Beauty, Personalities, and, Yes, Apples

Enjoy the last bit of the final session of 2011!

Me: Okay. Here’s another question. What is the spiritual side of beauty and fashion?

Erik: Kristina asked this, didn’t she?

Me: Yes, of course.

Erik: Beauty and fashion bring happiness, and happiness is the core of spirituality, so you focus on the joy of what you feel: texture, color, appearance, and this helps guide the person into joy. That helps the person stay balanced and grounded. A lot of people who would otherwise have trouble being grounded gravitate to fashion to pull them back to Earth. Plus, beauty and fashion encourages them to find a greater purpose in life. If you don’t feel good about self, then your stuck kind of  self instead of trying to make it better.

Me: Ah, interesting.

Jamie: He jokingly kind of throws out, “Tell her she’s pulling many people out of depression!”

Me: Awww! That’s probably true! I know it’s really helped her deal with the grief that you’ve left behind with her, so, it’s been a very nice outlet for her. Now, can you tell me the spiritual difference between men and women?

Erik: Really, there shouldn’t be a spiritual difference, but because the physical bodies are different, many people believe the internal side is different. Men have the capability of being emotional—of being vulnerable and open, and women have the ability of being of being strong, setting boundaries. Men have the ability to nurture. Women have the ability to be sexy.

Jamie giggles.

Typical Erik.

Jamie: Erik, you’re getting off track here.

Me (chuckling): I wonder why! Okay, do souls have egos or is that just a human thing?

Erik: That’s all human.

Me: Okay. So, how many personalities do you have, Erik, and what is the real difference between personality and spirit?

Erik: Coo coo ca choo.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Coo coo ca choo, what the heck? Why don’t you just say apple and get it over with!

Jamie (to Erik): Apples! I’m going to hurt you for that!

This is in reference to the time Erik kept repeating the word apple over and over during one of her sessions with a sitter in her office.

 I laugh.

Jamie: It really was a good prank.

Me: That’s so typical of him.

Jamie: If I had smelled something, I would have immediately known what to do.

Me (chuckling): Well, yeah!

Jamie: If my equipment had screwed up, I would know to do, ‘Ah, Erik!’ But he repeated that word for an entire hour. It was really annoying!

Me: So, Erik, how many personalities do you have?

Erik: One, and it’s fed by all of the experiences that are going on.

Me: Okay.

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