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I received an enormous amount to requests to keep the Channeling Erik Facebook Group going, which makes me question what Erik said on the eBoard. Maybe I asked the question incorrectly? So, I’m going to ask him again through Jamie on the 4th. Meanwhile, I placed a poll at the bottom of the page. Also, I’m still waiting to hear back from the publisher about starting the celebrity interviews again.

By the way, we’ve had some very interesting EVP submissions over the last few days. On Tuesday I asked Erik, through Jamie, how I can best capture his voice. I’ve not had much luck. It took me awhile before I could find a place well insulated from cat meows, dog barks, doorbells, 5 year-old squeals of delight and, well, you get the picture. We have a very noisy house. Sometimes I worry whether we call should wear hearing protection like those guys who use those leaf blowers or those who test fire jet engines. Then again, it’d be nice not to hear, “Mom, can I have some money?”


Me: My first question today, Erik, besides I love you—

Erik: That’s not a question, Mom!

Me: I know. How about, “I love you?”

Jamie giggles.

Me: What are we? Are we sentient energy? Are we some part of a collective?

(Long pause)

Erik: Isn’t that pretty much the same thing?

Me: Well, toss me a bone here, Erik. Tell me.

Erik: When you’re talking about ascended energy, what do you mean?

(Pause as I wonder if he or Jamie misheard.)

Jamie: He’s asking you. What do you mean?

Me: Oh. I don’t know. You tell me! All right. Basically, what are we?

Erik: We are—

Jamie (To Erik, chuckling): That’s going to be confusing.

Erik: We’re pieces of the whole but the whole of ourselves. We’re part of the Prime Source energy.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Ding.

Jamie: He hits a bell like he’s done.

Me: We’re energy, but we’re thinking energy, energy that thinks?

Erik: Really, Mom, you’re going to be taking it to a more heavy kind of a topic.

Me: Well, yeah!

Erik: The energy—

Jamie: He puts his hands together like he’s molding something.

Erik: The energy that we consist of resonates more with emotions, right? Experience rather than independent thought. Thought comes after the experience of the emotion.

Me: Well, is emotion energy?

Erik: Yes it is.

I forgot that he’s said over and over that everything is energy. Dur.

Me: Okay. I’m going to say that we are sentient energy that’s self-aware. Would I be wrong? Would I be off the reservation if I said that?

Erik: No, you would not be wrong at all! That would be accurate.

Me: We’re sentient emotional energy that’s self-aware. Is that even better?

Erik: Yeah. Are we printing t-shirts today or something?

Me (in jest): Yeah, I plan to. Now, what is consciousness, then?

Erik: Consciousness is like icing on top of the cake, and when we’re talking about true soul, true self, we’re talking about the cake recipe, the energy, the meat of it. The soul, the spirit, the emotion, the experience, and then the icing is consciousness that kind of allows you to –

(Long pause as Jamie listens carefully)

Jamie (to Erik): God, the visuals are amazing, but you’re not talking the same way as you’re showing me, so let’s just pause for a second. (To me) The visuals that he’s showing me are kind of like you have this ball that has all these tentacles growing off of it. Like they’re pretty much alive, wiggly. It looks iridescent in my head like light is inside of it.

Erik: The ball is the soul itself, the emotion, and all of the tentacles are consciousness. It’s almost like consciousness is the thread or the weave that comes from every soul to connect lines of information.

Jamie: Where he lost me before is he’s talking about two kinds of consciousness, and he didn’t want to use a different word. He wanted to still use the word, “consciousness.”

Erik: There’s consciousness that we have in the awake state when we’re alive as a human, and this one is a little more limiting, but it’s what will help you obtain information, hold information, thread yourself to other people and experiences, and then we have a consciousness when you’re out of the body. It’s still your consciousness, but it’s able to reach a broader spectrum.

Jamie (to Erik): That’s a good word. That was good; it explains what you put in my head. (To me) Cuz he showed me different dimensions and models and rooms and places that just seems very intricate, but the consciousness that he possesses over there can turn into all these, let’s say “rooms”. Where we are, we tend to keep our consciousness focused on one room.

Me: Okay.

Jamie (to Erik): Is that a bad thing? Is that what kind of holds us back and makes us feel like we’re linear?

Erik: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Because we feel like we’re in the one room, and we can’t see the big picture, it does several things for us. It kind of spoon-feeds us the idea that we are separate from the whole, which is—

Jamie (to Erik, laughing): What did you just say? I don’t think that’s even a word!

