An Interview with a Reptilian

First, I’m hoping everyone sends my family a wave of love today, the worst day in our lives in 2009. But we are getting better each day and, for me, working with Erik healing people every day has been a godsend. I can see his wispy white spirit between the scalar field. It’s lovely!

I do have several announcements before we get to the Reptilian interview. First, my congratulations go out to the winner of the Fundraiser Friday, Codi Moberg! The  entire family, home, vehicles and pets get portal work and permanent shielding Thursday! Yay! On that same note, Atlantis Scalar’s website will launch this week, but probably just the terms and conditions and the list of services and checkout so that there will be no more waivers to download, take a screenshot of, and email back! Thank god! I will announce when that is ready so hold off until then. Eventually the entire website will be up and running.

It has been such rewarding work even though it’s very time-consuming and emotionally draining. Here is an email that warms my heart and make it all worthwhile. It’s from the young woman who took the selfie only to find a horrifying negative entity behind her. Our portal work got rid of that and more. Unexpected abundance came from opening closed portals, too!

Elisa, I write to you in absolutely disbelieve and awe. My intention for contacting you and seeking your help was about a troubling spiritual issue. My finances were not on my mind. Not that finances are not an issue for my family- of course they are…we live in Southern California for cryin’ out loud, lol.  In your paperwork it said that all avenues of energy open up including financial but that wasn’t my focus. Well it must have been someone’s because this happened:

Went to dinner last night with the in-laws. It was nice as usual, Nothing out of the ordinary. As we leave my mother-in-law hands my husband an envelope and says not to open until we get home. We opened up the envelope at home to find a check made out to us in the amount of $75,000.00. Yes, seventy five thousand dollars! Elisa, may God strike me dead if this is not the absolute truth. We were, needless to say, floored. This came completely from out of the blue. We hadn’t asked for it and they never let on that this was coming- nothing. Nada. Just here you go, we want you to have this. 

This happening within days after the intense energy work that you did a coincidence?? I think not! As I said you can feel free to use the photo I sent you at your will and also this 100% true story of the power of what you do!

Much love,


After seeing that awful photo (here it is for reference) I decided to ask Erik to give me iPhone settings to capture not only negative entities, but also angelic ones, too. Check it out! You might want to copy and paste it into a Word document for future reference.

iPhone Settings to Capture Negative Entities

Filter: Silvertone

Exposure: ¼ from the right

Highlights: ¼ from right

Shadow: ¼ from the right

Contrast: ¼ from right

Brightness: ¼ from the right

Blackness: ¼ from the right

Saturation: Far right

Vibrance: Far right

Warmth: Far right

Tint: Far right

Sharpness: ¼ from right

Definition: ¼ from the right

Noise reduction: Far left

Vignette: ¼ from left

iPhone Settings to Capture Angelic Beings

Filter: Dramatic Warm

Exposure: ¼ from left

Highlights: ¼ from left

Shadow: ¼ from left

Contrast: ¼ from left

Brightness: ¼ from the left

Blackness: ¼ from the left

Saturation: Far left

Vibrance: Far left

Warmth: Far Left

Tint: Far left

Sharpness: ¼ from left

Definition: ¼ from left

Noise reduction: Far right

Vignette: ¼ from  right

Okay, one more thing, but it’s pretty important:

Tuesday, Erik will discuss how, in many cases, mental illness and substance abuse can be caused by open portals in one’s energy body and/or home and the negative entities that feed on the misery these conditions cause. In that case, maybe a lifetime of pills isn’t the answer. Maybe 6 or 7 hours of portal work will lead to an eternity of mental health! Channeling Erik this time will be our wonderful CE medium, Stephanie Perez.

Then, after 20-30 minutes, Erik will take questions from listeners, and the answers will be channeled by Stephanie, as well. Be sure you check out her site at

Last, if you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735.

You can also access the show through

During the last show, we heard a TON of EVPs and one of them was a being saying FUCK YOU!!! Our awesome EVP expert, Ron Lederer, thought it might be Erik, but I told him Erik would never say that in that context. I asked Erik, and he said it was a negative entity (probably the one in the photo) pissed about us doing portal work!

Okay, okay, here’s the interview! THIS ONE WAS EPIC but VERY challenging for brave Ms. Vee. Check her out at Also check out her Etsy shop mentioned in the YouTube HERE.

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

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