Channeling John F. Kennedy and Some Great Erik Encounters

I really found this afterlife channeling of John F. Kennedy fascinating. However, there were some facts we couldn’t pry from him because he valued Jamie and my safety. How terrible that we have to fear our own government!

But first, I want to remind you of the healing event Tammy De Mirza is hosting at my house, and it’s been a while since I posted its detailed description. If you need healing, please attend. She’s quite the powerhouse and is helped by an angelic team from across the veil to manipulate our energy. If travel and the associated cost is a factor, please note that Tammy is offering low cost tickets for remote attendance. 

Healing Workshop with Tammy De Mirza – The Freedom Alchemist ™

Tammy De Mirza, is an internationally sought-after speaker, author and spiritual teacher known as The Freedom Alchemist ™ who specializes in helping people from all creeds and professions to break through regrets, judgments and shame, build self-confidence and teaches how to live a love infused life.

Tammy has experienced some of the most difficult issues in life. She was abused as a child, was homeless for more than two years, had four dissolved marriages and countless obstacles in her life that she completely overcame through direct communication with the non-physical who helped her to not only learn the spiritual truths, but how to integrate them in her life. This has caused her to be one of the most compassionate, real, loving and intuitive teachers alive today. She lived through these things and overcome them and is often described as an Angel or Guide that came to help humanity.

With Tammy’s ability to scan the body of a client, she not only knows what pains they have, but when the trauma began and what the source is. As an empath, she experiences the symptoms in order to describe them in detail. She has the ability to remotely view the scene where the trauma began, reveals the root cause and gives the client the understanding they need to heal from the inside out. She has assisted more than 2,500 clients to gain the awareness, clarity and guidance needed to put together the puzzle of their lives.

She shares authentically what she has learned, how it pertains to you and teaches the tools so you can heal not only your body, but your mind, heart and life with her four step methods of clearing the illusions, creating freedom, educating you about life and how to become a bliss maker. She truly is an alchemist that has come into this life to heal others, because she had to heal herself.

Her thought-provoking book The Inmate and the Medium, is the culmination of an intensely emotional six-year life transforming journey with an inmate, who in the 80’s was one of the top five drug traffickers in the world. She spent more than 3000 hours inside the prison walls, revealing the source of his pain, reprograming his inner GPS and reforming the inmate’s life by teaching him how to integrate spiritual laws and principles, thus helping gain his freedom years before his release date.

To find out more about Tammy, go to her website at: and follow her Youtube by looking up: Tammy De Mirza, her Twitter: @tammydemirza, her Instagram: @tammydemirza and her facebook: Tammy De Mirza and Tammy De Mirza, LLC.


Are you hurting emotionally? Are you confused and not knowing where to turn? Are you feeling stuck? Are you experiencing physical and/or emotional pain? Come and learn why. Tammy will not only speak about the spiritual laws that govern the body and how it is intended to serve you by showing you the symptoms of dis-ease, disharmony and pain, but will go into detail about how you can heal yourself!

We all have misconceptions about how the body works, which creates the illusions that make us feel discontent and unbalanced emotionally and physically. The reasons we experience pain and suffering and what the intent is from universal laws will be explained in a way that is easy to comprehend and incorporate. In this workshop, you will learn the truth that sets you free, therefore, enable you to choose in an empowered way how you wish to live. This time together, will also enable you to feel more at peace and know more purposefully why you are here in this time space reality.

Are YOU ready to heal yourself? Sign up for this life changing workshop, space is limited!!!

Friday morning Private Sessions: 9:00 a.m., 10:15 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m.

 Friday evening group: 6:30 to 9:00:  This evening will be a time of personal reflection.  You will learn how to look at and feel your own body. Techniques will be shared to teach you how to tap into your inner guidance system in order to assist you to be more mindful and present when the symptoms of pain occurs whether it is emotional or physical. The SOUL KNOWS and the physical body is a servant and shows you what needs your attention to heal. This will be explained in such a way that there will be no question about how this works and how you can use it.

