A Bouquet of Flowers and More

Check out these great Erik Encounters! And if you haven’t already watched the YouTube I posted yesterday of Daniel’s healing session with Dr. Hahn, I had to take it down temporarily so that Dr. Hahn could add some explanation to it. I’ll post it as soon as that is done!

Story #1


Thank you Elisa for beginning this spiritual community and providing the platform for great insights and knowledge of the afterlife and our own consciousness. I’ve been familiarizing myself with the website and YouTube videos of Channeling Erik and I was amazed by the numerous spiritual encounters and pranks with Erik. I was a little nervous about being pranked so instead I asked for some more spiritual knowledge or something “nice” from Erik. One evening, I dozed off and woke abruptly and I looked toward the wall by my bedroom door and I saw a sort of hologram hand with a bouquet of flowers slide down and I heard Erik’s voice in my mind and he cheerfully said “So, I got you flowers instead!”. The perception quickly faded away and I remember blinking a few times and pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, but I was most certainly awake. Afterwards, I had some doubts and second-guesses about the experience and rationalized that it was my imagination, but I remember many the mediums in your videos state to not distrust these paranormal experience. I then proceeded to trust this metaphysical experience and appreciate his friendly, charming hello!

Story #2 (This one is hilarious!)

Hello everyone! It was so funny! I was talking to my friend on FaceTime and I was telling her in-depth about channelingerik. site…etc etc…so next thing you know both of our voices changed…its hard to describe..but all of a sudden out of the blue.(.and BELIEVE me I’ve used FaceTime many many times and this never happened…..) my voice got really low and distorted like a monster..and my friend heard it and we starting laughing hysterically and both at the same time said “ITS ERIK” ….anyways thought I would share….lol…..much love!

Story #3 (No privacy?)

I had been reading the blog and watching videos for about a year and there was a comment about Erik liking to mess with people in the bathroom and I thought it was funny. Then we had a new home built and moved in last February. I was excited to be the first one to use my new bathroom and plopped down and went Omg Erik! There he was in the imprint on my floor right in front of my toilet! Now, I see him every day and night and always!!

Story #4 (Classic Erik)

Erik have been visiting quite regularly lately…what a crack up! So today I was shopping in a local dept. store and out of the blue I smelled skunk..which is the smell of pot…omg it was hysterical! I smelled it..of course being in a store there are no skunks!!!! LOL…so Im like this has to be Erik….I started giggling….he is so funny….!!!! Keep coming Erik..Love your visits….you little prankster!!
Much love! Carol

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