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It’s been a while since I’ve published Erik Encounters. Frankly, I forgot! So, I’ll try to post them more often. Keep them coming. If you have praise for the boy, click on the “Share Your Praise” button. If you have a a prank, sign or visitation, click on the “Share Your Story” button. Both are on the righthand side of the blog’s homepage. You’ll have to scroll down a bit!

Story #1

Hi Elisa, I could be wrong and this may some kind of technical quirk but I’ve been seeing white dots gently fall across the screen like snow, when reading your blog. It’s happening right now for the third time! The first time it happened I was reading the blog on my Mum’s tablet about a year ago and I was going through a tough time with her (she lives abroad) and so I was reading your pages for some encouragement, when I started to see little white dots cascade down the screen. I had a feeling then that it was Erik’s way of encouraging me and I was comforted that he knew what I was going through and offered me his support. This was about a year ago and I was remembering this a couple of days ago and wondered if I would ever see the snow on screen again. So then, a day or two later, it happened on my laptop screen back home! I thought i’d google it, perhaps there was a reason, and I read an entry on a Microsoft blog about snowing on screen, but it was to do with monitor issues – and my Mac laptop is under a year old, it didn’t feel like an explanation in my case. Plus, I only have ever seen this snow when reading your blog! So today i’ve been catching up on your entries and enjoying reading about Erik’s lovely girlfriend Jillian and the great work she does, and big fat white snow flakes started falling! So pretty and so gentle, I can only think this is Erik – again he is encouraging me as it’s the morning after a work social event that left me feeling a bit uncomfortable. Thanks for the wonderful hard work you do, reading Erik’s words and his wisdom always set me up for the day – his compassion and humour always warms my heart.

Story #2

I went to go visit my brother in new york for a week, i haven’t seen him in over 2 years, the last night i was there was his birthday and My mom, him,and my sister in law all went out to a barbecue place and to a private room karaoke place that night to sing karaoke for 4 hours straight(lol) anyways, But on the way there i noticed some graffiti on a garage pull over door thing for a store and it said in fancy black handwriting “ERIK” with a star at the end of it. I’m not sure if that was him trying to contact me or something but it immediately made me think of him, since he spells his name with a K.

Story #3

Hi Elisa!

Hi hon … Erik will likely pay you a visit soon .. that’s my feeling … I would also like to address the photo you have posted in your blog ‘Crisis of Faith’. Honey I don’t think you noticed that that big pile of dark shade in the right hand side of that photo … well , after years of viewing Bigfoot in the woods , in videos and many many many photographs, Elisa, I can see that you’ve captured a Clan of, a pile of, a rather large stack if you will, of BIGFOOT!

I studied the photo and have several crops and a bit of detailing for you to peruse if you so wish! I kid you not, when I saw that photo I immediately saw the stack of Bigfoot and said out loud “I KNOW what I’m looking at!” and then I looked at Erik’s picture beside the photo and damned if his eyes widened in the pic and seemed to LAUGH! I blinked hard and looked back at his pic and it was back to ‘normal’ ! LOL

You see, last week I was like ” Huh, every one seems to get visits from you Eric except me! What am I? Chopped liver?” LOLOL Oh my gosh we are a sorry bunch. LOL
Here is a quick tidbit from my own experience. My precious father Jeff was killed in a car wreck 16 years ago at age 64 and I was feeling terribly sorry for myself that I would never see him as an ‘old’ man… I had been grieving horribly and it was a week after we buried him. I went out on my deck and watched in awe and utter shock as my father sauntered past on my street wearing his sunhat, sporting a long white-haired ponytail and using what I soon realized, was a ‘talking stick’ to aid his walking… he walked down to the corner, looked back at me, tipped his hat … and promptly disappeared! Now, when I feel that grief, I recall that day and know that we survive this experience, we do… we survive!

Elisa here. Lindi can you send me that picture?

Have a great weekend, everyone! Mine is going to entail a lot of housework!

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