Saturday morning group: 10 am to 5 pm:  You will learn the principles that govern your lives; the spiritual laws that are in place that show you why you have the symptoms you experience. (Tammy started leaning these principles at the age of 13 by communicating with Spirit about why she was having emotional pain in her life). She will not only teach you what she learned and the recipes God/Spirit gave her personally, but how to apply them in your lives. You will have the opportunity to work through things while you are in this workshop. It will be a time of sharing, communicating, being open and learning how to heal. Tammy will also be running energy to assist you collectively while she is teaching.

Sunday group: 10 am to 12 pm:  We will be doing a meditation, as well as learning and saying aloud a mantra you can take home with you. Each of you will be given an opportunity to receive a brief personal message along with energy to you assist with the healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Sunday Afternoon Private Sessions: 1:00 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m.

Bonus Pack: A 55-minute Energy Session with Tammy where she will work with you privately to scan the body, assist you by being an Energy Conduit and giving information you need to know to understand why the body is acting the way it is, as well as helpful hints to use to make your life more in homeostasis. She will also record this session for you to have from now on. She typically charges $500/hour for Energy Sessions, but because you are participating in this event, only the participants will get this discounted rate. Sign up now, space is very limited! These will be offered all day on Friday, from 9:00 a.m., 10:15 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m.


Enjoy our conversation with President JFK! We need more Democrats like him!

Check out these Erik Encounters!

Encounter #1

Ever since randomly coming across one of Erik’s videos on YouTube, like so many others I became very interested in hearing more of what he has to say. I’ve read pretty much everything on the Channeling Erik website, and decided it was time to buy his/Elisa’s books. Frankly, I was not in a position to be going to the bookstore to buy books, as I had MANY other expenses to take care of, but I REALLY wanted these two books. I went and bought one at the bookstore closest to my home, but they were out of the other one. The next day, I felt compelled to drive across town to get the other one, so I did. I opened the backseat of my car to get my purse, and a $20 bill was randomly wedged in between the floor mat and and the floorboard of he car (like it was put there!) next to my purse. It could NOT have fallen out of my purse and landed securely tucked between the floor mat and floorboard (plus, I didn’t even have a $20 bill in my purse, as I was going to use my debit card to buy the book). The FIRST person that came to my mind was Erik. I even felt a little shaken from it, because I knew it was him “helping a girl out.” I thanked him then, and I’ll thank him now. “Thanks Erik, I love your books!” I do have one more “quickie” if you don’t mind. I was driving my daughter to her trainer one night during this past December. We were telling each other our favorite Christmas carols, and I told her mine was “Carol of the Bells.” The song was in the movie Home Alone, and I always love that part of the movie when it comes on. I then told her that unfortunately I hardly ever hear that Christmas carol on the radio. She yawned, rolled her eyes, and proceeded to go work out with her trainer. As I sat in the car of the parking lot waiting for her, guess what the VERY NEXT song was that played? Carol of the Bells (the SAME version as the one on the Home Alone movie)! Coincidence? I think not. Thanks again Erik for that one, it had to be you. So much for a “quickie” story, sorry (not sorry). ?

Encounter #2

13 october
So I’m reading Eriks book and watching videos about him visiting blog members. Life changing and it touched my soul like no other. I found the very detail he gave about crossing over very comforting. As a kid i had a soul who would come visit me. My parents thought i was nuts. I was scared though, as an adult, and when i sensed them i was scared about them being evil and would tell them to go away. Not sure how i make sure that only good come through. However I said okay Erik, I’m open to visits but no appearing in pitch black because you’ll scare me. Gently ease into it if you visit me. No hiding things. I’ve got hard enough time with ptsd not knowing where i put things! I read in his book about how he visits blog members when his family goes to bed. He goes all around the world. i said gently don’t spook me and not in pitch black. Come into my dreams. Last night I saw him with his family on tour at a prison i worked at. I never got to speak to him but said hello to all of you as i walked past. i put on binaural beats last night when i slept and voila Erik was standing there with his mum and others.

15 october
Watching one of Elisa’s video on youtube and decided to record to see if it picked up any orb of Erik with his mums video on and sure enough this orb was zipping around near the laptop and in front of me several times and one super close to phone whilst recording. Hi Erik? I look forward to your visits and some of your pranking!

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