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First of all, I would like to thank you all for your condolences. I wish I could have answered all of them with my appreciation but there were so many, and I’m so physically and emotionally spent. 

I do have some great news, though. Jamie is hosting another event where she trance channels Erik. It’ll be 90 minutes long instead of only an hour, so we get more time to ask him questions. Also, it’s scheduled a little later this time to accommodate more work schedules. Here’s the email from her assistant, Amy:

This web channeling will take place next week on Wednesday, May 28 from 7:00-8:30 PM EST.   We are starting an hour later than normal and we are doing it for 90 minutes instead of 60 to get max involvement. The cost is $25 and people can register by going here: Trance Channeling Erik.

I’m signing up now. It’s so incredibly insightful and fun. You guys who participated in the last one will agree, I’m sure! So if you missed the last one, this is your chance!

In the Best of Erik post that follows, Erik talks about me writing a book. This was years ago. At the time, I thought he was way off base. It just wasn’t on my radar at all. 

Before I start sharing the transcription of this part of the last channeling session, I’d like to thank all of you for the amazing love you’ve given Erik and I. I feel this is the reason for the end of my recent dry spell in his visitations. The dreams, the physical presences, it’s all you guys making it happen. He feels your love and so do I. And when the collective vibration soars, manipulating energy becomes a piece of cake for the boy! Again, we both thank you with all of our heart and soul I love you all. You are a gift. And I feel like you are now family. Here’s some advice Erik gives me on how to best communicate with him:

Me: So, Erik, I’m always trying to find ways to communicate with you myself, you know?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Well I’ve been trying my hand at automatic writing at the computer. I ask you questions and type whatever comes into my mind. And I’m not sure. Am I picking up on you? Can you give me any suggestions? It’s really hard to find a quiet moment in the house since we’ve been remodeling the kitchen. I know I’ll get better when things get quieter and I can sequester myself.

Erik: No. It won’t get better. No. No.

Me (sarcastically): Oh, great!

Erik: You need to talk to me when you’re in the bathtub, Mom.

Me: Okay. And also I’m trying to make a pact with you like you flicker the bathroom lights whenever you want to talk. I know that electricity is easier for spirits to work with, right? So maybe flicker the lights in the bathroom whenever you’re around and you want to say hi…like “Good Morning, Mom,” or whatever.

Erik: Hmm. I don’t really like that idea of the lights, Mom.

Me (mildly surprised): Oh! Well…

Erik: Yeah, because you’re going to have lights flickering and it won’t be me. I’d rather make you feel all goose bumpy and then you’ll know I’m there.

Me: How are you going to do that?

Erik: It’s all about working with energy. And it won’t be like you walk outside in the winter and it’s chilly and you get goose bumps. It’ll be this overwhelming goose bumpy feeling, and you’ll know it’s me.

Me: Oh, okay!

Erik: And I already talked to your guides about it, Mom so none of them are going to use it to let you know that they’re there. I like this idea cuz then you know it’s only me. It’s not gonna be something else you think is from me.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I want to talk to you while you’re taking a bath cuz that’s when your brain is most turned off. So just take a nice long bath and…Mom, Mom! You’re always thinking about five hundred different things!

Me (in a remorseful tone): I know.

Erik: Yeah, so it’s hard for me to maneuver through all you have in your head.

(I chuckle in agreement.)

Erik: You kind of stop that when you take a bath. So that’s what I recommend.

Me: That’s so true, Erik. I get channeled information all the time while I’m in the tub. I hate that, because I usually don’t have anything to write on at the time. So I have to get out sopping wet and scribble things on a Post-it. I remember running half naked from the bathroom into my office to write something down, and I almost bowled over the pest exterminator that Pappa let into the house without me knowing. He screamed even louder than I did!

Erik (totally ignoring my comment): And Mom, when we work on the book and you’re sitting in front of the computer and you’re focusing on the book, I’m going to come through to you. You’re going to be able to focus like a laser beam and hear me very clearly, very plainly.

Me: I can’t imagine what it feels like to focus like a normal person, much less a laser beam!

Erik (insistently): Mom, Mom, we haven’t gotten started on that yet! We need to! We need to! Don’t wait until you hear me like Kim does right now. You’ll feel me; you’ll get goose bumpy, and you’re going to develop the ability to hear me real, real plainly, and feel me and see me!

Me: You’re talking about the nonfiction book?

Erik: Oh, God yes. Come on, Mom, chop chop!

Kim (laughing): I see him clapping his hands really fast like he’s trying to get you going.

(I laughed, because Erik would always try to get us to hurry by clapping his hands really fast and saying, “Chop, chop!”)

Me: Okay, okay. Good, because I don’t feel motivated yet to start working on the two screenplays. It’s so out of my area of expertise.

Erik: It’ll be about my life, my death, how you felt through the process and then how you connect with me and how you have proof from me that I’m still alive in this other dimension.

Me: Oh, yeah, that reminds me, did you make the new Viking downdraft vent go up and down by itself?

Erik: Yeah, that was me saying, “Hey Pappa!”

(I found this interesting, because the vent went up and down for my husband, not me. See the previous entry about this.)

Me: And was it you turning on the faucet while Michelle was in my bathroom?

Erik: Yes.

A final note: While transcribing this from the recording just now, there were several moments when I felt strong goosebumps on my left arm. It’s as if he was sitting next to me. What’s more, these sensations came when I was NOT thinking about his goose bump comments, so every time, they came as a surprise.

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