Angel’s Touch

Here’s another post I forgot to publish. It’s from over a year ago!!

Story #1

Hi Elisa,

I know I’ve submitted an Erik Encounter before. This just happened and I have to let you know. Not intending to post it, I just want you to know. 🙂 I call angel’s touch from heaven.

I just shut off lights and relaxed lying down, listening “When you say nothing at all”. And I felt a tickling feeling on my leg, as if an angel’s hair is falling on you, much lighter than hair. I’m on vacation in Bali island, Indonesia. I thought is there a spider or something on my bed (tropical island typical stuff)? But i wasn’t scared surprisingly. Just ignored it. Then second time, on the waist. I traced it making sure there was no ants or anything. Then I realised is that Erik? So I said, Erik, is that you? Do it again. Then I got the angel’s touch on my other arm’s shoulder, a few times. It’s amazing. I can feel his presence. I told him I want to see him some time when I’m able to.



Story #2

Apologizing in advance for this being kinda long. Hello, well I really don’t know where to start…. I guess it happened when I was looking for channeling deceased celebrity’s. I found your cite and……. I LOVED it! Not only did I find what I was looking for, I also found a family. I can’t express what you and yours mean to me. Sorry this is sounding like a Erik testimony. Ok, to the prank! My family and I were watching t.v in the living room( not a big surprise, we never get our buts off the couch) anyway, as we were getting our brain warped with violence, the fan just flipped on. WOW. My family got freaked out. Really. Freaked. Out. I should tell you that my father LOVES ghost story’s, mainly because he lived in a house that was haunted. I knew right away it had to be Erik, but my skeptic mind of course shut that idea off. So I ignored it. I started getting more into channeling Erik, and as I did I started asking Erik to prank me. For a while, I would get nothing, again because of my skeptic brain. One night, I was in bed thinking about him. Thinking why he didn’t come to visit or just didn’t want to visit, maybe it was me he didn’t feel connected to. As I was thinking that, I had a vision of a hippie-ish person with a beard holding alcohol beverages in both hands and a cigaret in his mouth with a pair of shades on, turning around and looking at me. (Elisa, do you mind asking Erik if it was him?, because that sounds a bit far fetched for my skeptic mind) I was amazed. And just the other night my remote didn’t want to work. I thought it was the battery’s so we decided to wait for tomorrow to get them. So the next morning I thought I just try it again. What do you know, it worked! Again not sure if it was him but I thought I share. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Elisa, you are an amazing mother, you can’t possibly know what you and Erik did and still do for me. Love you and Jamie, you two have a very great sense of humor, now I know where Erik gets it. Thank you.

Story #3

I have been reading the blog and watching the videos for a while now. I have learned so much and continue to. I thought I would ask Erik for a sign from him , really just thinking it. We were in eastern Washington to watch my son play football. We stayed over so that we could visit with my daughter in laws family who live there. Never saw a dragonfly at the game. I thought ok just a little disappointed. We took the in laws out to dinner and had a wonderful time. After eating I went to the gift shop in the restaurant to look around. I walked in and looked down. There was a bucket filled with sand and the most beautiful silver dragonflies with colored stones on their backs and for eyes. Not one but many dragonflies! They were beautiful just like Erik!

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