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I am so pleased and honored to introduce guest blogger, Sophia, today. Her insight all things Indigo is impressive, as you’ll soon see!

Hi there, readers of Channeling Erik –

I’m Sophia, I’m an indigo and I counsel indigos. Seeing as this blog talks about indigos sometimes, and because a lot of indigos are surely reading it, I wanted to contribute something here.

I can identify a lot with how Erik needed to leave the world. Being an indigo is not easy on this planet, not at all.

Waking Up

I’ve talked with a lot of indigos, and what I’ve seen is that it’s almost a rule to have a hard time when you’re young and until you wake up. Waking up usually involves discovering the term “indigo”, or at the very least coming to terms with the fact that you are different. Then you also discover that the world is different from who you are. Living here is a matter of adapting to necessarily unfavourable conditions.

A lot of indigos travel from place to place, looking for the location in the world where they will finally feel at home. While travelling is often positive, I think a lot of us need to realise that Earth is never going to feel entirely like home. We will always feel out of place, at least a little. Home is not on this planet.

Feeling At Home

The closest thing I’ve found to feeling like I’m at home is when I’ve surrounded myself with positive, loving energies who truly “get” who I am – most of all, other indigos.

Your nation is not going to represent you. But your circle of friends and soul family can be like a micro-state, a place where, at least most of the time, you don’t need to sacrifice your gut-felt principles and ideas about how life should be.

I also make sure to avoid getting surrounded by an environment that’s too hostile to my way of being in the realms of school and work. Indigos mostly just can’t take hierarchy – there is none on the planets or dimensions they come from. So usually the best thing for a child to do is to find a democratic school or to do home-based Unschooling. An adult would usually need to find a very high-vibe company to work in, create their own company, or work alone.

No Complete Solution

These measures are not the ultimate solution to this feeling of estrangement you have, though.

I think really, there is no complete solution on this planet. Earth is just not made for you. Not as it is now, anyway.

But that can be okay. The situation doesn’t have to be perfect for you to still thrive. Think of someone who lost their leg. There will always be something missing, and they will always know it, but they can still have an incredibly beautiful, flourishing, happy life despite that. No, not despite that – alongside that. Don’t resist the lack. Embrace it.

A Mission

Take existence on this planet like a mission into foreign territory. You won’t feel entirely at home. But you don’t need to. It’s just one lifetime. You can rest in future lifetimes, or in the beyond, if you need to*.

What made this life make sense for me was seeing it in terms of a mission. This planet needs us indigos, who know what the higher vibrations look like and who can guide the planet into continuing to open up. That’s very meaningful. Potentially, it could be worth all the suffering – our souls certainly thought so, since we incarnated knowing exactly what we’d be going through.

Home Exists

Somehow, knowing Home exists – somewhere, even if it isn’t here – makes it easier. You know all that about time and space being an illusion? Home is out there among the stars, but on another level, it is also right here inside us.

I hope this has been useful for you, both indigo readers and those who are interested in understanding indigos. If Elisa wants me to, I’d be glad to write more about indigos here, perhaps make a little series. And if anyone needs counselling, feel free to contact me through my website: Sophia Gubb dot com. Currently counselling is free. I also have plenty of content which I think would be interesting to both indigos and truth seekers of all sorts.


*The concept of rest is something that has been running through my head a lot recently. While I don’t have any information that I’m sure comes from Higher Up about this, I feel pretty certain that that must be an option. I know my soul longs for it. Perhaps, too, by making a channel to higher energies within this life, we can be rejuvenated.


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