A Dramatic Healing of a Woman Who Was Never Loved by a Mother

Sometimes I can relate to this wonderfully loving woman, Suzy, because my mother had her Mommy Dearest side. She often told us she wishes we were never born, called us little shits while gritting and gnashing her teeth or beating us with her hairbrush…when we were as young as 6 or 7. It’s weird, too, because we were all super well-behaved children. We didn’t dare be otherwise. But Suzy’s mother was three degrees worse, as you will see in this YouTube. If you need healing, please contact Tammy De Mirza. Subscribe to her newsletter, too. It’s ironic that the ones who need healing the most are the ones who refuse to make the effort or pay the money because they don’t think they’re worth it. You ARE worth it. We all are.

Last night’s radio show was wonderful, as always. Jennifer Doran masterfully channeled my boy on the topic of loneliness and Jamin Olivencia also shared his wisdom on the subject. Speaking of which, don’t forget to sign up for the event they’re hosting at my house in June. Click on the event’s button on the righthand sidebar of the blog’s homepage to find out more, or click HERE. See you all there! Well, maybe not all, but some!

Here’s the show in case you missed it.

Also, today at 3 PM PT/4 PM MT/5PM CT/6 PM ET, I’ll be holding a Q&A session during today’s Day of Oneness event hosted by the Universe Inside Us Facebook Group. Please join me at that time and also know that this event is an all day affair. 

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