Are You a Lightworker? Part Two

Oh my god, wrapping presents yesterday was a 3-hour nightmare. It’s not that there were tons of presents. It’s just that so many of them were very tiny and some were shaped really weirdly. A lot of time was spent searching for the pen, the scissors or the tape, and these were usually found under piles of gift wrap scraps or under my butt. I’m not used to sitting on the floor, legs curled up and hunched over, so it took a while to unwind the pretzel me and walk like a normal human being. But I’m finished and ready to prepare for our big opening tomorrow night right after our Christmas dinner, which starts at six o’clock sharp. Arleen and I will make cookies for Santa while we all listen to Christmas carols and drink eggnog. I won’t be posting tomorrow, but I will be thinking about you and wishing you a wonderful holiday! Enjoy Part Two of the Lightworker series. I added the end of Part One for a smoother segue.

Erik: It’s not like they’re going (waving both hands and grinning like an idiot,” “Hi! Come over and talk to me! Yeah, I’m a stranger!” It’ll be in grocery stores and everything, and what the Lightworker, like my mom, is doing is she’s giving—not guidance verbally—but she’s giving attention and energy and showing value for that person’s life in a sense of community, a communion of conversation.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: And that right there empowers their life toward a decision they’re trying to make. It could be, “I’m so lonely. I’m just going to overdose on pills tonight because I’m done with this shit.” Then all of a sudden, this stranger like my mom comes up and goes, “Hey, what’s up? That’s so pretty on you! What are you doing? Blah, blah, blah.”

He makes me sound like a total airhead. That makes me laugh.

Erik: And it makes them see life differently. You never know what your interaction, the energy you’re gifting to somebody, is going to do for a person. They have the power to take it and put it into their manifestation, put it into their cup the way they need it best and to use it the way they need best. Not only can conversation from a Lightworker give guidance, they’ll give verbal advice or solutions. You’ll see someone maybe reading a box of some medicine, and you’ve taken it and love it and you go over and say, “Hey, you know, I’ve had this before. It was very nice, and it didn’t upset my stomach and blah, blah, blah. But you should just try it for yourself and figure it out.” The Lightworker never goes around (pointing to the top of his/her head,) “I have the answer! I’m the one and only!”

I chuckle.

Erik: They seem to be less egocentric and, in fact, less worried about themselves. Their concern is geocentric. “Where is everybody, and how am I going to get everything working?”

Me: That is so true.

Erik: When they give the opinion, the advice, the counsel, they’ll always say, “That’s just my opinion. I’m going to share it with you, but it doesn’t have a lot of weight to it because…So you’ll figure it out.”

Me: There’s not a lot of ego around their opinion.

Erik: That’s extremely powerful. We need to put that kind of energy onto the Earth because they’re like these tiny little anchors.

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: That was a cool image in my head. It’s like to stop the motion.

Me: What other things do Lightworkers do?

Erik: Heal physical bodies. Restructure DNA. They can heal the environment.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: You can look at that as air, ocean, plant life, mold, fungus, things that are invasive—


Erik: They set a balance to things. That’s why some people go, “You know what? I need to move to the northeast. I have to be there,” or “I’ve got to move to the southwest.” They have this calling, this yearning to end up in a certain place because that environment say, “Psst.” (Pointing a thumb to the right)

Me: “Need you here!”

Erik: “Need you here because your light, your purpose, your design fits into that eco-environment for growth, protection.” It’s not a mistake that you end up where you’re living. If anybody out there watching says, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to live in Seattle,” or “I really want to be in Miami,” or “I really, really, really—“ fucking move it, man!

Jamie giggles.

Me: Yeah, but it’s so hard. So hard to make sure a big decision. You have to let go so so many things like connections, but … Okay, go ahead. Tell me more examples of what a Lightworker would do. Healing the environment, physically healing, guiding—

Erik: Just kind of talking in general about Lightworkers, they’re compassionate; they have a lot more empathy; they’re more geocentric than egocentric, and they have this sense of respect and honor for all things living. Those are natural Lightworkers. Some of the side effects [include] hot hands, the sweats, moment of knowing—knowing that they have to move, knowing that they have to—

Me: Talk to that person.

