The Concept of Timelessness and Healing from Grief

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Here’s a great (but a little confusing) Best of Erik!

Me: If there’s no linear time in the afterlife, why would a spirit need to wait until a person who’s still living passes over in order to heal? Erik, you broached this question before. Theoretically, their spirits are also in the afterlife due to the simultaneous existence of past, present and future. The blog member who posed that question asks, “Do I have that wrong?”

Erik: No, that’s absolutely correct!

Jamie: He yelled.

Erik: But—

Jamie (to Erik): Use other words, Erik.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Uh oh.

Jamie: He’s not going to change it.

Erik: But because of the dumbness of being human, we cannot wrap our heads around these concepts. It’s easier to teach to the limitations so that it’s understood by the masses, and then when you get a little deeper like our wonderful friend here, then you comprehend that we divide our souls be it only to live a human life. We feel we are an individual connected to the whole, but we can only have the concept that we exist in one place at one time. This is how we’re trained. It’s the beauty of being human because we do feel a bit of that individual touch, that separation from the whole level of emotions. But it’s so hard for us to identify that. If time is truly stacked, we’re here, we’re in Home, Heaven and also in all these other lives at one time, then we’re never truly away from anyone we’re interacting with. This just leads back to the topic—

Jamie (giggling): You’re so condescending right now with your tone of voice.

Me: Oh, no!

Jamie: Like you need a pipe and a big Magnum P.I. moustache right now!

I giggle, too.

Erik: Ahem. So, this leads back to the concept that we’re all part of a whole. We’re part of a whole. We’re never away. So, you don’t really have to “wait” because you’re already connected, but we use these terms so that the masses—when they read it—can understand. And a lot of times, through grief and lower emotions like anger and jealousy and sadness, separation, abandonment and all these things that we’re trying to heal through. If I were to try to deliver the message and say, “Yeah, well, your son, he’s not waiting for you. He’s going to go ahead and do the things that he needed to do. Um, you know, he’s already back in the mix of life.” It panics a person who’s going through a grief stage or an abandonment or separation stage. They need to know that there is some sense of order so that they can organize their emotions and reach a healing. And that’s why we use these words that screw up the definition of Time.

Jamie: That’s awesome, Erik!

Me: Yes, I like that!

Jamie: I like the idea that people do need a sense of order so that they can feel grounded and stable to kinda reach that goal or that place of healing.

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: That’s true. I’ve never sat and looked at it like that.

Me: The fact that there’s linear time here and no time there just makes it so difficult for humans, especially me, to wrap their brains around some of these questions, you know?

Erik: It does get in the way. What the hell.

Me: Yeah, so a spirit really doesn’t need to wait until a person who’s still living passes over in order to heal.

Erik: Correct.

Me: Okay. So, why did you say that before, then?

Erik: Because it’s what everybody understands, Mom!

Me: So, it’s what they need to hear? So, you lied so that they’d feel better?

Erik: Whatever! It’s not a fucking lie! You’re horrible!

I let out a big guffaw in agreement. All part of a mother’s job.

Me: Well, it’s true.

Erik: But, it’s not a lie.

Me: You placated them!

Erik: Yeah, so that they could understand. That’s like, you know, a child asking you, uh (muttering)—

Me: Get yourself out of this one, Erik!

Jamie: Yeah, yeah. I’m looking at him like, ‘Bring it on, Erik! What’s happening?’

Erik: That’s like a child asking why there are clouds in the sky, why the Earth turns, why is there day. You can give him the simple answer or you can just lay it out in quantum physics and scientific terms. The child’s not gonna comprehend it.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: So, the conversation would be wasted. Sometimes you just have to say it real plain and simple. They get that concept, and then when their mind opens up more, and they learn a little more, then you re-explain it in deeper terms,

Me: Okay. I get it.

Erik: You know, you spoon-feed. Spoon-feed people through their spiritual evolution.

Me: Okay. I got it. (I say as I suck my binkie.)

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