Best of Erik: Wow Your Ego is HUGE

Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you are temporarily upset. If you’ve ever been there just blink your eyes.

Zig Ziglar

I’m so guilty of doing this. My ego takes over and before you know it I have done all sorts of things that I then later have to try and patch up again. So this article today really speaks to me.


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Now onto today’s feature presentation. Enjoy.

Enjoy another stellar post by guest blogger, Kate Sitka!

I receive emails regularly from people who are learning to communicate telepathically; it’s really common to express this anxiety, this weight of the world, this sense of immense possibility and responsibility.  They want to live up to their potential, and a lot of the time there’s this “my life is no longer my own!” as though by opening up to spirit, you relinquish all your own aspiration and goals.  You’re part of a bigger picture now.  You’re joining the movement for world peace!  It’s like joining a convent, right?

Some people automatically equate “service” with vows of poverty, chastity and relinquishing all other earthly desires so that GOD may speak / act through them, for this must be their life’s purpose, right?

Well, no.  I don’t think so.  (I haven’t asked Erik yet, we’ll see what he says.)

The way I see it, I am an employee of the Universe, and the Universe is the best damn boss I’ve ever had.  The Universe will give me everything I need for professional development, to carry out this work, and to expand.  The Universe will give me benefits, and a pay raise when I need it.  The Universe will give me a promotion when I am ready and I ask for it.  And I am a damn good employee, because I work hard, I do excellent work, I put my best foot forward, I have a positive attitude, and a great deal of trust and faith in the boss.  I know I’m doing what I’m doing for a reason, and I know I’m appreciated, respected and well-taken care of.  I know the Universe wants to keep me around.

Erik, what say you, good friend?

HUUUUGE LONG LOUD BURP.  He’s drinking 7-up.  This makes me laugh.  Was I taking myself too seriously?

Well you did get on a soap box there for a bit, I was like, “Am I gonna get a word in?” 

Dude, you always get a word in.  And last time you were doing a sermon on the mound!

Excuse me while I step around your GIANT EGO!  (I laugh!)

He presents my “huge ego” as a giant brain, about twice the size of a human.  It’s kind of gross, squishy, leaky, pulsating.  He pokes it.  Stuff like snot comes off it. 

Dude, quit pokin’ my ego.  What’s with the giant brain?

Well, it’s like people say that ego gets in the way of things, right?  Those people who are struggling with this “Holy fuck, I just talked to Jesus!” are *so* wrapped up in their ego in that moment!  Because you’re still thinking it’s *all about YOU* – and that’s fuckin’ funny because this martyr complex can be the most  egotistical and ANNOYING personality in the entire universe.  Speaking as an authority, on behalf of the Universe.  Your lunch breaks are too long, by the way. 

Ha!  So you’re saying when you get all wrapped up about *what does this all mean* it’s this big self-centered spin-off.

Yeah!  But you gotta go through it.  Just recognize it for what it is, a hamster on a wheel.

I remember that – that’s a callout to a blog entry I did a long time ago, and to one client in particular.

Squeaky girl?  Yeah, she’s sweet, she knows what’s goin’ on.  (affectionate smile)

Now, you were talking about the importance of ego in the context of defining our separation as conscious entities, right?  So is it really a problem that my ego is so huge and gross?

(Laughs!  Shrinks it down, it’s the size of a penny, hands it to me.  Without making a joke about a small brain, which I appreciate.)  He says, Yeah!  I don’t wanna die AGAIN! (In response to me commenting about Erik showing great self-restraint in refraining from making a small-brain joke.)

So yeah – ego is really important.  Look at that fuckin’ speech you blurted – what boss could deny you a fuckin’ Ferrari?  And that’s the beauty part – it’s your confidence, it’s that faith in yourself.  You talk about having a great deal of faith, but here’s the thing – you need to find that faith in yourself so you can find the trust.  You have to trust that you’re going to be able to handle whatever comes up, at least get through it, at least SURVIVE it, even if it’s a mean-ass briar patch of a decade instead of the bed of roses you were promised.  You declare yourself to the Universe – and that’s where it all begins to turn around.

Are we going to start reiterating law of attraction stuff?

NO WE’RE NOT, go watch the movie again!  (to anyone who wants a review of “the secret” and other similar theories). 

This shit is REAL.  The thing about creating – MANIFESTING (turns into a genie-in-the-bottle-granting-wishes) is realizing that you are creating it – your consciousness right?  YOUR BIG FUCKIN’ BRAIN and your GIANT EGO is creating your reality and the way you cope with your reality.  So if you don’t like your reality, you gotta check your ego – is it too big, or not big enough? 

If your ego is too small (pea-sized brain) then you’re never going to (shows me people stepping on the brain – squish!) If it’s too big, (giant brain squishes others.)

Your ego is how you take up space in the universe, and it’s self-love, and it’s knowing you deserve these things you’re askin’ for. 

Erik, I’m going to have to go back and read in the blog – I saw there was an entry on this recently – hang on a sec.  Oh yeah, here it is, it’s recent:

Okay, I’m back.  I just read it again, and I guess I’m still now clear on your point.