Jamie: Ha ha ha. I had that experience yesterday.

Me: Oh yeah?

Jamie: I had to go plant my plants at the office. I really didn’t want to but I had to. It was weird. So I went and got the plants. The painter showed up early, and he was going to walk on the wet floor and ruin everything, delaying the opening. It was such perfect timing.

Me: That’s so cool!

Jamie: I just really didn’t want to be there. I really wanted to stay at home and sleep in.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: Moments like that when you’re driven to follow through, given to say hi to someone, driven to give flowers to a stranger, these are people who are anchoring this pure light energy into Earth, human existence, all that’s living. They groom everything. They’ll come by the tree and look at the fungus and wonder, “Why isn’t someone helping this tree?” They have compassion towards everything.

Me: Is there a downside to being a Lightworker?


Erik: Yes, you have a hard time being a dick.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: You kind of need a little bit of dick energy.

Now we both laugh.

Jamie: I’ll say it with a straight face.

Me: Good luck!

Erik: You’ve got to have a little bit of dick energy to help set your boundaries.

She failed miserably.

Erik: You need to. It’s hard to have extremely clear boundaries when you’re a Lightworker motivated to enhance and give. These are some of your integrities and morals. So you’ll be in situations where you have to touch it out and say no. It will break your heart.

Me: That’s hard.

Erik: It’ll eat your stomach up. You’ll feel like you’re doing what’s against everything you believe in, but you have to say no to protect you. In my opinion, that would be the downfall.

Me: Is that the only downfall?

We both mean downside, but…

Erik: No, but there are different downsides for different Lightworkers. That’s the biggest one, the one that gets challenged the most.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Health is sometimes a downside. You’d think that if you’re a Lightworker who can handle abundant energy that you’re just going to be all the best!

Me: Yeah!

Erik: But, being geocentric, you kind of forget to take care of (finger to forehead) you. You might eat more processed food; you might not exercise enough—

I point an accusatory finger at myself for these two, and Jamie laughs.

Erik: Then you realize, “Oh, fuck. I’m not healthy. What am I going to do?” And you know all the answers. But you were so busy doing your passion and being “out there” that you kind of fucked yourself over.

Jamie giggles. She’ll never get totally used to those f-bombs.

Me: I can see that. Can anybody be a Lightworker?

Erik: Yes.

Me: What do you do, sign up when they announce, “Sign up now. We’re accepting 600 new Lightworkers to incarnate. Sign up while you can!”

Jamie laughs.

Erik: In fact, a lot of the younger generation are [Lightworkers.]

Me: Ah! Good. Like which generation? My granddaughter’s age?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Seven or so?

Erik: Yep. The zeroes to tens. They’re part of a new wave of, we’ll call them Indigo Lightworker kids.

Me: Could you incarnate as a Lightworker if you wanted to, Erik?

Erik: Yes.

Me: So it’s totally free will. “I want to be a Lightworker.” Is it that sort of thing?

Erik: Yeah, all of it’s based on free will.

Me: It’s almost like it’s a spiritual contract. You want to come to Earth and move energy.

Erik: Well, you could be a Lightworker, but your purpose is to be a lawyer.

Me: Okay. Yeah.

Erik: So, it’s not like because you choose to be a Lightworker that that’s your sole thing, your undercurrent. You can choose to make a career out of it and be, say, a healer. Then you’d be using that undercurrent as your main talent.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But you don’t necessarily have to do it that way.

Me: You were probably not a Lightworker when you were here as Erik, right?

Erik: What are you trying to say, Mom?

Me: Well, I don’t know.

Erik: No, because I wanted to have my internal battle. I needed this (fingers pointed to head)

Me: Okay.

Erik: I didn’t need geocentricism getting in the way.

Me: Okay. Anything else on Lightworkers?

Erik: No, you got a question?

I ask Jamie about the latest news with the construction of her new Love and Light Institute, and then we close off.




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