All About Destiny, Part One

Erik really shines on this one. Sorry to start with part one on a Friday, because you’re going to be writhing in anticipation until Monday, but no pain no gain. I also would like to announce that the regular small group channeling call scheduled for 4/11 is sold out, but the griever’s call where Erik will bring forth a loved one for you to communicate with still has one spot open. The date for that is 4/18. Jamie also has the channeling call schedule up for all of her calls at this link: EVENTS


Note: I’m going to start using plain text rather than italics from here on out. (Hopefully I’ll remember). My editor told me it’s easier on the reader’s eyes. Feedback?

Me: Let’s talk about destiny, Erik. Can you talk about the spiritual contracts souls make before incarnating?


Jamie (sternly): Okay, straighten up, Erik. Come on. (To me): Okay, so you want him to tell you about destiny, how it’s planned before reincarnation?

Me: Yeah. I mean, part of it has to do with spiritual contracts, right?

Jamie: Yeah.

Me: So, I thought maybe we’d start out with that.

Erik: First of all, we want to ditch the concept of karma, because people with use the term, karma, as an excuse for the shit they deal with in their life that they don’t feel like they’re responsible for. They’re just experiencing this shit.

Me: Mm hm,

Erik: Okay. There’s really no karma.

Jamie (laughing): He’s making sounds like, “Poo-poo,” and “Blech”, and “Yuck,” and “just get that out.”

I giggle.

Erik: Now, because there’s not karma, and, which means you’re not held by honor or by any greater system to balance your own scale—we have to go back to balancing your own scale which means you have a judgment system in place.

Damn, he’s all over the place.

Erik: It means there is a right and there is a wrong, which there isn’t. There is no judgment scale so there is no karma. Now some people use the eye for and eye. You know, if you caused pain to one person, then you must suffer pain. That definitely has some validity. What you drop into the pond ripples out to the edges and comes back to the place where the pebble was dropped, but it’s not karma. It’s not a punishment program.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Okay. I just wanted to get that out, cuz let’s say you’re choosing to live in a life that still sucks shit and you’re thinking, “Ah I must be paying”—

Jamie: I love that! He’s talking in an old Jewish man voice. Nice.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: “Ah, I must be paying for it because of what I did in another lifetime or what I did to somebody else.” Even though there’s no karma, people still wanna play the victim, because they don’t know how to take responsibility for how the environment is behaving. They feel like they’re not in control over the environment. They’re correct. They’re not in control, but they’re connected to it, and how you choose to perceive it changes how it affects you.

Me: Ah!

Erik: Right? So, you could play the role of the victim, but if you had a really good teacher, I don’t know, say, like myself cuz I’m so awesome—

Jamie (giggling): Erik!

Jamie and I bust into a laugh.

Erik: –come in and say, “Hey, just tweak how you’re looking at what’s happening. Then all of a sudden, you finally feel a part; you’re connected to the environment. It’s no longer a victim circumstance, but a participant one. I wanna know where people get off on labeling themselves (in a whiny voice) the victim, the poor person, you know, the one shit always happens to, they’re cursed, they’re this, but yet they’re really good people and they pray and they’re really positive and they have a really good heart. (Sarcastically) Oh, these poor people! Where do they get off in doing this when they talk all this shit, but they don’t do anything about it? They’re not proactive in their life at all! They pray, (with great sarcasm) “God, please come and take this depression, this sadness, this curse away from me! Oh Great Being of Whomever”—

Me: Erik, you gotta wrap this one up, because we have some questions to go on to!

Erik: Oh, c’mon, Mom! I’m having a good time!

All three of us laugh.

Me: I know, but Jesus Christ, we have other questions, boy!

Erik: Well, that’s great! We’ll get to them!

This century, I hope.

Erik: Just listen.

Jamie chuckles.

Erik: So, they pray to this god to do all of these things for them, but they’re not putting in any action or anything. All right. So, the whole contract thing—

Thank you, Jesus.

Erik: —comes into place when you come into life and you’re choosing whatever situation whether it’s poverty, richness, joy, sadness—neither one is greater than the other—whatever you’re living in—is to help you learn some kind of life lesson that you’re attracted to learning. Is it possible that you’re basing this on another life? Absolutely! I mean, who the fuck says, “I want to learn how to ride a bike. I really fucking wanna learn how to ride a bike”, and then get on the bike once and fall down and hurt themselves and never get on a bike again? That’s stupid!

Me: Yeah!

Erik: So, you get into one life and you say,” I really wanna be a pilot. I really wanna be a pilot”, and you learn how to fly, but you crash, and you die. That really sucks. So, you get into another life. “I really wanna be a pilot. I really wanna be a pilot!” You try it again, man! That’s why we have contracts in place, so that we can hit the certain notes to make our song. Contracts help shape our destinies.

Me: Ah!


Okay guys. You’ve GOT to watch this YouTube my daughter made. It’s the 21 things you don’t know about her. Hilarious.


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