Diseases, Children, and Earthworms. Yes, I Said It. Sigh.

Sorry about the absence of a post yesterday. Kristina had to move us over to a new server, because I guess the blog has gotten too big for its britches and the old server service couldn’t keep up.

Jamie just sent me the first draft for the Channeling Erik Ouija Board and all I can say is it’s all Erik. Hil-ar-i-ous. We are going to have SUCH a good time in San Diego together. I’m so excited about meeting my old friends and making new ones. If you haven’t signed up yet guys, please do! You deserve a gift and it’ll definitely be the gift that lasts a lifetime! Now let’s give Erik the floor.

Me: Are there diseases in the 4th and 5th dimensions?       

Erik: In the 4th and 5th dimensions? Yeah, there are lower vibrations in every dimension.

Me: Okay. You have a spectrum, of course. Okay. 

Erik: That’s how it is, and it’s neither good nor bad.

Me: Yes.

Erik: And there are transitions in every dimensions. I don’t care how high you get, you have transitions.

Me: You mean transitions from life to death?

Erik: Yeah, that’s what we would call it on Earth, yep.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Man, you gotta die just a little bit just to get back to Earth!

Me: Okay. Anything else on that?

Erik: Nah. We could really get into that one.

Me: What about children? Will they have to choose to ascend or will they get a free pass?

Jamie: Ascend where?

Me: Well, during The Ascension or The Shift.

Erik: Don’t think that kids are stupid. They make choices. They have free will.

Me: Okay. What about babies, though?

Erik: Well, just because they don’t have a language, Mom, doesn’t mean they don’t understand what choices they have.

Me: Oh, wow. Okay.

(Long pause as Jamie listens to Erik)

Jamie: Did? (sighing) Well, never mind!

Me: C’mon, Erik! You have to expand a little bit here. I can’t just make a blog entry out of a couple of sentences for the love of God!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Geez!

Jamie clears her throat.

Erik: Okay, okay.


Jamie: Okay. Waiting for you, Erik.

Erik: What? You wanna talk about the baby thing just because they don’t have language?

Me: Well, yeah, I guess so.

Erik: Babies are brilliant! Okay, okay. So—

Jamie (giggling, to Erik): Don’t make that comparison! He’s comparing babies to worms.

Me: Oh god. Go with it! Go with it, Erik! Earthworms? What kind of worms?

Erik: Yes, earthworms.

Me: I knew you were going to say that. I remember when you were three or four you had this little earthworm that you kept as a pet. You carried it everywhere and called it your “little pet.” We didn’t have the heart to tell you it was dead.

Jamie: Aw.

Erik: What? It was dead?

We all laugh.

Me: Okay, let’s talk about worms. (sigh) Go ahead.

Jamie: He can’t believe you let him…

Me: Well it was so cute.

Erik: It was. Nah, people think that just because there’s no language involved you’re not intelligent. That’s like saying dogs are dumb but we go, “Oh but they bark and they can listen and take commands.” Okay, so let’s go to an earthworm. Do you ever hear it talk? No, but it’s making a choice. It knows where to go, and it can move even though it has no arms and legs.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: That’s like a baby! If the baby leaves, dies, ascends, whatever the hell you wanna call it, we all evolve—we’re evolving slowly—the child will make that choice. It’s like the child experiences light. It knows emotions right away. It knows emotion in the womb.

Me: Wow.

Erik: Light, happy, joy or dark, hardships, you know, and dense. Uh, duh, the babies roll over and get into the light because that’s what it’s attracted to. Humans—

Jamie: Why?


Jamie (laughing): He goes, “I think humans even know we’re dubbed the most intelligent race; I really think we’re the most stupid.”

Erik: Yeah, because honestly, dolphins: Way above us, man.

Me: Oh, I think so, too.

Erik: Here we are trying to decipher what language is with—

Jamie: He says “other races” but he means other species.

Erik: —and we haven’t even developed our own. Did you know that less than 20% of the world believes that a baby inside a womb has already learned all the emotions that they’ll experienced in their life?

Me: Wow!

Erik: But they do! So, education is not what we need. I think people are looking a lot into it. I really think people need to create a tie to their emotions. Awareness is what we need, not education. Be aware of how you’re feeling.

Me: Yes.

Jamie: He’s just so tired. He kind of slumps down and says, “For fuck sakes. Learn how to feel.”

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: He’s really not as talkative as he normally is. He IS a little more chill, and he IS jumping topic to topic. What have you been up to, Erik? You’re different today. You’re still cutting me up, but you’re different.

(Pregnant pause)

Me: And? Too much partying last night?

Jamie: That’s funny. I made a similar joke about partying.

Erik: No, no. I’ve been working a lot in media. I’m ready for the blog to go to the next level.

Jamie: That’s funny. He came to me like three times asking me to set up time to talk about products. I’m sorry, Erik, I haven’t done it, but I will this weekend.

Me: Aw, you’re so busy with work and kids, Jamie.

Jamie: I’ll send you what he says.

Me: No worries. That can be between the two of you. I’m really excited for you about the projects you guys are up to.

Jamie (laughing): I don’t even know what it’s going to be, but hopefully he’ll be clear enough. So, I guess he’s been burning the candle, as you would say, at both ends, but having a good time with it.

Erik: You know, I’ve been hitting a lot of doors trying to get the concept of this kind of spiritual communication—not to be so fucking angelic (never thought I’d see those two words next to each other much less in the same sentence) and white and feathery, all that fucking crap.

I laugh hard.

Erik: And I’m really trying to show people kind of what it is—the hardship that goes with it. Soon, Mom. Don’t worry.

Me: Oh, I’m not worried. I’m just going with the flow that the universe gives me. Speaking of dolphins, I think they are smarter than humans. For instance, they can memorize chunks of seven digits at a time while we can only memorize chunks of four consistently. That’s why we break up our phone numbers the way we do. I bet if dolphins had opposable thumbs they’d rule the world! They’d probably do a better job anyway!

Okay, gross

Okay, gross

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