Me: Uh oh!

Jamie (to Erik): You want to say “falsity”?

Me: That’s a word.

Jamie: Falsity is a word, but he didn’t say it like that before! He’s just chatting really fast.

Erik: And it kind of spoon-feeds us our ego, which actually can do a lot of good for us. We don’t want to bury that shit, but at the same time, it can keep us very closed minded and keep consciousness in a smaller box within the “original” box that you were placed in. Some people can close themselves off even more, even more, even more with the use of their consciousness.

Jamie (giggling): And he just leans over my computer, because he’s in front of me and he goes, “Did I confuse you?” And I said, ‘Yeah, cuz I’m not trying to comprehend; I’m just trying to listen.’ Did it make sense?

Me: Yeah, it made sense, but I’ll probably have to go over a few times. What is ego for, then?

(Pause, then Jamie laughs)

Erik: To make you look like a badass and an asshole.

Me: Oh boy.

Jamie (to Erik, still giggling): What’s it for, Erik?

Me: Can you explain?

Erik: Yeah. Ego is really in place as checks and balances. It’s not meant to be the driver or the main force in your life, but somehow, as we’ve grown in our culture, several people saw ego as power and as power being attractive, using it as a main driving force. This is where you can just kind of drown yourself in it and not get a really true experience of what’s going on. You warp your reality with it, but a life without ego is warping your reality as well. It’s meant to be a team player; it’s not meant to be a team captain. The team captain is how you feel. It’s all in your heart.

Jamie: He’s talking all of his fingers and tapping his chest.

Me: That makes sense. So, ego, probably early on, was, or should be basically for survival on all levels, right?

Erik: Yes.

Me: And to give us that illusion of separation—that we’re separate from the whole.

Erik: Yes.

Me: What’s consciousness made of? You talked about it, earlier in the blog, that it was made of neutrinos, which are these little bitty particles. You still hold by that or did you learn anything new?

Erik: No. I still hold by that. What’s cool is that when you look at them, they actually have those tentacles that I was talking about.

Me: How interesting! How do these neutrinos change when we die, when we transition to the Other Side?

Erik: Well it’s like anything that’s third dimensional realm. It’s a bit like the luggage that you need to survive on the earthly plane. Everything in that’s working in your body, your consciousness, your emotions, your muscle memory, all that shit translates with you when you let go of that body, and how it translates is into pure energy pattern—

Jamie: Pure energy? It’s the way he said it. I wanted him to do it again, but differently. It translates into pure energy, but he’s showing me that it still holds the same kind of patterning that it did when we were in the body to serve us, you know, what we created—our memories, our experiences.

Erik: They don’t disappear, and they don’t translate into a different language. We [spirits] are just more badass.

Jamie (chuckling): I’m glad the topic is about being a badass and not our last topic!

We both laugh.

Me: You are. You know you are, Jamie.

Jamie: He’s so funny when he’s using the term. You know, he cocks his head like he’s something else.

Me (laughing): You are, Erik. You’re full of it, though.

Jamie: He’s really a ham. It’s entertaining!

Me: I wish everybody could see him!

Jamie: Ditto. Ditto.

Erik: Hold on, now. A lot of people are!

Me: That’s true!

Erik: I’m going to keep my numbers up. Don’t worry! Just because we know more doesn’t mean that we instantly get to change how we defined our experience when we were on Earth. That shit doesn’t happen. You don’t get a re-do button and stuff like that. You wanna pull that information just as you did it, just as you experienced it, so you know what you went through and take your lessons from it. Then, beyond that, cuz you’re already dead, and you’re in a different knowing state and a different experience, you can translate what you just went through and carry it forward.

Me: So, are you saying that neutrinos carry information to the Other Side?

Erik: Yeah, neutrinos are energy, Mom. Energy carries information!

Me: Is everything information, even love? And are we not only sentient energy but also information seeking more information?


Me: Is everything information? I know everything’s energy, but is information energy, too?

Jamie: He just leans back and put his arms on his hip and goes, “Yup.”

Me: So, we are information seeking more and more information. That’s what being self-aware is all about. Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Yes.

Jamie: But he likes to always—


Jamie: Sorry. He was chatting away there for a second. He’s taking it back to information. He wants to remind people who are listening not to take it to a logic venue like, “Why don’t I do research. We’re going to find out facts and statistics and locations and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

Erik: This information we’re seeking is really experience, and [that] comes from authentic, emotional experiences.


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