our afternoon. I had a secret bag for us, I knew right where it was and only I knew it was there. Well, Cassie & I searched EVERYWHERE for it, numerous times throughout the day, and could not find it. I had concluded that my husband found it and probably ate it all. So, later in the evening I was sitting at my kitchen table working on my website & booking issues ( I’m trying) when the bag of chocolate literally fell from ceiling height, out of mid air, onto the kitchen floor! I knew immediately it was Erik! Funny though, it didn’t scare me, it was exhilarating! Funny and surprising! It just dropped, out of nowhere!
Nice one Erik!

Isn’t that an incredible experience? He’s done this exact thing with me, but with tiny Airsoft BBs, not something as big as a bag of candy. Erik is truly showing off his near-archangel level of power. I’m so proud, but don’t you dare hide my morning coffee!

Here’s a channeled session between Kim and Erik:

Good morning everyone! I know we’ve talked about this one before, bit Erik days he wasn’t wants to clear the air and talk again about how manifestation really works!

Me: Hey Erik! Give me all ya got on manifestation, and help the blog members better understand it, please.

Erik: Hey, what’s up. Aaaallright! Well, first of all if you understand how the subconscious mind works, then you can maximize the ability to manifest things in your life.

Me: Okaayy… take me there…

Erik: Well, people are stuck in ‘linear’ thought patterns when they think about what they want, and try to manifest it. For example, “I will have”…or “I want to achieve”…or “once I get…” So the way people look at things is in linear thought, like it’s ‘ahead’ of you. So when you are working on a mantra, trying to manifest what it is that you want, when you say, “I will have”… That statement (in the subconscious mind) is an acknowledgement that you don’t currently have, therefore, keeping you stuck in that state of existence because you are constantly acknowledging the lack of it. Your subconscious has to believe it in order to manifest it.

Me: Well, how do we get our subconscious on board?

Erik: It’s a frequency you have to merge with. So, for example, if you’re trying to land a big contact at work, instead of saying, “if we get this contract” or “once we get this contract”, replace your thoughts with “this contract allows A,B, and C for us”…speak it as if it already exists, merge with its existence. When you align with the frequency of its existence, you manifest it. But, it’s not playing pretend… that’s a crap shoot that some of you get stuck in. You can’t just pretend in your mind, you ablaut actually have to believe it, see it and know it.

Me: Ok, what else?

Erik: well Kim, people are control freaks, so caught up in the details and this will help you manifest what you DON’T want.

Me: What do you mean?

Erik: Well, if you let go of the details of what you are trying to manifest, you’ll bring it into your reality much faster, but if you say it has to happen like A,B,C or D… then that’s the ONLY way it can come into your reality, making it harder to manifest. If you’re trying to manifest your big contract, but say to yourself that it has to be of this value, and at this time, etc., then your blocking off all other opportunity for it to come into your existence. Details are okay, but it can be a sticky web. (He gives me a funny visual of himself caught up in a huge web in this foggy, damp meadow… as he struggles to free himself and his frustration just escalates!)

Me: OK, so what’s the major hang up? Where do people usually get stuck when trying to manifest?

Erik: Ha! Fear, details, and subconscious understanding. Don’t let your fear of the unknown, block what already is. Don’t let your need for details limit what you want. And don’t let the subconscious believe that it doesn’t already exist.

Me: hmm, ok well thank you. Anything else?

Erik: Believe it to exist, merge with it vibrationally, and you’ll see it physically.

Me: Well thank you!

Erik: Well you’re welcome!

Haha Erik is always playfully messing around. Hope this helps all of you understand manifestation a little clearer!

Happy Monday!!

Love & Peace,
Kim Babcock

I really urge you to book a session with Kim. She’s just incredible in every way. You can book a full session or join her small group calls. Channeling Erik peeps get a special rate! Yay! 

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