Ha!  Okay, he’s showing me now a million tiny little brains attacking one giant brain, and it’s symbolizing how when someone has a large ego (that is not necessarily a bad thing, they just take up space in the Universe) it’s like the tiny little brains are threatened, so they mob it sometimes, because only in the presence of the big brain do the little brains feel inadequate, or so they think, when really THEY are making the judgment of inadequacy on themselves.  The big brain / ego is just there.  Taking up space. 

He says: So this is like, when someone’s out to do a lot of good, or they make a shit-ton of money, or they get famous, a lot of people start (shows me tabloids, protests, making scoffing noises at that person’s book in a shop) they resent this person.  They ENJOY thinking bad things about this person, because they resent (the space this person’s energy occupies).  When really, they just need to inflate their own self-worth a little.  They need to love themselves, and see the value THEY offer to the world.  And if they can’t find it, they need to start thinking about what the fuck they are doing with their lives.

But see, the people reading this, the ones who actually WILL take a good honest look at their (brain/monster egos and its’ size or lack of size) the ones who will develop that awareness of when their deformed ego is causing dysfunction in their lives.

I hear a lot about ego being an enemy of spirituality.

Yeah, well some people need to go to a monastery and live as a monk and wear orange and chant and eat and pee on schedule to get out of their own heads enough to even see the universe beyond the reality they create for themselves.  That’s why these places really open a person up.  Silent retreats too – it’s a great way to break out of a negative ego space.

Huh.  Do you think I should go- I don’t think you want to be quiet for that long!  You know they wouldn’t want you to write, right? Seriously, no journaling?  Fuck, not if they knew you were TALKING to people when you write!

So now Erik is tying this up into the first paragraph when I mentioned that becoming more psychic is, for some people, like joining a convent.  He says:  You only have to “join a convent” or go to a retreat if you feel like your ego is really keeping you from doing what you want to do – if its’ size is (shows me an ego-brain as a cod piece.  Really?)  He says: it’s like people feeling inadequate for something inside themselves, like in their pants – say it’s a guy with a really small (or really huge) penis.  The guy with the tiny junk might feel like no one will want to take him to bed, and the big guy might think he’s hot shit. (Shows me that gross porn star with the giant penis – Gerry something.  REALLY!  Porn reference for the third time in a row???)

Laughs!  He says:  You know there are people reading who KNOW that guy’s last name but are asking whether to comment about it because then they’ll admit they watch –

Can we please get off the porn for a minute? (get off, porn)  You are such a guy sometimes!

So yeah, anyway, some dudes with mini-schtickles get REALLY good (in bed in other ways. Yes this is an edit.)  So they beef up their sense of what they bring to the (bedroom) and they pump up their egos enough that they can start (attracting very beautiful women.  Yes, another edit!  Dude, I am not saying “tail” in that context  – but score one for you since it’s not an actual obscenity, well played.)

Erik will now pause to do a round of fist-bumps with the guys who just said “niccccce.”

If I may haul this titanic entry away from the iceberg and back on course, you’re saying that it’s important to have a healthy sense of what you have to offer, without being obnoxious.

Yeah, if you have a big dick, no need to tell everyone you meet, you know?  Keep it in your pants, and if you need to whip it out-

Your point is that if you’re freaking out about being psychic, one way or another, recognize it’s an ego issue and it’s up to you to correct it.  Do I have that right?

Yeah, and that there is no one correct SIZE.  Ya get me?

Because no one size ego fits all purposes, right?

Yeah, so if you see someone with a (shows me a giant brain the size of a gymnasium – shows my smaller-by-comparison-brain hanging out beside it, just doing it’s thing.)

There can be people with colossal egos on earth, and they are doin’ exactly what they need to be doing.  You can meet your favourite spiritual teacher, and you read all his books and you met him in an elevator and you realized this guy has a MASSIVE ego – and it shatters your idea of the guy.  How can he be spiritual, or have something to offer, if his (ego) is too big to function, ya know?

What about the tiny ones?

(Shows me a nun.)  There are some people with such a small (sense of their own self) and they can do AMAZING things, living their whole lives thinking of others.  (Shows me Steve Irwin – I love that guy!)  Yeah, even though he was a (powerful man) his ego was quite small – he was always thinking of things outside of himself, saving the fuckin’ world, and yet he became this hugely famous guy!

The thing with little egos, or the humble-guy is if your ego isn’t taking up a ton of space, you still need room to work.  You gotta set your BOUNDARIES! 

Uh-huh, I was just talking about that, in the context of kicking you out that night.

If you’re a mother-of-mercy type, that’s awesome.  You are never going to need to worry about your ego getting in the way – but if you’re too meek, other big egos aren’t gonna give you the space you need to work.  You’re going to get squashed.  So you need to set up a perimeter, figure out what you need to work and stick to it.

Then you’ll see the Universe really lets loose!

Okay, so what do you want the readers to do, check their ego?  Is it big or small, if it’s big is it imposing on others, if it’s small do you have the right boundaries?


What if they don’t know how to measure their ego?

You get this little ruler from the geometry set in school and – (stop! Thank you!)

It’s just knowing that there isn’t a right size, it’s all about context, and it’s all in how you USE IT.

That is stunning.  Thank you Erik.  J 

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator.  To find out more, please visit her professional website and personal blog

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