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I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Rune and I went to a KOA camp by Lake Livingston. Not the nicest campsite I’ve seen, but it has some amenities that Arleen and Easton would love, like this incredibly elaborate splash pad that rivals those of big amusement parks. We’ll definitely take them this summer.

For those of you who missed the Hour of Enlightenment show last week, click HERE. We’re on for this Thursday at 6 PM CT. 

Here’s the video of our session about Heaven with new medium, Jennifer Doran. She’s a bit nervous, but they all are for the first taping! She covered the radio show for Veronica last week and did and amazing job and she’ll be covering the show for the entire month of April. If you want to book a private session with her, click HERE

One last thing: Something has come up so that I won’t be able to post Wednesday. Sorry!

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