Channeling Bob Marley, Part Four

Here’s the final piece of Mr. Marley’s interview.

Me: Can you talk about a past life that may have influenced your last one? These are always fun!

Jamie: They are, aren’t they?

Bob: Der are so many!

(Pause as he considers the question)

Bob: I liked being an old mon.

Jamie (to Bob): Asia? So, where in Asia? (pause) Chinese. You’re trying to tell me you’re a Chinese old man?

Jamie laughs.

Jamie: That was his visual.

Bob: I was an old Chinese mon. I made wooden instruments. I carved dem.

Me: Uh huh.

Bob: And when you would strike de different part of de wooden box or—

Jamie; He’s showing me them to be long and thin, and when you hit or tap different parts of the box or the tongues that are carved into the box, it would make sounds.

Me: Hm!

Jamie: It’s very , um, I mean, I can see it so clearly.

Me; I can see it too. Cool.

Bob: I remember being too old dat I couldn’t carve any more.  So, I would sit with my two sons, and we would talk about de movement of de grain in de wood. If you wanted de wood to work with you and your design dat you see—it’s not about controlling de wood and cutting and carving. It’s about following de grain of de wood and allowing de sound de wood wants to make to come up. You’ll always get de sound dat you wish. You use a piece of wood, and sometimes der were plenty of mistakes and a lot of time was spent.  My life was dat way; it was very understated. I spent most of my time sitting and standing and working with tools. I never had de chance to perform. Dat wasn’t what I was known for. I was seen as de—

Me: The craftsman?

Bob: Yes. And dis led me to have a deep desire to learn to play and to teach to other people what de wood had taught me—what de wood had taught my fingers and my ears. And dat lesson was dat you can’t control nature or use design as an ultimate plan. You must be open from de heart and see with your fingers to be able to know what can be given to you. And den, from der, you create what you want. You create from de heart, de soul.

Me: Wow. Very profound!

Bob: Force is never needed in life.

Me: Yeah, go with the flow! Exactly.

Bob: I cherished dat lifetime. Very understated. Very simple.

Me: Yeah. So, you are such a wise man. Do you have any messages or advice for humanity? Then, I’ll give the mike to Erik!

Bob: I’ve said it before: You must live life with your heart and not with your eyes.

Me: Okay. Well, you can’t top that! Erik, any questions?

Erik: Yeah. Why?

Bob (turning to Erik):  Your eyes are your biggest liars; dey will only see what dey know to see, what dey want to see, and dey will manipulate what’s around you.

Me: Ah!

Bob: Sometimes, out of de goodness of itself, it will not give you de true perspective of what is around you. Know dat you must move forward with your heart.

Me; Yes, but how do we do that?

Bob (laughing really hard): It’s not about everybody going blind!

We all laugh.

Bob: But it is about everybody closing der eyes and opening der hearts.

Me: And listening to their intuition, being guided by their intuition? Is that what you’re saying?

Bob: Yes, it’s about knowing how you feel. And if you cannot give love to a person or a situation, it is your responsibility to be authentic to yourself to know why you can’t. Dat’s de lesson inside of you dat you do not like! Dat’s de lesson dat you often refuse to do. You need to know why.

Me: Hmm. And the lessons from Bob Marley go on. Well, thank you, Bob, for coming back and letting me interview you again! Consider it your curtain call, your encore.

Bob (laughing): You’re very good people, good people.

Me: Aw, you’re good people, too, as we say here in Texas. Bye!

Bob: Peace.

Soon, Jamie will post the link for the hotel reservations for the Channeling Erik event in Austin. She and I are cooking up some big surprises for you guys! We also hope to have two people discuss and perhaps demonstrate past life regression and IADC (induced afterlife communication)aside from the already full agenda. So, it should be a very fulfilling three day event. We can only accommodate 50 attendees and the deadline will be three days before March 2nd so be sure to sign up as soon as you can. Please let us know via a comment if you you’d like to share a room with someone! It’s a good way to save on costs and make a new friend for life.

Also, Jamie will soon be announcing the next of her phone conferences. She’s decided to host them every two weeks. She wants to keep them small and short: no more than 10 to 13 people, one hour long, but every two weeks. Should be fun!

Love you all! Happy jammin’ this weekend!

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