Amazing Pranks and More

Happy Saturday. I’m a bit late in posting, but we’ve been showing our grand daughter, Arleen, a great time camping in Galveston. Check out these Erik Encounters and don’t forget to share your own.

Story #1

So a huge thanks for your blog and website….its so AMAZING! First…My father committed suicide when I was 16 yrs old. This was in 1978. In 2015-2016 My stepfather and my mom transitioned. I have constant ADC from them, Even my father has joined in!! So awesome! This site has helped me to gain understanding about suicide, death and transition. I had a fair amount of knowledge but wow, this is a wealth of knowledge. So thank you so all of the people who are involved, Erik, I adore you! ADORE! you are amazing, as your Mom is. You are so REAL! You make me laugh till I cry! What joy you have brought me. I was guided to find you one night doing a search for channeling 9/11. I truly believe Erik had a definite hand in this. So I started reading and watching the videos’ I purchased both books, LOVED them! So, as far as Erik pranks…etc…I have had several occasions where my ISP was not letting me connect to anything. I repeat ANYTHING! The funny part was I could connect to your website.. coincidence? I think not!!! So thanks Erik for making that possible. You are a truly beautiful soul, funny, smart…and yes simply AMAZING!! I JUST LOVE YOU and your mom..she radiates strength, courage, and vulnerability. Keep up the GREAT work. You are paying it forward so to speak while healing at the same time. What a beautiful gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

(You are most welcome!)

Story #2

I chat with Erik in my head sometimes and recently asked if he had a message to pass along to someone. He answered ‘yes’ and would like to tell his mother (and I’m sure this would apply to the rest of the family) he loves her, misses her, and is with her always. We shared a sentiment on how much we love our mothers 🙂

Some other Erik Encounters:
While watching a Channeling Erik video, I saw Erik in my mind’s eye in a blizzard behind a sheet of translucent ice. He was knocking on the ice wall which separated us. Then he mooned me.
Another time he hugged me when I was feeling troubled.
While shopping online, Erik modeled some women’s clothing for me. That was fun.
He also revealed himself in the form of a ball of light; it was like seeing a sparkler, but the light would circle back into itself.
Thank you Erik! You make me smile 🙂

Story #3

Hello, thank you for the site and books, and the previous books about child raising, I have read them all. This happened a few days ago but I keep thinking to share it, even though I normally wouldn’t. Since the blog has been on hiatus I have been reading the earlier entries. I was finishing the entry, I think it was entitled “First channeling,” something like that, excerpt is below:

“Then laughing heartily to himself, Erik announced, “Cleanup on aisle six!” Kim was a little shocked by his irreverent humor, but I assured her that this was very typical of him. This was very “Erik.””

I finished reading this and a moment later, I heard my daughter’s tv show in the background say, very loudly, “Cleanup in Aisle 6!”
It was cool and spooky. 🙂

enjoy the break, ttfn

Now, check out this awesome video from Jamie Butler, spiritual teacher extraordinaire. Help her if you can, because she’s going to change the world, one student at a time.

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