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Apologies to those expecting Erik and El Grande Committee (sounds like a band) to come rolling around for a Saturday session; a last minute trek across the state, out of cyber range, has now been completed. (The best state – or country – for a trek, is this one.)

This question is too good to not have The Committee explain for everyone. The substitute teacher thanks its anonymous sender.

Question:       I dreamt I stood on a hill in a very beautiful green valley with a very vivid and blue sky; an event was taking place, with hundreds of people in multi-colored clothing running through the valley. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I became consciously aware I was “asleep” in bed and before me was a dream. I knew I would lose consciousness and took note of the amazing colors and vivid, realistic scenery. I pointed to the sky and yelled out loud, “My God, this all looks so real!!!”  I fell out of awareness and the dream continued; I accepted it as reality unaware it was a dream.  

In another, I recalled a classroom, then going outside. Standing on grass I suddenly became aware it was a dream; realizing I would soon lose awareness of it, I bent down, tore some blades of grass and in my hand felt the tangible realness of each individual blade. I said out loud, “My God!!! This feels real!!!”  Again, I instantly fell out of understanding I was dreaming and accepted the scene as reality. Not until I woke up did it seem strange and irrational. 

I imagine what is strange, irrational or real is only perspective and that must be the purpose or symbolism of unconscious dreaming.

How could someone condition awareness, consciousness or the physical mind to expand this lucidity to an entire dream, every night, and to remember them with clarity and detail? No choppy fogginess the next morning, then forgetting 90 percent 10 minutes after waking up.

I understand this is chosen but what about changing this choice now to take a new direction for dreams; to be consciously aware of dreaming, not for a short moment of realization, then losing consciousness?

The Committee:         “These experiences touch upon several subjects and we like them, as illustrate they do the links and connections to the many aspects of your existence on Earth. So you see in your natural existence there are not barriers, impediments or obstacles to your interactions, and these are assumed as you go to be on Earth. These qualities of Earth life are not your essence; they form not the basis of you, yet they seem this way and you are convinced, as you must be, these obstacles are immutable. You cannot fly, you cannot read minds and you cannot predict the future. This is solidity of belief.  These things you can do and you do, hidden behind a curtain and within an enclosure of your design and acceptance.

Your mind and the energy of its function – this your essence is, as is ours and all things – can do things your physical obstacles make seem impossible.

This description of dream awareness and unconsciousness is an example; this happens more commonly than believed, but for concern of reaction upon telling others. Your awareness is deeper than it seems and the notion of an unconscious mind is a name created for identification of a powerful thing difficult to see. Your psychology and psychiatry have long sought to identify your higher self and the soul functions integrated with and controlling your mind, both in ways seen as acceptable and others seen as illness.

These dreams as described are the physical body allowing the experience of the soul having departed to return briefly to it and permitting a bleed through or printing upon the awakened mind of what truly happens, away from an awakened state during the phase the notion of sleep.

Recall, if you might, the many and for some of you, the laboriously boring descriptions of location as time and placement as the cause for its perception.

The obstacles and barriers assumed by your dense matter bodily experience constrain you to locations your body might visit; your energetic self has this limitation not; yet the expression of your true soul and self are tethered to the physical body, sometimes occupying it yet always connected to enable instant return or departure, by your perception.

As with all things, differences in ability and talent reign strong in your true home; dreams can blur the bridge your physical existence requires. Be concerned not for this entry and loss of awareness of a dream when asleep, for it is no more than a strong remembrance of your true home. This comparative bliss is strong in its attraction and explains the desire to return to it at will; this quality is strong in the human body of dense physicality as it recalls the mind as it truly functions, not just through the brain but always. Your desire to seek the pleasurable and avoid the painful drives your existence, yet stumbling over the unpleasant, these stumbles lift all who trip to great heights far above what you might imagine.

Well we understand this seems silly to say, even cruel against some circumstances many of you know well from your observations and your involvements, yet we mean no condescension, and ask forgiveness where this is felt.

Your barriers overcome, your challenges surpassed and your troubles resolved are to your soul what you fathom not yet, yet all shall recall and soon, for your return to Heaven and your home shall appear to have been soon and quick but for the length of your days where you now see them.

Seek always to remember a dream and the symbols, as these are your resting moments talking to you and also your times of messages, to yourself and from your friends who love you eternally; for in these things you shall see glimpses of your happiness as it awaits. Dream often and well.”

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