Channeling Bruce Lee, Part One

Last night, I could barely sleep. I’ve been suffering from a nasty ol’ cold and had been getting better, but now it’s in my chest so I was coughing and sputtering for hours. My poor husband was such a good sport about it. So, doped up with Dayquil, I’m pounding away on my laptop, waiting for the fever to subside. I just pray that no one catches what I have just before Christmas, especially my grand babies! Send healing energy this way, if you can!

You may have already noticed that almost 95% of you would love for medium, Raylene Nuances, to host a monthly “Ask Erik” session where Erik will answer questions submitted by you. It looks like the price point you guys voted for is around $5 for a question, which I think is very reasonable, particularly given the fact that some of these answers might be life changing. Please remember that no monies will go to me. 

Me: Howdy girl

Emanuelle : Hi, how are you doing?

Me: Good, how are you doing?

Emanuelle: I’m doing great! It’s nice and sunny here, so that’s always good in October.

Me: Pretty good! Does it usually rain a lot in October?

Emanuelle: Usually October here is very grey and wet, and it makes people depressed, but we have been getting nice and sunny weather for a week now, so people get all cheery.

Me: Ah awesome. In Norway, we go to this little place where my husband is from, Hol, a tiny little sheep herding village, and when it gets to be 80°, all the farmers take their shirts off. They’re riding their tractors with their pudgy white bodies showing. It’s just gross.

Emanuelle (giggling): Yeah, they probably don’t get much tanning up there, huh?

Me: No they sure don’t! Well how’s my boy?

Emanuelle: He’s doing great! He’s getting dancing lessons right now actually.

Me: Well he needs them! He’s just like his mama! Oh boy. Hi, Erik.

Emanuelle: I know he has two left feet.

Me: Yes he does.

Erik: Hi Mama. I love you (blowing kisses.)

Me: I love you, too. Who’s teaching you?

Erik: Bruce Lee!

Me: Oh how about that! Okay, well that’s awesome. You’ve already brought him forward, Erik. That’s good.

Erik: Yes he was already here before you showed up.

Me: Oh okay.

Erik: He’s teaching me the Cha-cha-cha.

Emanuelle: I see a lot of stepping on feet though than actual cha-cha-ing.

She laughs.

Me: Oh all right. Well, thank you, Mr. Lee, for coming forward.

Bruce Lee: Hello and thank you for having me.

Me: I didn’t really know very much about you. Sorry, but I did read a little bit, and you have a very complicated history so I’ll ask a little bit about your life but also ask a lot of questions about the spiritual aspects of your life. Is that okay?

Bruce Lee: That’s fine.

Me: All right, well let’s start with something obvious. Tell us about your childhood. Tell me about your mother (in the voice of a psychiatrist talking to a patient.)

Bruce Lee: I love my mama, I had great parents. I had amazing parents and an amazing family. There were some rough times, as a little boy. I went through war when China was taken over by the Japanese. We had a rough 4 years, but my dad was very strong, and my mother was very stubborn so we got through it okay. But I can’t complain. I had a pretty good childhood. I had a lot of fun growing up. I followed in my dad’s footsteps. My dad was an actor, and I started acting when I was very young. When I was about six, I got my first part.

Me: Wow that’s fantastic!

Bruce Lee: Yes, I had a blast. As I got older, however, I got into a lot of trouble.

Me: Yes, you didn’t do so well in school.

Bruce Lee: Yes, I got into a lot of trouble, and I got into a lot of fights. I was very opinionated, and I was very strong-minded, and I didn’t like people telling me I was beneath them and tearing my family down, so I got on my high horse really fast.

Me: Was that because you were not pure Chinese and that your mother was Caucasian or part Caucasian I think?

Bruce Lee: No, after the war we had a lot of problems with the Triads and a rise of criminal activity, which came with the refugees from China. A lot of the children that I went to school with were related to the Triad families, and they wanted to prove themselves by telling us what we could or couldn’t do or which girl I could hang out with, and I was a little bit of a ladies magnet so (he chuckles) I like the girls and with my dancing skills, I was very smooth and very persuasive to have them come with me. And [the Triads] didn’t like that of course, so they were always bugging in and trying to get me to leave and leave the girls alone, and I didn’t like that, so I would just fight back.

Me: Is that how you learned to fight?

Bruce Lee: Yes.

Me: Your career seemed like it really took off after this Long Island championship. That was apparently a big deal. Can you talk to me about that?

Bruce Lee: Well, it was more of a steppingstone for me to find confidence in myself. Later in life everyone saw me as Mr. Confident and Mr. Cocky and “look at me go.” But I was insecure as a younger child and as a teenager and winning that competition made me feel better about myself. It made me feel like I could accomplish something. It was just a steppingstone for me.

Me: Okay here is another one because you were part Caucasian, the Chinese community issued an ultimatum for you to stop training non Chinese, so you had this match with Wong Jack Man, and if you won, you could teach non Chinese, and if you lost, you had to shut down your school. How did that whole thing work out?

Bruce Lee: It was not because I was part Caucasian. They just didn’t like it that I was teaching their secrets” to Caucasians. So, yes it did come to a duel, and if I won, I got to continue to teach whoever I want, and if I lost, I had to stop right away. I did win that battle. I refused to have someone tell me what I could or couldn’t do. I was too stubborn for that, and I never accepted that from anybody in my life. This was my life, and this is what I wanted to do, so whoever didn’t like it I got rid of them.

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Stay tuned for Part Two this Wednesday! Here are some quotes from Bruce Lee, the Philosopher:

bruce-lee-81715 bruce-lee-quote-be-like-water bruce-lee-to-hell-with-circumstances-quote

To read more about Bruce Lee, click HERE.

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