Afterlife Research

Me: What’s the future of afterlife research?

Erik: Oh, kick-ass question.

Long pause

Jamie: Okay, back up, Erik.

Long pause

Jamie (to Erik): So 3 years for what?


Jamie (to Erik): Oh.

Jamie: Okay. He’s talking about in three years when science gets a grasp on spirituality, of afterlife—we’ll call it afterlife—he’s um. (Giggling) All right, Erik! He’s talking really fast.

Erik: For a long time in history, science and spirituality had to stand in different parts of the house, but really these two can go hand in hand. You’ll notice in the next three years, you’ll hear a lot of talk about machinery that’s able to identify subtle energy movements’.

Me: Hmm!

Erik: We already have machinery that can detect subtle energy. These are energies that are commonly unavailable to average sight, and, you know, seeing is believing, right? That’s what our culture says, and because we didn’t see it, we didn’t know to hunt for it. Now that we’re catching on to these things, first you’re going to see an explosion of how this subtle energy movement affects the health of the physical body.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: Because health is a widely known acceptable market.  We’ll want to listen and understand about that, so we’ll discuss that first. But really underlying all of this is if they can identify this subtle energy, then they can identify the soul without a body.

Me: Interesting. What is this machine that can detect subtle energy now? What is it used for now? Is it for this or another application?

Erik: They’re just using it now to look at the energetic fields around human bodies.

Me: Okay. For what purpose? For health? Just for fun?

Erik: No. It started out as curiosity, but then they found that certain patterns correlated with certain diseases and illnesses.

Me: Oh.

Erik: So, it’s an advanced way of diagnosing what is going to happen in the physical body, which has been the absolute fucking belief from the beginning in the whole Eastern world: You must maintain your energetic body so that your physical body can be healthy. It’s just another way to feed yourself.

Jamie: Oh, I really like that visual. He says we’re taught to feed ourselves well so that our physical body is better, but he made it sound like we have to feed it the right energy to keep our body disease-free.

Me: Hmm. Okay.

Erik: You’re right. We just haven’t gotten there in a belief system yet, and when science, in about three years, starts talking about these machines—of course they’re be in these obscure articles and kind of underground, and then it’ll turn into, you know, incredible little experiments before it ever hits fucking mainstream.

Jamie (to Erik): Brrrrrrrrrah. You have to back up, Erik.

I chuckle. I know how chatty he can be.


Jamie (to Erik): What is? The delay. She chuckles. He’s telling me the delay of scientific evidence into mass market used to be about 15 years. Now it’s about ten.

Me: Ah, that’s better.

Erik: In about 3 years it’ll be six, so it’s decreasing and that’s just because of the communication, like on the Internet and everything.

Jamie: He’s talking about how the news is going to change.

Erik: There will have to be channels on the Internet that are not opinionated—

Good luck.

Erik: —that are specifically enforced for factual evidence.

Me: Why is the veil thinning? A blog member wants to know, but I don’t know if it even is.

Jamie: Why is the veil ascending?

Me: No, thinning.

Jamie: Thinning. Yeah, that’s better.


Jamie bursts out in laugher for several seconds.

Jamie (still laughing) Maybe you have to deliver the answer like this: You gotta be really quiet, and then you lean in and you whisper it like it’s some nasty news, because that’s how he’s doing it.

That makes me chuckle. So like him.

Erik (whispering and talking like what he says is some momentous surprise): It’s like that the whole time. It’s just that you are GEROOOWING.

Me: Ah. I knew it!

Jamie giggles. Still.

Me: Okay.

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