Borderline Personality Disorder, The Soapbox Version

A couple of days ago, I posted about borderline personality and one of the blog members wanted to know more about a possible cure for the disorder. Erik had a lot to say on the matter, most of it ranting on a soapbox digressing in all sorts of directions. ADHD still persists in the spirit world I guess.

Me: One of the blog members has a question that came up after I posted what you said about borderline personality disorder. She’s worried about her granddaughter who apparently suffers from the condition, because she is the mother of two children. Her concern is her granddaughter’s depression and overreaction to everything will affect those children. So, Erik you talked about mental illnesses will eventually be cured and how there are natural cures that are being held secret, because Big Pharma wants to profit from selling the medications they market. Obviously natural modalities can’t be patented. The blog member doesn’t really think it’s right of you, Erik, to tell us there’s a cure without stating what it is.

Erik: Is that what she wrote?

Me: Yeah.

Erik chuckles.


Erik: It was just a premonition that I wanted to give people to let them know that part of this science meets spirituality thing will help us understand the brain more, the chemical reactions more—then we’re able to actually cure the mental diseases. A lot of that is not in function at the present time, and what is in existence is underground because of the FDA.

Me: Oh, okay. It’s underground, but somebody knows about it? Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Yeah, it’s going to come across—

Jamie (to Erik): You mean come out?

Erik: Yeah, it’ll come out more in a three to four year period. Then there’ll be a huge increase in the knowledge and understanding of the human brain.

Me: Okay. Will it be medicinal, or will it be something else?

Jamie: Not really medicinal. He shows me more of it being actual brain stimulation or brain treatment.

Me: Okay.

Erik: A lot of the growth right now is working on memories—how memories are stored in the brain, how it retrieves images and emotions. Once they understand how it logs it in history, science is going to be able to wire certain emotions that are triggered. They’re going to be able to get a person to fire off a certain set of neurons to help rectify an imbalanced chemical.

Jamie: Does that—it’s a great visual that I’m having but the words, does it even make sense?

Me: Yes. Yes, it does. Very much so.

Jamie: Okay.

Me: So, what you’re saying, Erik, is that there’s nothing that you’re keeping secret from us. You’re saying that this is something that will be developed.

Erik: It’s in the process, yes.

Me: It’s in the process of being developed.

Erik: Yeah. Humans have to do it on their own. Spirits don’t jump down and go, “All right. You didn’t do it in time enough, and people are suffering!” I mean, fuck yeah. Everybody’s suffering. Everybody suffers from different things. I did. I suffered horribly. If the answers were always available, what the fuck good is the suffering?

Me: Yeah, and I guess the cure is not as simple as retrieving peat moss in the backyard, boiling it in snake oil and dribbling it over cornflakes. It’s not some currently available secret like that—something you’re keeping from all of us. It’s something that’s being developed and humans need to do it on their own and at their own pace.

Erik: Right, and personally, I think cannabis is highly unrecognized for what it can do for people who have depression.

Me: Oh boy. Here we go again. You’re the universe’s leading pot spokesman. What about for borderline personality disorder. Would it be helpful for that?

Erik: Fuck yes! What is wrong with people? But not every type of cannabis plant will get you the result for that specific kind of illness. You have to look at it and dose it in the right way.

Me: Well, how can you figure that out?

Erik: Well, that’s already being tested and used. That would be the shit that I’d be annoyed with if it’s not public knowledge. That’s the stuff that I’d get on your computer and start researching about and tell the government, “Fuck you, I’m allowed to put this on my Google search engine.”

Jamie lets out a loud guffaw.

Erik: But you gotta tell this woman, you know, her granddaughter’s kids signed up for this for a reason. For her to get all concerned about how the mother is, she also needs to know that those kids—they saw this. They knew that this would happen, and they wanted to be a part of it anyway. That’s like when you look at somebody who’s severely handicapped, you gotta look at them and you gotta know that they walked into this. They knew that this was what their life was going to be like, even it looks like the deepest, heaviest struggle you have ever seen—you gotta turn your eyes.

Me: Oof.

Erik: Or the images on TV of the starving children in Africa—you’ve got to know that that little soul said, “That shit’s for me! I’m going there right now! I’m doing it. I want to know what that’s like.” Now, whether you want to stand on the outside and say, “Oh, that’s my responsibility to take care of them,” that’s your own shit. You can take responsibility or not, but that woman who’s writing in needs to know she doesn’t need to worry about her granddaughter or her great grandchildren. If she wants to play a role and be the best at this—like her very best—it is to  offer help only when it’s asked for.

Me: Okay.

Erik: People step in and start taking control and shit, and all of a sudden everything’s lost and the whole action is just stupid. Then it’s gotta repeat itself again life after life after life, you know? It’s going to happen again and again and again until we all get the lesson. Why won’t people see that?

Me: It’s called being human, Erik. Don’t you remember.

Erik: Yeah, I do. I do. I hate those motherfuckers—

Jamie (giggling): He’s on such a soapbox now.

Me: He does get into his excited little rants sometimes.

Erik: I hate those motherfuckers who come in and just totally strip all the lessons and responsibilities and say, “This is how it’s going to be done.” No offense Christians out there, but that’s what those whole traveling ministries were doing, coming into new lands and everything and just stripping them of exactly who they were and saying, “But we have the best belief system, and here it is if you want to be saved.” Fuck that. People use that still today! They come into a situation to kids who “can’t learn” and they go, “I’ll strip you of that. Here’s how you should be learning.

Me: Yeah. That happened a lot with you, Erik.

Erik: Yeah, fuck that! Listen to the person. Listen to the culture. Listen to what’s around them and start giving them what they’re asking for, and then use that for the platform to be able to teach what you know and see if that will work. But fucking-A egos, go to sleep!

I giggle, wondering if he’s going to get a nosebleed way up high on that soapbox.

Jamie (to Erik): Just go to sleep? You didn’t tell them to go to hell or anything like that? You didn’t tell their egos to go fuck off? You just tell them to go to sleep?

Me: Go night night.

All three of us get a good laugh before going on to the next question.


Have a great weekend, get some rest and pray that Erik doesn’t prank you while you’re going night night, my CE Fam.


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