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Since the first Jen and Sean Show, we’ve got a lot of newcomers to the Channeling Erik Family. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to each of you and hope that you veterans will do the same. I also encourage you newbies to read the backstory, then slowly work your way through the archives. Why? Because Erik has already shared so much vital information: What is death like in great detail? What is the nature of the afterlife down to the nitty gritty questions like can you order pizza and are there shopping malls? What can a discarnate soul do that he or she couldn’t do with a body? How are suicides treated? How are those from the LGBT population treated and do they have a special spiritual mission here on Earth? How do our emotions and senses evolve after death? How does thought create reality? How does time work there? What is God really like? Why do we have the human experience? Is there evil? What is the nature of Love and Fear? What is the spiritual basis for individual diseases? Are there multiple selves and multiple dimensions and multiple lives? I could go on and on. I’m just saying that to miss out on the archives would be a shame.

Another note: In today’s session, I asked Erik a great deal more about the welfare of the children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting, gun control, how to protect our children in the future, the inner workings in the mind of the shooter, etc. I’ll try to transcribe and post it tomorrow, but I’m taking care of my sick sister and sick granddaughter so we’ll see!

Last but not least: Erik suggested another radio show involving just Sean and him. Sort of like a “bro show” for men who want to talk about spiritual issues while rearranging their package, grunting and farting. They can have things where anytime the word “meditation” is mentioned they have to take a swig of their beer. I think it’s a great idea, because guys are often the forgotten segment of our population. They need their man cave to talk about their chakras in an estrogen-free zone. What do you guy think? Thumbs up or down?

Okay, Erik’s telling me to zip it, cuz he wants his turn at the mic. I do tend to ramble.

Me: Is it true that certain difficulties that one faces on Earth are results of acts that are committed or omitted in a previous incarnation? I know we’ve answered this in the past, but we have so many new blog members, so… Some people don’t go through the archives, but they should, because there’s such a wealth of information there. But that’s okay. That’s okay.

Erik: Wait, ask it again?

I do so.

Erik: Yeah, often, but not 10%. We can create and destroy energetic patterns for ourselves in the current life. So, how to sift through that bullshit—

Jamie (to Erik): What bullshit? (pause) Identifying? Oh. How to identify if it’s current life or other lifetimes, because it could be future or past, but we all know it’s happening at the same time?

Erik (in mock condescension): Yeeess.

Jamie giggles.

Erik: So, how to sift through that bullshit and identifying where the root cause is of the pattern you’re carrying.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: Be it emotional, physical, logical—

Jamie (laughing): He leans in and kind of covers one side of his mouth like he’s about to tell me the ultimate truth of the whole Universe, you know?

I laugh along with her.

Jamie: Like this magical side note.

Erik (whispering to Jamie): Of course we all know it stems from emotional chaos.

Me (chuckling): Who does he think he’s trying to hide that little secret from? It’s not like he doesn’t know I’m going to plaster it all over the blog!

Jamie (laughing): I know! It’s so funny how he’ll, I don’t know—he cracks me up! So, to clarify that, Erik. You got a physical boo-boo that can be driven by emotional. If you got a mental boo-boo, it can be driven by emotional—

Jamie (laughing): He throws his arms up, and he goes, “The dumbass gets an award!”


Jamie (to Erik): I being the dumbass? Okay.

Me: Oh!

Jamie: Um, yeah.

Me: Oh, how rude, Erik!

Jamie: Yeah, whatever! That’s probably one of the nicest things he’s done!

Me: So, he’s calling you a dumbass?

Jamie: Yeah, just, yeah, pretty much.

Me: Oh my god. Wait til you cross over. He’s gonna have a lot to answer for!

Jamie: But it’s so funny. He says these really off, hard things, but if you look at him, he’s got this baby, sweet face and he’s giggling at you.

Me: So, he’s doing it in an endearing way.

Jamie: Yeah, and almost like he’s expecting me to get rowdy about it.

I chuckle.

Jamie (to Erik): I see what you’re doing, you turd!

Jamie (to me): Okay, so he’s throwing his arms up, and he’s saying, “Remember we’re emotional beings.”

Erik: Yeah. This is where our pure energy source resides. It’s how we make connections to God Source and to people and to other living creatures—emotions. We’re emotional beings. So, how to sift through the bullshit and identify in this current life or a parallel life—

Jamie: He leans forward, folds his arms and kind of drops his posture like just limp.

Erik: —it’s easy!

Jamie (to Erik): Really, Einstein? That’s easy?

Erik: Yeah. You find someone like Jamie, and you go, “Hey, is it this life, or is it another life?” You find that information from the guides that lead you just like you go to the doctor to help diagnose what’s wrong with you, physically, just like you go to a psychiatrist to diagnose or understand what’s happening to you mentally or a therapist for emotional support—we use our guides. We do rely on them; we use them. It’s a team effort. It’s just they’re not as what the masses think as readably available. You know, we don’t go into—

Me: We don’t make an appointment and—

Erik: Yeah.

Jamie: That’s what he’s saying! Make the appointment, put it on the navigation system, show up at the office and expect your guide to sit there and talk to you about the emotional diagnosis or the spiritual diagnosis.

Me: Yeah. But you don’t have to file for insurance and pay the co-pay.

Erik: Sweet! Saves you money.

Me: Yep.

Erik: Because you can go into a meditative state and discover the root cause, and some of the simple—

Jamie: Wait. Simpleton?

Erik: —simpleton techniques to think about what you’re dealing with whether it’s an argument you just had or a pattern you’ve identified or a cancer that’s in your body, and hold that in your mind’s eye. Have your eyes closed. Chill out. Be in whatever position you like and just chill. So, put it in your mind’s eye, and get it very, very close to you. Make it extremely energetically real in your mind’s eye. And just simply say the words: “Now, here or there? Now or later?” You’re just trying to identify whether it’s in the present, where the root is or if it exists elsewhere. Cuz if it’s elsewhere, it’s going to be in another life form. So, that could be past life or future life.

Me: Ah!

Erik: And that’s when you can find a regression therapist to help you find the root. I don’t care where it exists, you can heal it. We’re not trapped three dimensionally in this one time frame like how we’ve been taught. We’re really not. We can exert ourselves beyond this space and time and create changes in other parallel lives.

Me: Yeah, and once you just identify that root, sometimes that’s enough. I mean, once you identify that, yeah, you were stabbed in the chest back in the 1400s, then your chest pain goes away.

Erik: Yes. Way to throw down, Mom! That’s right. Absolutely right. Headaches can go away; fears can go away instantaneously.

Me: Okay. You just have to recognize that it’s not part of the present life.

Erik: Yeppers.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Yeppers? Really? How nerdy is that?

Jamie: I know! I told him he sounds like a 14 year-old little girl, and he looked at me and went, “Fuck off!”

Jamie laughs hysterically.

Me: Hey, turnabout is fair play, Erik! You had that coming!

Jamie (to Erik, still laughing): You totally had that coming!

Me: I know!

Jamie: He’s just laughing.





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